The Fat Man Lands a Chunky Win

A text came in to the office from a personal friend of Carl’s known as the fat man. The pot calling kettle will no doubt be voiced by many, but the FAT MAN has a FAT WALLET, bigger than his waistline hence the nickname.

The bet was sent FREE to all members of X22 and said in no uncertain terms….

I have just had a call from a Pro Punter known at the FAT MAN.

I don’t know him that well, more by reputation BUT what I can tell you he knows plenty of the right people.
I put money on for him from time to time through my agents.

The message is this….


This is a cert today pal, have a monkey on for me!  The 2-1 has gone but 13/8 still available. Have a good bet!!

It was a case of…


Nice Winner that from The Fat Man!

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