Multibets, Not Just For The Bookmakers Benefit

by Carl HarrisClive Holt, of Fine Form, said in his book to never bet a bet designed by a bookmaker. To some extent I agree with him. The Lucky 15 carries plenty of bonuses, such as triple odds for one winner, the generosity of that probably tells you all you need to know about that bet!

Complex bets like Union Jacks are all designed by the bookmakers, for the bookmakers, but there are some multiple bets that are not so stacked in the punters favour. One of which, certainly favoured here at X22 is the TRIXIE!


Firstly for the uninitiated a trixie bet consists of 3 horses, the bet is 3 doubles and a treble. If you backed the three as singles this would be a patent, consisting of 7 bets. The TRIXIE keeps the outlay down to only four times the stake. Of course the down side is that at least TWO of the THREE have to win for a return.

The TRIXIE BET is one we have had plenty of success with. THREE VERY STRONG BETS make up the daily TRIXIE. It is important to not look at this as ONE BET but look at it over a period, eg a month. Our stats are very good. There are days of course when you lose, but there are days when you win big. It is all about the PROFIT AND LOSS.

If you are an X22 client we have sent you today’s TRIXIE early I play the Trxie daily to a £25 stake. Below is my bet today…


It is also a great way of following the days racing with a wider interest. Anything which is fun is great, if that happens to make money then all the better!

The purpose of this blog is to talk about betting related issues and X22. I know not everyone is a fan of mulibets. That is fine, we give advice and share our experience but you have free will and do not have to follow everything we advise. But all I can tell you is I really like multibets. If they are strategically done and executed correctly they can be highly profitable. That is my experience anyway!

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