Viking Jack’s Final Race Saturday

This is the end of the most amazing journey, Viking Jack will retire from racing on Saturday, at Wimbledon on the biggest stage of all, Derby Final’s night.

What a greyhound Viking Jack has been! SIX, yes six Category One Finals and the most amazing career. When he arrived in 2013, we hoped he might be good and it was only when he had his first run that we knew what we had. He was bumped and barged and finished third. He won his next race with ease and started a wonderful journey that I am sure will never be repeated as long as I have greyhounds.

I can tell you if it is it will be with a son of Jack. He goes to stud and my plan is to have a litter of pups with Viking Jack and our bitch Viking Cheryl. Viking Racing will be offering syndicates for the litter. Why buy one greyhound when you can have a share in a whole litter! Jack now goes to stud, well he isn’t going anywhere, he stays where he is at Jim’s and will stand there, York’s finest stud dog. Here is a video I have put together of Jack’s career…YOUTUBE CLICK HERE

Hopefully there is one more chapter to add on Saturday night. He runs in a vetran’s race.It is a good race but show me one of Jack’s races that wasn’t! He is the youngest dog and the fastest dog, he just has to get things right and he will bow out in style.

People have been very kind about Jack, have a look at his new website, and what the experts have said about Viking Jack.

I think JACK WILL WIN! I will be having a MAX BET on him, the last time I will be able to do so. Do I think he will win, HELL YEAH! He runs at 9.57 at Wimbledon, Trap 6, Saturday 4 June. I love this dog and I will in one way be sad its over but in another delighted to have him home safe and sound.

It will be tempting to have another race! I have always struggled with temptation! I want to say a big thank you to Jim Hayton, good dogs need good trainers, great dogs need great trainers! Just brilliant!

Finally thank you to Viking Jack, you are a star, your bravery and attitude is a privilege to have been a part of. My greyhound has inspired me. I love you Jack.


Derby Quarter Finals Tuesday

How sad that the going has had such an impact on the Derby. There are some who say that is part of the test and others who simply deny it to be so, but in my view as a dog owner, the least you can expect is a level playing field.

Greyhound Derby Special

I was staggered when I was there for the first two rounds to note that they do not plate (go round with tractor) the track for EVERY Derby race. Staggering. There are some exceptionally good dogs who have gone out of the Derby, purely down to the going. On Saturday there was a huge outside bias. The winner of the Derby 2016 will of course deserve it, but they will have been equally as lucky.

In my view Wimbldeon needs to either be redeveloped for greyhound racing or closed. The place is falling apart it is not up to the standards people expect for a night out and sadly the track is not providing a surface fit for such an event. It is not a popular view but it is one that can be wholly justified. Of course I want it to carry on as a greyhound stadium, but NOT in it’s present state, it is NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE. over 75% of the stadium is condemned and not in use.

That though doesn’t excuse the state of the track, there should NEVER be a bias for a category one competition, its simply not fair for punters or for those who invest and work so hard to try and win the Derby. Many choose to bury their head in the sand and pretend it is great news that Wimbledon looks set to stage at least two more Derby competitions. I say the place is NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE.

Look at Towcester, what a venue. It is packed on a Saturday night, no miracle formula, people love a great night out, BUT if they go to a place that is a dump, they will not come back. Towcester is wonderful and look at their success!

I am NOT betting until i see that there is no bias, or learn what it is in the early races. On the basis of all things been equal, my bets are:

20-16 Wimbledon, Trap 1 JAYTEE DUTCH
If there is any form of bias against the inside this will be a bet on the 6, but on a level track, a close race this will go to the red jacket for me, only a small bet.

20-33 Wimbledon Trap 2 SOUTHFIELD JOCK, MAX BET
Only if there is no bias, if so this is one of the bets of the night, fat out and lead all the way. Again any bias and NO BET.

20-51 Wimbledon Trap 1 HIYA BUTT MAX BET
Now my bet for the Derby at 12/1. Overcame the going last week and in a great race with the new Derby fav on his outside, in 6, this is a tough race, BUT at 7/2 I am more than happy with that!

21-08 Wimbledon Trap 4 BALLYMAC BROGAN, MAX BET
Think this dog has a BIG chance for the Derby again it is going dependent but at 7/2 GREAT BET.

