Viking Jack 12/1 For Steel City Cup

I have made no secret of the fact that the Steel City Cup is the race above all others (even the Derby but for the £250k prize money), and Jack has a great chance this year. You can get on now at 12/1 with sponsors Betfred.

Jack ran at Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, he slipped coming out of the traps, not for the first time there, but made up so much ground, beaten only 2 lengths in a fast time. He showed us he was back to his best. Jack runs Sheffield exceptionally well, have a look at this….

We backed him that night, he made some good dogs look ordinary there. Of course with Jack he is liable to make a hash of things, but when he gets things right, he could do something special. Sheffield is his track!

We face some good dogs in this competition. It is one of the very best category one competitions of the year. Barry Draper will be all out to win this, the Sheffield trainer has some good dogs. Sussex Cup winner Ballymac Mossjoe is the one to beat, Glenpadden Rock also has a great chance. Making Paper for Diane Henry will be absolutely trained to the minute for this and of course you can never overlook the Parker dogs. Conna Trigger is a fast starting dog and a major player. These are all good dogs. But 12/1 about Jack is simply the wrong price. We have got stuck in.

He has some CV Jack. He got to the final last year BUT he had had a long campaign and was probably over the top by the final. We have not made that mistake this year, he is fresh as can be. He is bouncing!

There are two that go through to the semi from the heats and 3 from the two semi’s make the final that will be live on Sky Sports. Viking Jack is a great bet.

I tried to get £500 win with Coral, but they refused….

Only £100 offered at 12/1. I find that a bit poor. Betfred / Totesport sponsor the event and offered the same price so I made a call and they laid the rest! So I am on for £500 win at 12/1 and Jim has had his biggest bet of the year at £50 each way at 12/1. That tells you how we feel about his chances!


I grew up in Rotherham, just down the road and first visited Owlerton in 1984, at the age of 14. Not to watch dogs ironically but to see Sheffield Eagles, Rugby League. Jim, like me is a proud Yorkshireman. We would dearly love to win the Steel City Cup. We run at Sheffield regularly, the track is the best in the country and the people are superb. Greyhound folk are good folk, Yorkshire greyhound folk are second to none. We have a good laugh but the people there on a Tuesday know their dogs. This is our big one!

We have never had a better chance of winning The Steel City Cup, and we may never get a better chance! Come on Jack!

Viking Jack Starts Sheffield Campaign

Wow, it doesn’t seem a year ago we were winning the Gold Cup at Monmore and thinking about the Steel City Cup at Sheffield.

Viking Jack SheffieldHead

Well here we are again in August and about to embark on the Steel City Cup campaign again. This will be Jack’s last chance to win it. He lines up tonight in an open at Sheffield, on a card packed full of quality with superb prize money all the way through.

This is a warm up race, Jack will probably need the run to get back to his absolute best, but he has a great chance in a good race. The one dog is the puppy derby winner, from Monmore and is really strong. It will be interesting to see how Jack runs.

The Derby took a lot out of him, he was not 100% when running fourth in the Select Stakes, but the aim is the Steel City Cup, it is the race we desperately want to win. He got to the final last year, but was I think over the top. We have been very selective with his races this year and he will be ready for the Steel City Cup, don’t worry about that!

We know he runs Sheffield well, he won the Derby trial Stakes here is style, anywhere close to that tonight and he will win readily, but it is about the competition in a couple of weeks time!

He is a great dog, once in a lifetime and every time he runs now it is special. I will be there tonight and looking forward to it at my favourite track. Get down to Sheffield tonight, it will be busy!

Can Viking Jack Win The Steel City Cup?



Carl Harris on the chances of his star greyhound Viking Jack in Tuesday’s Steel City Cup Final…

Viking Jack is my dog, he is a dog in a million, once in a lifetime, a really good dog! On Tuesday he lines up in the Steel City Cup final at Sheffield. This is a dream come true for me and will only be bettered by Viking Jack winning!

He comes here after being third in the Cat 1 Sunderland Grand Prix over 640m. He won the Monmore Gold Cup, over 480m and now he lines up over 500m at Owlerton Stadium.

Sheffield is not Jack’s ideal track. Long straights see him open up, Sheffield is a sweeping galloping track, but he has run very well there to qualify. The draw has not been kind, in trap 5, with Conna Trigger on his outside. Not ideal.

