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It was an eventful day on Monday! I spent a good deal of the day dealing with disputes, one over a dog I bought in to that was sold as a diamond but was actually a lump of coal and secondly with a keyboard warrior on Twitter who decided it was OK to post libelous accusations about me, despite NOT having met me, spoken to me, done any business with me, in fact having absolutely no basis whatsoever to substantiate his claims.

The party in question is Mark Whittaker of Armchairowners.com who runs greyhound syndicates. I have several greyhounds, including a couple of decent ones, perhaps it was driven by envy, I have no idea at all. However the dispute was resolved without having to go before the court…


General Thoughts About The Internet…

Sadly people think that they can publish what they like on Social Media, but FREE SPEECH is one thing, but the laws of libel and defamation exist for a reason. I find it interesting that the people pedaling the free speech mantra are always the ones to shout the defamation laws the loudest when they are on the receiving end of damaging slurs. The internet has done plenty of good, but it has done much harm to society! Some people are too stupid to have access to it in my view! Anyway one problem is sorted the other is about to be! Not a great start to 2016 so far.

Big Winning Monday….

That said it was a good day on Monday with the horses and dogs both making a few quid. A 6/1 winner for Monday’s Horsracing Tips when BY RIGHTS Won and two dogs at Nottingham, a Charlie Lister Double both won, at the early value prices. You can see both races here.

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Tuesday Free Horseracing Tips

Tuesday Horseracing Tips…

Members of X22 Services will note we are ticking over at the moment and advising that if you do bet do so to minimal stakes. The ground and weather is having an effect. Ayr was off yesterday and Fakenham is off today. Many yards have been affected by flooding and rain so some horses will need the run. We are getting back to normal, but we are about WINNING not betting for the sake of it!

Tuesday sees Lingfield (AW) and Ludlow (Jumps) where the going is, you guessed it, HEAVY!

There are two short ones that ordinarily I wouldn’t oppose, 1.30 THE GRIPPER and 3.00 GARDE DE LA VICTOIRE. Both short, the double is above evens, it should cop, but these are strange times so beware! My bet at Ludlow today hopefully will not be well named!


Venetia Williams always does well in desperate going. Take the Mick goes well on this, is on a decent mark and has everything in favour today. Celtic Intrigue is a progressive horse but surely this rise in the weight on this going will stop it! I like Mick and if you don’t fancy the double this is a good bet!


A tough card there. In truth the best bet there is probably no bet BUT if you want a sporting flutter then two horses stand out on the card…

1.40 Sumner Chorus

2.40 Special Occasion

Both are 2/1 or so, the form is there and chances obvious. As I said they come with a big warning, but if I had to get there today they would be the two I would choose!

Sheffield greyhounds tonight! Bets will follow this afternoon!

Have a great day


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