Be an interesting night folks, let’s hope the going doesn’t ruin it, again!

Tuesday Sky Greyhound Bets

Wimbledon is closing and becoming a football stadium. So there is only 3 months left there including The Derby in may.


Tonight is the final of the Springbok, a hurdle tournament. I don’t particularly like hurdles but I think the FAV will win it. here are the bets I am having tonight;

19.11 TRAP 6 MAC FOIE- Sprint final, well drawn dog, has the pace to land this. 5/4 HILLS is the best price. Get the best odds HERE

19.43 TRAP 3 DOMINO STORM– the EVENS at Bet365 is genuinely value. MAX BET, get on early, will go off ODDS ON!

19.59 TRAP 4 RAZLDAZL RAIDIO – 10/11 Ladbrokes. I am not too keen on a max bet as this is hurdles!

Good Luck

Viking Jack Reaches Derby Semi Final

The dream lives on, Viking Jack was second in a photo, from a poor draw and makes it to the Semi Final of the William Hill Greyhound Derby. Jack was fourth maybe fifth at one stage to get up in a photo…


The first three went through and the semi finals, like last night will be live on Sky Sports, on Saturday night.

This is a tough week with three runs in a week, The final will take place a week on Saturday. The first three from each semi-final will line up on 27th June for the £250k William Hill Derby. Viking Jack was 80-1 when we started this journey, he is now in the last 12 and best price 14-1. This is how he did it last night…

Jack has the SIX box in the semi-final! He has fared well in the draw, but I think the Derby will now be decided by Lady Luck. There are 12 superb dogs in the Derby and no disrespect to our opponents, I was delighted to avoid the first semi final with the outstanding Farloe Blitz, Eden The Kid and Geelo Vegas in there.

Saturday’s semis (with Hills ante-post betting)

1st semi-final
1 Rio Quattro (8-1)
2 Farloe Blitz (6-4)
3 Eden The Kid (m) (9-2)
4 Geelo Vegas (m) (20-1)
5 Diego Flight (w) (50-1)
6 Roxholme Ted (w) (25-1)

2nd semi-final
1 Paradise Maverik (5-1)
2 Making Paper (m) (50-1)
3 Millwards Davy (m) (33-1)
4 Lenson Sanchez (m) (13-2)
5 Tynwald Bish (w) (14-1)
6 Viking Jack (w) (14-1)

The dream lives on, but whatever happens on Saturday to reach The Derby Semi Final is a dream come true, but can we now Dare To Dream?

Derby Quarter Final- Dream Still Alive

There is hardly time for Jack to catch his breath before he is back on the van and down the M1 to Wimbledon for the Quarter finals of the Derby, this time live on Sky Sports!

Whatever happens on Tuesday night I am delighted to have a dog get to the quarter finals of the Derby. It would be some dream to get to a semi and a final and dare we dream, even win The Derby?

So we go in to the quarter finals having to finish in the first 3 to qualify for the semi-finals on Saturday. I am pleased with the opposition, but trap 4 is a trip to the unknown although he has run from Trap 4 and was narrowly beaten. However he is a different dog now and we only need to come third.

Free Greyhound Tips

Mind you if Jack does run from Trap 4 and run well it will be a BIG PLUS  because there are so many wide runners in the draw, we could end up in trap 1 come the final! But it is what it is and I am just riding the crest of a wave right now. I am enjoying every minute of it! Jack has been a superb dog and he always gives his best!

QUARTER FINALS….Tuesday 16th June Wimbledon, Live on Sky Sports

We had a mixed night of Saturday BUT Geelo Vegas who we backed at 8-1 made sure it was a profitable night! Here are my thoughts on Saturday’s Quarter Finals…

20-16 1st Qtr TRAP 2 FARLOE BITZ
Fav for the Derby looks the one to beat and hard to see past him here. Be short, odds on, if he wins well he could be evens for The Derby! Looks a really good dog!

20-33 2nd Qtr TRAP 2 RIO QUATTRO
Eden The Kid looks a serious dog but I am opposing him at odds on on the basis that he is a pup, inexperienced and to some extent, same for all dogs, we have no idea how he will take the race coming so quick on the back on Saturday. Rio Quattro won in good style on Saturday and I would rather take the 3/1 than odds on about the Kid.

