The Professor Opens Account With 4/1 Winner!



First BET a winner! 100% WINNERS!

I did say that THE PROFESSOR is SPECIAL – I make no bones about it that this is a HUGE COUP for X22! The Professor I promise you over jumps has NO EQUALS! I have known him for 10 years! He only bets when he has a MAX BETS!!!


There is no one I have ever come across who can advise winners over jumps like the Professor. He has done it year after year. He has VERY FEW people he trusts with information, he prefers to trust the form and the stats. He is meticulous in his study of the form and the angles, hence the name awarded many years ago, THE PROFESSOR.

Of course someone has emailed in saying “I bet he is not actually a Professor!” – well he is not but he is certainly THE PROFESSOR OF FORM. The Colonel has never been in the armed forces, The Duke was not nobility, Sir Bob Cooper is not a knight of the realm and The shoe is not made of leather. It is just a nickname. However when you get 4/1 MAX BET WINNERS, does it matter what we call him?

Rockchasebullet was advised early at 4-1, direct from The Professor. He said…

“Fergal O Brian trains this quickly improving horse and he carries mega confidence from the jumps professor. “

MEGA CONFIDENCE- you can have mega confidence in all advice from THE PROFESSOR, TAKE IT FROM ME! As I said I have known him for years and have the highest regard for THE PROFESSOR OF JUMPS RACING!

Job Done Sunday, thanks to the Professor!

Jumping For Joy at X22- The Professor is Coming!


Carl Harris is jumping for Joy as The Professor joins X22 in time for the jumps season….


I have been trying for a long time to sign up this guy, the guru of jumps racing is now part of X22. I have never seen anyone produce jumps results like The Professor. He does OK on the flat, over jumps he is sensationally good!!! Saturday big races are his speciality! He is the Professor of Jumps Racing!!

I remember going with him to Wetherby to back TIDAL BAY. We had bet him at Sandown a few months earlier when he won at 9-1 under Daryl Jacob and The Professor told me that he was the biggest certainty at Wetherby, that was in November 2012. It was a huge bet landed! There are plenty of others, BIG PRICES, staying chases are a signature dish for the Professor. I have no idea how he does it, but he does, time after time!


Tidal Bay, What a Horse!

I have been personal friends with The Professor for a good few years now and for the first time I have convinced him to become a tipster. This is the biggest coup I have pulled off let me tell you and one that is superb news. Let me tell you there is no one that can touch The Professor over jumps!

No doubt Cooper and Motor Mouth will take exception to that, BUT I am speaking with years of experience with the Professor under my belt. This will make existing tipsters pick up their game and of course our goal is to make sure we have the best tipsters in our portfolio. There are some really good tipsters operating, but I would say firmly that we have the best of the best at X22. We offer quality and value. the professor in my view will become the most successful tipster in the UK in a very short period of time.

I am so excited about this deal. The Professor will be coming to X22 very soon! Watch this space!

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