This is one of the best finals run this year. Six top class dogs. Candlelight King and the aforementioned Conna Trigger have lightning speed from the boxes. I am hoping that they get a march on jack allowing Jack to follow them round. Trigger isn’t a strong stayer and Jack was closing down Candlelight King in the heats. Underground Paul and Droopys Norris are the Southern raiders, both have the class to win. Kildare Premier is a tenacious battler, who is capable of capitalising on any trouble.

I would say, honestly, that any of these dogs could win. Jack though is certainly one of them, if he ever leads he will not be overtaken. he is capable of a flying start like at Monmore and comes here boasting an impressive record. Three Cat 1 finals in a row, the only Cat 1 winner in the line up.  Can he get a flying start?

It would be interesting to see what happens if he did! The six is almost certain to lead, the six will come inside, so missing it would be a bit of a benefit to Jack. Who knows, anything can happen. Jack is good enough!

I do not expect to win, but I hope we can win. If jack can get in a fighting position off the third he will finish strong. To win the Steel City Cup, for a lad who grew up in Rotherham would be a dream come true. I would not swap Jack for any other dog, he has a racing heart, he is tough and gives his all. He owes us nothing already, win lose or draw I will enjoy it! It willl be live on Sky Sports and goes off at 9.19.

So can Jack Win The Steel City Cup?
In short, yes, but we will need a bit of luck! It will be the best night of my sporting and betting life if he was to win it!

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Viking Makes It Three Cat 1 Finals in a Row

by Carl Harris For me personally to own a dog running in the Steel City Cup Final is a dream come true! Viking Jack is a dream come true, full stop. He will line up in what looks to be the final of the year, his third consecutive category one final in a row.

We never thought Sheffield was his best track, but he has run superbly well in both rounds to qualify for what promises to be a superb Steel City Cup Final next week live on Sky at Sheffield. This is more than I could ever have hoped for. I want to win it, of course I do, no question!

I grew up just down the road from Owelerton Stadium, in Rotherham and Sheffield is in every sense my local track. For me it is not just the best track in Yorkshire, it is the best in the country, to have a shot at winning the Steel City Cup is the realisation of dream. The reality is Jack will not start as one of the favourites, but he has a decent chance, he is a decent dog.

People said to me on Tuesday, “you must be disappointed with that run?”, errrr, NO! He did not run as well as he did in the heat or run as well as he is capable of, but when a flat run gets him through to a category one final, what is there to be despondent about?   Dogs are not machines and Jack had an off day, but I will take that, no question!

Jack will be contesting his third consecutive Category One Final. Third in the Sunderland Grand Prix over 640m was followed by victory in the Monmore Gold Cup over 480 and now he goes over 500m at Sheffield. A versatile and talented greyhound, Viking Jack is amongst the best in the country. That will do me. I am so proud to own this dog, he has won a cat 1, anything he does now is all bonus, I just love every minute of it. There are plenty of dark days in greyhound racing.

Take The Crown sadly suffered a serious injury, a wonderful greyhound and my thoughts are with his connections and I hope he recovers quickly. Very sad to see. Lovely greyhound.

I said at the start of the competition that the dog that beats Candlelight King is the dog that will win the Steel City Cup. He proved that last night with a superb run coming from behind to beat the blistering early pace of Conner Trigger. King has drawn the red in the final. Jack is in five, he had the plumb draw at Monmore, not here. Six would hve been much better But he is in the final and that was the aim last night. So it was a case of job done. Thank you very much. Another day in the sun for this sensational greyhound.

Blatantly, Sheffield is not ideally suited to Viking Jack. Long straights are his forte, he doesn’t run the bends as well as the straights and he may have to give best to the Sheffield Specialists. Run this race at Monmore or Wimbledon and Jack would be favourite, no question. We came here knowing this, I am not moaning or making excuses, we are Yorkshiremen and to have a shot at this great prize means so much. I will enjoy the night win lose or draw. He is no back number and Jack can win it. Make no mistake!

He ran much slower than the previous week, but he got through, he can run better and the biggest cert is this, Jim Hayton will have Jack 100% for the final next week. Then again so will Elaine Parker, Paul Young, Dean Childs and Kelly Macari, this is the best final we have seen this year. The final is full of class, any one of these greyhounds could win this race, you can not always say that about Category One Finals, realistically anyway!


