Superb Results On Tuesday + Sedgefield Fiasco

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Tom Bagshaw, T-BAG (T for Tom and Bag for Bagshaw) was off to a winning start on Tuesday with a MAX BET WINNER…


T-Bag was 100% For the day having also advised a bet in the 1-20 at Sedgefield which was declared void (see below).  Tom is at the top of the X22 leaderbard, which is fiercely competitive in November with HUGE winning services make plenty of profits. T-Bag’s info was spot on;

13.50 Sedgefield MAX BET No 5 RUNSWICK DAYS
John Wade does exceptionally well at Sedgefield! This horse has plenty of experience over fences already and is sure to go well again having made all over C&D 2 weeks ago, MAX BET

It was another winning day for the X22 top tipsters too.

TONY GAINS landed a BIG DOUBLE with two big winners, UNCLE BRIT WON 7/2 and PADLOCK WON 6/4. Two bets, two winners!  The ONE TO ONE SERVICE landed a MAX BET DOUBLE and MOTOR MOUTH advised a treble as SOUTHWAY STAR romped home at 10/11. THE ALL WEATHER GOLD SERVICE had yet another winner as WU ZETIAN won very easily backed in to 10/11.

A quiet day was a WINNING DAY with X22, the HOME OF WINNERS!

Sedgefield Wrong Flag Fiasco

Sedgefield Wrong Flag Fiasco

The 1.20 at Sedgefield has been declared VOID after a yellow flag was incorrectly waved at the runners on the first circuit, instead of the warning flag!

This is what the Stewards had to say…

Rule 48 states that when a yellow flag is waved, each rider who has not passed the flag must pull up, and that the race shall be void.

No one pulled up but bypassed the fence, which was visibly dolled off, and they also knew before and that the fence would NOT be jumped. The riders have said they didn’t check the colour of the flag because they presumed it would be the chequered one for the omitted fence. COMMON SENSE, but oh no not in UK racing!

“They should have checked the flag, and they have to pull up if it’s yellow flag.We will be holding a further inquiry to ascertain exactly how the mistake was made.”

I can save them the time, trouble and money. How it happened, very simple, having inexperienced staff. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys is a phrase that I heard today, however, that may seem harsh. However it is not rocket science is it, wave the flag, the checked one not the plain one! Not much room for error there is there!

OKAY so he is human and made an error, not one jockey or trainer would have complained if the race had been allowed to stand there was no effect at all on the race. It was the racecourse’s fault, no one else. I agree with Harry Challoner. Challoner vented his fury on Twitter writing:

“What a joke. Yet again someone else’s mistake yet owners, trainers and jockeys are punished the most!”

This is a new low for racing! In the news recently, man landed a spacehip on a comet, millions of miles away in space, yet the fail safe in jump racing relies on a bloke waving the right flag, is that really the best we can do? I have been doing this job for 10 years, just when I thought I had seen everything, along comes this! I wonder what is next!

Big Capital Gains on Sunday


4/1 and 7/2 Winners for Tony Gains On Sunday….



It was a HUGE DAY of winners for followers of TONY GAINS! Both the Capital Bet and the Premier Capital Bet BOTH Won on Sunday! Tony Gains is the man for all seasons and is banging in the winners, MAX BETS at BIG PRICES is the dream ticket!

A double paid over 20/1 and judging by the emails that came in to the office this afternoon many of Tony’s clients were on the Double! Double delight on Sunday! Tony Gains is a true pro punter!!

From Ponte To Nottingham…

Carl harris Premier Bets

It was a busy day for me on Monday. I arrived at Pontefract for the first race and met up with Tony Gains. I offered him lunch but he said that the mobile kitchen that sold Pork Rolls was the best on any racecourse in the UK. Man was he right, sensational! Stuffing and apple sauce, we were on a winner!

Tony told me he had a big word for PRINCE GAGARIN which he had advised his members as a late bet. He said this was a proper horse and there was no way it could get beat! Tony had got his people backing it for him all over, so he didn’t have anything on at the track. I put my hand in my pocket and had a nice bet at 4/1. It was a confident ride by Adam Kirby but the horse was far too good and came home to win going away.

It was a great day and a pleasure to meet Tony Gains. He is a man who knows what he is doing! I will be doing a few miles this week, meeting various people!

Straight after that race I was in the car and off down the A1 to Nottingham. It was a big night with Viking Jack back in action and the semi finals of the British Bred Stakes. It was a sad night, one of Jim’s dogs was injured in an early race, she broke down, no trouble, no fault of te track, just a terrible accident, but sickening to watch. Jim bred the litter and he was visibly upset. Very sad.

Jim got two of his dogs through to the final next Tuesday, to be shown on Sky, Zircon and Onyx. If you recall I advised these antepost and they have big chances. They were both unlucky not to win, going down by a narrow margin. I have to say I did rather hammer Lowgate Onyx and was behind on the night.

The next bet for me was THIRTEEN BAGS and Bet365 offered 4/5. This is a nice pup trained by the very pretty Diane Henry. I hammered in to it at 4/5 and it held on to win by a head! I was on the right side of the photo!

Then it was Jack’s turn. We had downed a lovely meal and had a decent night despite the sad loss of Chrystal earlier. Jack at 2/1 was tempting but it was one of those nights when you know it is not going your way, it is hard to explain but gamblers will know exactly what I mean. There was no way I was not backing him, but a sporting bet from my small profit on the night was all.

I wrote earlier, to members, that Jack would come on for this and was in the wrong box. The six was the one I feared and ultimately I was right. Jack went down a head, BUT he looked rusty, missing the break, he was chopped off at the third bend and no question if he was in the six box he would have won. I am not disappointed, he will come on. he should run on Sky next Tuesday then go for the Eclipse before he has his winter break. However I was pleased to see him off safe. A sad night!

The day was a long one and got even longer. The A64 was closed and the diversion sent us round in circles on the way home. I rolled in at 1am, but you know what, life could be worse!

I am up early and ready to get at it all over again!

Tony Makes Big Capital Gains with 7/1 Winner


TONY (CAPITAL) GAINS service landed a major touch at Windsor on Monday with ISABELLA BIRD who won at 7/1. Advised EACH WAY Tony Gains clients got on early. Tony Gains has earned his nickname CAPITAL GAINS over the years, today all X22 customers saw why!

The bet was sent FREE one hour before the race. The ground was very soft at Windsor, the meeting survived a morning inspection. One customer emailed in saying the horse has no chance, because it wouldn’t hand the ground, sighting it’s withdrawal last week due to soft ground.

Clearly Tony Gains is better informed! Today was the day for Isabella Bird, and the horse came home by an increasing 8 lengths! Gamble landed on a low key Monday. Isabella Bird was trained by Mick Channon. Capital Gains is all about BIG PRICES!

Free Horseracing Tips

Free Bet Isabella Bird Won at 7/1

So who is Tony Gains?

Tony Gains has been betting for longer than most of us have been alive! Almost 40 years in the ring but Tony has as much enthusiasm now as he did all those years ago!  Tony says he has seen punters come and go, very few stand the test of time. Tony’s secret is he has adapted and changed with the times.

Tony says that you get out only what you put in! Punting horses is just like life, there is no magic wand, no secret system, success takes hard work, dedication and application.

Tony is an amazing guy and a valuable addition to the X22 stable. Tony’s Capital Gains service has been independently managed, with a small but VERY LOYAL client base. It is with great pleasure that X22 can announce we are managing his service.  The future looks to be one full of CAPITAL GAINS!!

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