20-51 3rd Qtr TRAP 4 VIKING JACK
Bias alert! I think if Jack was in six he would be a warm fav (bias alert) but if he gets one of his breaks, like round 1 and 2 and not like Saturday he could be in front or certainly behind Vegas. I hope Vegas qualifies and I genuinely think this race revolves around the start. I think he is a HUGE PRICE at 4/1 Corals!

I would normally be on Nidge but he looked like a tired dog on Saturday, and though that may be a blip, he looked laboured. Sanchez on the other hand is a proper dog, improving and for me at the prices, both 7/4, I am firmly with Sanchez.

Lets hope for a better night, no injuries, and that Jack can get through by being in the first three!


Viking Jack Wins In Round 2 Of Derby

Viking Jack qualified for round 3 of the William Hill Derby with another impressive victory…

Click Here to watch on Youtube.
Jack traps out with another Monmore style start. He goes in to the draw for the third round of the Derby.

William Hill make Jack 16/1 to win the Derby.

Derby Blog Round 2….Thoughts and Bets for Wimbledon

Viking Jack runs Saturday, 8.36 and drawn Trap 5 at Wimbledon…

So here we go again, round two of six of the WILLIAM HILL GREYHOUND DERBY 2015. Viking Jack qualified well breaking quickly and showing what a good dog he is. He is good enough, what we need is that elusive thing, that none of us can do anything about. LUCK! We need luck.

The first 3 will go in to the hat for round 3. Jack is favourite, he is good enough, lets hope all goes to plan. This is what he did last week…

There were some great performances in the first round. This is for me the best Derby in terms of strength is depth for years. Whoever wins the Derby 2015 will deserve the £250k first prize.

I (Carl Harris) was unable to get down for the first round. Sadly we had a family bereavement, my Mother in law sadly passed away. It has been a really sad time, Jack brought us some sunshine with this wonderful performance. Hopefully the adventure will continue beyond round 2.

So here are some thoughts and bets for round two run on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June at Wimbledon…


Bet365 prices.

7.25 Trap 4 EDEN THE KID

Track record last time and he has the advantage of going first again. I remember Razldazl JFK breaking the track record in similar eye catching style only to make a hash of it next time out. I am sure this young dog is tremendous and has bags of talent,  I like the double with the next race. He should win and looks a great dog for Liz and Rab McNair. Swift Keith is more than capable of winning this and is the danger. But clearly if Eden The Kid does what he did last time, game over by the first bend.


If he doesn’t start perfectly he could cause carnage, he comes in from his wide berth and could take out half the field! He is so quick though, the one to beat say the bookies. Exciting dog, be a nice double with Eden The Kid to kick off the night for fav backers!


We take on the fav here. He started well last time, joint fastest sectional with Jack. I will take the 2/1 over the 7/4 for Roxholme Ted. Ted will finish but when you lead you have a huge advantage. 2/1 looks value to me in what coule be a messy race.


Well drawn, Scottish Derby winner, looks to be at the top of his game, should be too good for these and to be perfectly honest I think he should be shorter. Lenson Sanchez is making the price, but I do not think they are as close as this market suggests. Always a danger when you put up a strong opinion, I do not want to offend connections of any dog and if you don’t agree, don’t bet it. If I get it wrong no need to tell me, I will be watching! But I think SWIFT HOFFMAN is the best bet of the night at the prices.



10/11 is value, this is a good dog running well, well drawn, should break, avoid trouble game over! Glad we missed him in the draw! Any evens I will be hammering him big time!


Lively outsider for the Derby this. MAX BET at 6/4. Another I think will be out away and gone, too good for these and it will be oi oi down the back, in the payout queue before he passes the post!


I really like Droopys Ward.I have backed Droopys Ward for the Derby.  We beat him in the win and you are in at Sheffield, this dog finishes better than anything in the competition, but he doesn’t start and traffic problems with fast dogs could be his undoing. Bob can start and he stays, taking a bit of a punt but I will take on Ward. If he is close up round the last two bends he will win, but may have trouble early and Bob will take advantage!


