Theresa May A Shoe In After Gove Stunt

In the fast changing world of politics, Carl Harris has a betting update…
GOVE bstard

Well you can not make this stuff up! The New Statesman in the late 80’s or early 90’s looked a far fetched satirical comedy, but no, it appears it was all real!

Mr Gove, probably actually Mrs Gove, decided it was a good opportunity to further his own ambitions and knife Boris Johnson in the back! he claims he is the reluctant candidate but let’s be honest if it was not Boris, then he only had to look to Andrea Leadsom and back her. He has got used to feeding us bull s**t that it just rolls off the tongue.

The popularity of Boris in the party and his act of what will be seen as treachery will not be forgiven and the chances of Gove beating May for the leadership is slim. I would lay him and indeed am doing on betfair. I think it will be a formality, despite the history of Tory leadership races, for Theresa May.

I believe Gove will drop out, he has under estimated the strength of feeling about the B’stard style coupe he pulled. Leadsom has some big bank rollers supporting her but I believe she will do a deal with May for the job of Chancellor or another top cabinet post. Gove will not feature in a May government no prominently anyway. I think May will no doubt be next PM and leader.

She is very small odds, but it looks nailed on. Oh hang on this is politics, nothing is nailed on anymore!

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