He Puts It Away For A Small Guy

Carl Harris meets John and Johnny for a great night in York. The Jockey joins X22….

“I have always been lucky, I can eat what I want and I never put on weight.”

John Cooper dragged my out for a curry in York on Friday night, I had to miss the celebrity big brother final, more importantly RPGTV. But he was adamant that I had to meet Johnny. John and Johnny, the towering presence of John Cooper and the diminutive figure of Johnny, a former jockey.

John Cooper had given a works bet which won at 3/1 to him members MAMBO RHYTHM and later in the day had called, when I was in Waitrose, with a horse he was told would definitely win!  PERFECT MUSE duly won at 13/8. These bets were from Johnny The Jockey.

Johnny is about my age, in his mid 40’s and says he was not a bad jockey, but never really had the breaks, apart that is for several broken bones. He never made his fortune in the saddle, but since being unlicensed be has done very well betting and now wants to become a betting advisor, which is how we came to meet.

John (Cooper) ordered, the food just kept on coming. John is  big fella, I certainly fit that bill but Johnny is about 5 ft 6 and must be 9 stone wet through. He put away more than both John and I. God I wish I was made that way! It was fabulous food, I was driving, so was John, and Johnny doesn’t drink. “I have seen too many ruined by the booze, I don’t like it so I don’t touch it”. I will say though bottled water is the business to be in, £4 for a bottle of sparkling water, we must have spent £20 on H2O.

Johnny was great company and had so many stories, the time just flew by. I meet people who know lots of people in racing, but Johnny really does know everyone and everything about racing. He had us rolling with laughter, the staff of Akbahrs must have been wondering if we had smuggled in some Vodka! Mind you it would have been cheaper to be on Vodka, such is the cost of bottled water.

Mind you it is no issue getting up early the next day when on water, in fact it gets you up! great meal, great night and deal done. John Cooper is acting as The Jockey’s manager. The wonders of modern technology, I sent a picture to our designer of Johnny and in my in box this morning, the graphic above. I sound like an old fart I know but the world now is so fast and instant, you can do anything anywhere, your office is wherever you want it to be, I want mine to be in the sun somewhere and as soon as my daughter finishes school, that is where I will be. It will not affect the business, the internet will see to that!

The Jockey was almost in tears when he asked why the company was called X22. It is because I could never get a number plate to match my business name, so I bought the plate and named the company accordingly! It worked for JCT600, so why not! I like it X22 Bet. He thinks I am crazy, yet he chose an occupation where you have to be followed by an ambulance!

Johnny is Irish, I would like to add aren’t most jockeys, but apparently not! Being Irish though he was brought up with horseracing and greyhounds. He is a huge greyhound man and knows lots of the right people in Ireland. That was it for me, a dog man, they are few and far between now a days!

So The Jockey Service is launched. John Cooper is the Louis Walsh of the operation, which makes me Simon Cowell, so may be not! I prefer Strictly if I am honest! John Cooper is adamant that Johnny is the man to bring aboard. I am still working on the TURBO BETS they have not quite fired so we will make sure we get this right, I think I can add to the ratings, which is the plan for yours truly this weekend.

John Cooper is at Doncaster today, he is ahead with his head to head with Motor Mouth. I seem to have a nack of picking non runners, that is TWO non runners on the trot for my showdown with HACKETT. Sleepwalk was pulled out, but the race was won by PERFECT MUSE. Johnny said that once Sleepwalk was out Perfect Muse was a stone cold cert! He was right, and he did say that before the race, Louis Walsh was at pains to show me the texts, of in this case whats app messages. Tech-mad cooper has already ordered his iphone 6, which he said he had paid for with the Jockey bets.

I realise this is probably a bit of a ramble, but I want X22 clients to be part of what is happening and know what is happening, this is the best way for me to do it! I am not Dan Brown, no awards for writing will be winging their way to me but I hope you enjoy reading what is happening at X22 Bet, the company not the number plate!

Now I Just Need The Car!

Now I Just Need The Car!

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