Would have preferred six, but this is the derby and you get what you are given. This is the reality, if Jack breaks like he did last time, game over. But he doesn’t do it every time. It is a wimpy thing to say but I will be happy to qualify. Of course I will, but I will bet him to win, he is the best dog in the race and we want to win! I love Jack and this is the chance of a lifetime for a Derby, he is a dog of a lifetime!

I will be on my way back home, sharpish after this, 3 hour drive. But I hope we are in the hat for round three!

Viking Jack Ready For Derby Campaign

Although there is no such thing as an easy heat, Viking Jack has faired well in the first round draw.  Two go through from five.

jack derby

The first round will be over four nights, starting tonight (Wednesday), with some six and some five dog races. We are lucky to have a five dog race. Jack was priced up by sponsors William Hill at 11/10 but Boylesports have priced Jack up at 13/8 for this heat!

Jack is a lively outsider for the Derby. Here is a great piece by The Antepost men….

Monmore Gold Cup winner Viking Jack is too big at 80/1 for such an ultra-consistent and versatile greyhound. Throughout his career he has taken on top quality dogs and performed with such admirable merit and determination that he can defy almost dismissive odds to at least make the final. If he can then produce a rare ping break (like he did to such devastating effect in that aforementioned Category One win) when it matters then it will take an extremely quick hound to catch him.

His career is just littered with impressive performances. Dating back to 16 April last year he was gaining on subsequent Derby winner Salad Dodger at Nottingham (Romford Puppy Cup winner Laughing Gravy behind) and then when stepped up in trip he gave a beating to King Kane (TV Trophy winner) over a strong 660m trip at Sheffield, nearly caught the machine over a short 6 bends that is Adageo Bob and was then dropped back down in trip in July at Monmore where he was led by Roxholme Ted (once 2014 Derby favourite) and caught him going away. That time of 28:07 at Wolverhampton is seriously shifting and he confirmed his likeness for the track when he made-all in the tournament mentioned previously in August (27:94 posted). It is without question that Monmore is a similar track to Wimbledon and so when Jack returned to Plough Lane on 16th May 2015 (failed to qualify in the first round last year with no look and vastly less experienced and developed as he is now), he didn’t quite come out but showed tremendous back-straight pace (his real forte) to nearly catch the Gymcrack winner Stay Loose on the line (lost a head). Whilst Loose might not be the strongest of hounds, it was still an impressive effort nonetheless for Jack to get near him and now he has had a look at the track for the first time in over a year, he can be expected to go much better next time out (hopefully from the boxes too!).

Jack’s problem is that he does have a shocker of a start in him. He was eliminated from the 3 Steps to Victory at Sheffield when he completely fluffed the start in the 500m round and just allowed too many dogs to get a start on him. He also has missed it on his first look at Towcester so it is imperative that he avoids one of his tardy exits in the latter rounds: that’s the luck you need in a Derby.

His last final was the Pinpoint Recruitment Stakes at Newcastle where he was desperately unlucky not to turn the bend in the front, where he would surely have been very hard to pick up. That was a race where he led sprinters Conna Trigger and Pinpoint Finas so Jack is certainly not devoid of early when he times the break well enough. All of this leads to a profile of a dog who should be shorter than 80/1 as his pace, his durability and ultimately his determination are a potent combination for a real Derby contender.


Viking Jack – 1 point each-way, 80/1 (6 places)

Jack Limbers Up For William Hill Derby

Viking Jack will kick off his 2015 William Hill Greyhound Derby with a run in an Open Race at Wimbledon on Saturday, A Derby Trial Stakes, which will be shown Live on Racing Post Greyhound TV.

Jack will have a good test, drawn in Trap 5, he will run here then have a week off before the start of the William Hill greyhound Derby.


Stay Loose is the winner of the Gymcrack, and a Derby contender, so Jack will have a fair test. It is truly exciting to have a dog that goes to Wimbledon with a live chance. He is certainly the best chance I have ever had, and may ever have, in the £250k flagship race!

Viking Jack is approaching three years old and is at his peak! This is his chance, but it will not be easy with over 250 dogs likely to enter. Of course Viking Jack is guaranteed an entry having won the first William Hill Win and You Are In Derby Trial!

The Derby effectively starts now, bring it one!

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