Two Stone and Counting

At the start of the year I published my desire to lose weight! I had an email asking if my lack of updates meant I had failed or given up….NO!


I have today had my weekly weigh in and have broken the TWO STONE BARRIER! In 8 weeks I have lost two stone.

I am following the Slimming World Plan and at first it was quite hard, primarily because I had habits and cravings, but after two or three weeks you become acclimatized to the new regime and it becomes second nature.

This is the best diet I have tried, because it is long term, I am never hungry, it is just eating the right things. My target is 3 stone, and to keep it off!  I have now started to work out and the difference in how I feel is amazing.

last week Sharon told me my trousers were too big, and I had to take a XXXL shirt back because it was too big! I have gone down a waist size in jeans, and my waist is back where it was 5 years ago! The only worry I have is my shirt collection may not fit soon! But given a choice I would rather feel like I do and have to fork out for new shirts!

For me the secret to dieting is mind management and those of you who have read previous posts will know that I am referring to the CHIMP PARADOX. I think overweight people, like me by default have an inner GANNET! If you manage the gannet then you will lose weight!


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