When you look at it Viking Jack is the Cat 1 winner of the field and the only dog to have made three cat 1 finals in a row. Do not write off Viking Jack, bring it on!

Tuesday’s Betfred Steel City Cup final (live on Sky Sports), with betting from the sponsor

1:  CANDLELIGHT KING 7-4 Elaine Parker

2: KILDARE PREMIER 12-1 Elaine Parker

3: DROOPYS NORRIS  12-1 Dean Childs

4: UNDERGROUND PAUL  9-2 Paul Young

5: VIKING JACK (w) 5-1 Jim Hayton

6: CONNA TRIGGER  (w) 2-1 Kelly Macari

Candlelight King was offered as an alternative ante post bet at 10-1 and once again advised to win the semifinal last night to Premier Bet members and on the X22 Blog!

Jack Through To Semi’s, Second Fastest


Carl Harris talks you through the Steel City Cup heats and what goes through an owners mind watching his dog in a competition that means so much…

God I was nervous as they went in the boxes. Following some rain the track was not running as fast on the outside, with all the winners coming from the middle draws, Jack had to be in the first two to qualify. I had the feeling we were playing for second, and the five dog on the inside of us was a big danger. Swift Hoffman had just been knocked out wearing stripes, qualification would be some achievement. Candlelight King at 5/4 was a gift, but it was all about getting through. The hare is on the move…

Come on Jack, heart pounding! Lids rise. “he’s out” but Candlelight King got a flyer and lead, Jack broke well as did the five. Neck and neck for second. Running well, five is a strong dog. Jack had to master the five dog and we were through. He did that, and overcame a coming together at the fourth bend, with the orange. He was second and was visibly closing down Candlelight King. Job Done. Delighted, over the moon. We were through, superb run. The clock told you that!

OK, so whilst you’re reading this, let me point out I am watching the world through Viking Jack tinted specs. I think Jack’s run was sensational and I think he can master Candlelight King, on a fairer surface. For me it was the best performance of the heats, yes even though he was second. Not ONLY second, a superb second. He was on the slow part of the track. Jack tinted specs maybe, who cares!

You will now all shout that the wide can’t be that slow, seeing what Conna Trigger did. Well watch the race the dog was quick out the box and occupied the middle straight away. The time was not that quick, but it doesn’t matter, what is done is done, next week the Semis. Jack qualifies as second fastest, fact!

There are only two wide runners left, so Jack was guaranteed to miss Conna Trigger in the semi’s. The draw is below and Betfred who made Jack 14-1 now have him as 6-1 third Favourite, which is more like it. I am much more confident of reaching the final than I was in the heats. To run as he did, 28.68, would have won every other heat. I did say Candlelight King was the one to beat, we didn’t last night BUT I think we can next time. Don’t forget Jack improves for a look at the track, he had been on an easy regime for 2 weeks, he will improve for the run. I maintain the wide was running slow early. That changed later but the tractor was round and round to make sure it did! Whether it was or wasn’t is neither here nor there now but the Viking Jack camp is brimming with confidence.

What did I tell you. Elaine Parker! She had her dogs absolutely spot on, 3 qualified as winners. Pay Freeze, he proved me wrong with a great win. I felt like I had been disloyal to an old friend, I was pleased to see the great dog back to winning ways. Next week though, we take him on! Swift Hoffman was a victim of the slow wide draw, for me making Jack’s qualification all the more impressive. Conna Trigger is the one to beat, sensational pace!

We have been lucky again with the draw. I will be very disappointed, well obviously, not to qualify. I said last night I would not be shocked if Jack was eliminated. I will be very shocked for him not to be in the three in the semis. It will be a dream come true to have a Steel City Cup finalist.

Hats off to Jim. His own two dogs ran superb to both qualify for the semis and I am sure one of them will get through. I have never seen a dog finish as fast as Rocky did to nab second. Topaz is a great value bet for the tournament. Jim once again is proving he is a top class trainer. Elaine and Jim between them account for half the Steel City Cup field in the semi finals. Some achievement by both of them.

We have a great draw and with 5 rail seeded dogs, Jack is the best drawn dog in the competition. I think there could be some bunching with FIVE dogs all sure to head for the rails. I hope Jack clears trouble at the first bend, but I think he could get the lead, on a fair surface. When it rains Sheffield has a bias, so let us hope for a dry day next Tuesday. I would make Jack favourite to win that semi.

