The Best Greyhound Ever…


I was asked who the best greyhound ever is. Well, I can not answer that but certainly the modern era has two great dogs for me.

Ballymac Eske is one of the best I have seen, he has retired recently bowing out at Sheffield with the 6 bend track record. ┬áBut, the best dog of the 21st century is without doubt WESTMEAD HAWK. ┬áThis is what the Racing Post had to say when reporting the sad passing of Westmead Hawk in May 2014….

“WESTMEAD HAWK, one of the greatest greyhounds of the modern era, died yesterday at the Dunstable base of his trainer, Nick Savva. He had only recently returned from Ireland, where he enjoyed a successful stud career, to where he was born, raised and trained.

Westmead Hawk, a May 2003 whelp, was one of the few dogs to have completed the Derby double, scoring in 2005 and following up the next year.

Those achievements were enough on their own to ensure the fame of the Bob Morton-owned star, but his storming come-from-behind style, allied to sensational trackcraft , earned him legendary status, and even a waxwork in London’s famous Madam Tussauds.”

I watch the second Derby victory, on Youtube fairly regularly. To be honest I have not watched it since Jack won the Gold Cup, but it still gives me goosebumps. This was one of the best nights of racing I have had….

Great commentary by Errol Blythe, he truly is the voice of greyhound racing. He loves the sport, it is not just a job for him! To win back to back Derby’s is an amazing achievement. Dark Ranger was the last dog to do it, but Westmead Hawk was a dog that captured the public imagination, he was almost public property. For a crowd to chant at the dogs, only 8 years ago is a far cry from where the sport is now.

Ballymac Eske is the most exciting dog I have ever seen. He had everything and it is a shame that he didn’t win The Derby. But he smashed track records, four bends and six bends, he was a magnificent dog. I absolutely loved watching him. His last race at Sheffield in the 3 steps to victory was just sensational….

This is sensational! He smashed the track record. That rates as one of the best runs I have ever seen! I backed him to win the Scottish Derby, landing a nice touch, he is the fastest dog I have ever seen! Just raw speed, he was absolutely sensational. He is now at stud.

I hope Viking Jack comes close to achieving a fraction of what these great dogs achieved!

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