Viking Jack at Towcester Saturday

You may recall I posted about Towcester posting a greyhound track which was a huge success last week on the opening night!


One of the interesting things is that they have EIGHT DOG RACES which are common place in Australia but not here. This is the first new greyhound track to be built in this country since Sittingbourne opened doors some 20 years ago and the racecourse’s existing infrastructure was key to the whole project.

I have NOT yet seen the track but I am told it is fabulous! This was in the press over the weekend…

More than 4,000 people attended the course’s first ever greyhound meeting on Saturday.
“If this place is going to survive and prosper, it’s going to have to operate for more than 17 days a year,” owner Lord Hesketh told BBC .
“There’s a lot of money been spent here – you’re looking north of £15m.”
The Towcester greyhound track is the first to be opened in the UK for almost 20 years and makes it the only venue to host both horse and dog racing.

We have entered Viking Jack aand he is in a VERY GOOD RACE. The meeting will be shown live on SKY, which is brilliant. This is a showcase for UK greyhound racing, it is in fact one of the best cards I have seen for a long time!

Jack is in with top quality dogs, BUT he is himself a top quality dog! If you are free this Saturday come to Towcester, it will be a great night!


Any Dak is a very good dog and Ibiza Rocks a fast starter, who beat Henry at Romford. However the interesting dog is AIRFIELD PAUDIE who we battled with at Monmore in the GOLD CUP. This is a great race and a great night!

This will be Viking Jack’s last run before a break and the 2015 campaign!

Towcester Opening A Greyhound Track

towcester greyhound tips

Greyhounds will take to the new £1.8m track at Towcester Racecourse for the first time today after the venue was granted its official licence.

About 35,000 cubic metres of soil were delivered by lorry to develop the state-of-the art circuit, the first new greyhound track to open in the UK for 19 years.

The 420m track features banked turns and the latest technology, including non-shadow, LED flood-lighting. The only other sporting venue in the country to boast such lighting is Stamford Bridge, home of the Chelsea football team.

This is wonderful news for greyhound racing! In my view Towcester will become the premier track in the country, the flagship for Greyhound Racing. It has BY FAR the best facilities of any track and with all the issues facing Wimbledon right now here we have a ready made flagship stadium.

I have been racing at Towcester MANY TIMES and it is easily accessible, has great facilities which have been boosted by this £12m investment. It is a logical diversification for racecourses and my hope is more will follow! The smaller tracks, it is a great way to boost their businesses.

There is scope for a couple of NORTHERN COURSES to do the same in my view and the one I would say would have almost guaranteed success is BEVERLEY.

Since the track closed at HULL, East Yorkshire does not have any greyhound tracks with Doncaster and Kinsley being the nearest, and they are not within the normal leisure traveling time that the consumer would deem acceptable.

Beverley gets super crowds during the summer for horseracing and stands idle all winter! I am sure greyhounds would get big crowds and the restaurant and hospitality facilities are all there, the investment in relative terms would not need to be huge and certainly would represent a very sound commercial proposition!

In my opinion this is a HUGE opportunity for greyhound racing and for the smaller racecourses! Greyhound Racing is DOOM AND GLOOM in many quarters, the new track at Towcester may be the turning point for two great sports that I absolutely love! I will be doing what little I can to support the Towcester track and will run my dogs there if I can as much as I can!

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