Why do Fat People Dress For Sport?

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by Carl Harris I was out for the day on Sunday, a lovely day actually, shopping. My daughter is 14, so I spent a lot of time in Top Shop and other clothes shops I would normally not venture in to. The one thing I noticed is how fat people are. There are far too many fat young people!

I have been overweight most of my life, and for the last couple of years, FAT! Being fat is the norm, and no wonder, food is cheap, widely available and most food makes you fat very easily. For example a coffee with syrup in it can have 300 calories in it. Have a cake, thats 400 more, 700 calories is nearly a third of a recommended daily intake!

At the start of the year I weighed 19 stone 8. The heaviest I have ever been. I can’t believe I am saying it. I have lost 3 stone in 4 months. I can tell you it is hard, certainly at first. The issue is sugar and fat is craved by the body. I have the odd fail and scoff biscuits etc, but I am in the main on the right track.

I am not slim, and when you put 3 stone, 42 pounds and lift it you realize! I have made a vow never to get fat again.


I am trying to lose another 7 pounds to get to 16 stone, but it is not easy! I am using the slimming world plan, but there is no secret to dieting, it is simple, eat less, exercise more! The key to success is not which diet you follow, the key is self discipline and motivation. Your chimp (see my post about a great book) will constantly scream for the nice stuff, sugar, carbs, fried food etc. You have to deal with your chimp, if you do then you will be a success at dieting.

I have tried desperately not to be a diet preacher and certainly I have no right to “fat shame” which is the new buzz word. I would certainly encourage anyone to lose weight, I can’t tell you how much better, fitter and happier I feel. So much better in a short time!!

I have become aware of people’s weight and when you look people are getting fatter! i went to America and was gobbed smacked how fat people are there, we are getting that way! I now eat fresh food, fruit, veg salad, loads of it. It tastes so nice. Nothing that comes out of a factory tastes anywhere near as good as what comes out of the ground!

What I have noticed is the irony of how fat people adopt the sporty look! The fatter the person it seams the more likely they are to be in tracksuits and sports shoes. The irony of making sports clothing in ultra big sizes.

I saw a TV programme the other day about Plus Size models. They give these names now to be politically correct, but it was fat lasses modelling big clothes.

Jamelia caused controversy with these comments. She is speaking perfect sense. Young people should be encouraged to be thin, for health reasons, not making fat glamorous. Its ridiculous. I don’t care what they say, fat people would all be slim if someone could wave a magic wand. It is basic human nature. They can spin it whatever way they want but they are not happy being ridiculously fat. Not really, not if they are honest!

Fat people have no excuse they have a wardrobe full of sports gear so start using it! Get in shape, its hard, at first but it becomes a way of life and a much better life at that!

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