Viking Jack Starts Sheffield Campaign

Wow, it doesn’t seem a year ago we were winning the Gold Cup at Monmore and thinking about the Steel City Cup at Sheffield.

Viking Jack SheffieldHead

Well here we are again in August and about to embark on the Steel City Cup campaign again. This will be Jack’s last chance to win it. He lines up tonight in an open at Sheffield, on a card packed full of quality with superb prize money all the way through.

This is a warm up race, Jack will probably need the run to get back to his absolute best, but he has a great chance in a good race. The one dog is the puppy derby winner, from Monmore and is really strong. It will be interesting to see how Jack runs.

The Derby took a lot out of him, he was not 100% when running fourth in the Select Stakes, but the aim is the Steel City Cup, it is the race we desperately want to win. He got to the final last year, but was I think over the top. We have been very selective with his races this year and he will be ready for the Steel City Cup, don’t worry about that!

We know he runs Sheffield well, he won the Derby trial Stakes here is style, anywhere close to that tonight and he will win readily, but it is about the competition in a couple of weeks time!

He is a great dog, once in a lifetime and every time he runs now it is special. I will be there tonight and looking forward to it at my favourite track. Get down to Sheffield tonight, it will be busy!

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