The second semi is a great race, with one of three spots for the taking I think we will see a shock. Trigger is well drawn, he should make it through. That will mean the final draw is vital for us. We would be severely disadvantaged in 5, but that is to worry about after we get through.

I would love to see Jim get all three through to the final. It would make some story if Jim and Elaine Parker got all 3 of theirs through to the final!

Another great night, a great meal, great company and a few laughs. Winners were in short supply but I shut up shop early. Take the Crown getting beat told me the track was all over the place. I was really disappointed with Droopys Norris. I thought he had a big chance to win and didn’t take it. The final could be the race of the season if the right dogs get through!

I got a text after the race from a pal which said, job done, flying time, heats for show, finals for dough! Jack has a great chance. Sheffield is not his ideal track, but he ran superbly and we have a live chance of winning the Steel City Cup! For me Jack proved himself amongst the elite dogs in the country last night. I could not be more proud!

1st semi (next Tuesday) Betfred Prices…

1 Pay Freeze (5-1), 2 Toolatetosell  (16-1),  3 Mcgiolla (16-1),  4 Underground Paul (8-1),  5 Kildare Premier  (20-1), 6 Viking Jack (w) (6-1)

2nd semi

1 Lowgate Rock (25-1),  2 Take The Crown (6-1), 3 Droopys Norris (14-1),  4 Candelight King (9-2), 5 Lowgate Topaz (m) (33-1), 6 Conna Trigger (w) (3-1)

Viking Jack Can Show His Steel Tonight- Greyhound Bets


Lode Henry ran a blinder last night, just touched off a head at Nottingham to qualify for the final next week, he is getting back to form. He made the local champion BROMWICH TOM work for his win, I think next week will be a different proposition, Henry is getting better with every run!

Today sees the start of the Steel City Cup at Sheffield. Viking Jack has a tough heat, the hardest of the 6 heats by far, with only the first two going through. He faces a tough task withCANDLEIGHT KING to overcome in trap 3. That dog should be the competition favourite for me. Was I not Viking Jack, I would be backing him good and proper at the prices. The antepost market is wrong in my view! I also have huge respect for the Elaine Parker kennel, they know how to win this and the biggest cert of the night is that all their dogs will be 100% primed for tonight. Then again, so will Jack, Jim is as good as anyone and so is Jack for that matter, Ok I am biased!

20.14 Sheffield Trap 6 VIKING JACK

I think in all honesty you would be better served taking some of the 14/1 to win the Steel City Cup, if he wins this tonight you can halve those odds at least, 15/8 is a bit skinny on him winning this heat, I will be delighted to qualify, Jack gets better as the competition goes on!


What a sensational competition this is going to be. The card tonight is high class, it is as good as any finals night. Quality all the way through. Of the Steel City cup heats I like…

19.27 Sheffield MAX BET Trap 1 DROOPYS NORRIS
19.43 Sheffield MAX BET Trap 4 TAKE THE CROWN
19.58 Sheffield MAX BET Trap 6 SWIFT HOFFMAN
20.47 Sheffield MAX BET TRAP 6 CONA TIGER

Droopys Norris should fly out of the boxes and make all, Take the Crown is the good thing of the heats and Cona Tiger could do something special. Swift Hoffman has a tough assignment to beat Pay Freeze on home turf, but this is a really good dog and worth siding with, though the Great Pay Freeze may have something to say about that!

This should be a great night and I also have a HUGE BET lined up tonight, I will be in touch with that later once I see the prices!


The Week Ahead


Carl Harris looks forward to his big week of Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing….

Often Blog posts and Racing Diaries look back at what has already happened! Plenty has been said about the past week, which was some week with Doncaster and the big Irish weekend.

Plenty of talking points after the weekend. Martin (Motor Mouth) has posted about the rides given to Australia and Leading Light. I think that is a great post, plenty of people just grunt that the jockey is rubbish, MM is saying that Joseph is actually a very good jockey, in the making, and perhaps he should learn his craft before riding against the very best on horses where millions are at stake! Great well balanced article in my view. The feedback has been very good.

Adrian Fall, X22 Golf Tipster, did it again landing a 25/1 winner. England’s Paul Casey celebrated his 13th European Tour title in the KLM Open on Sunday Advised at 25/1. Adrian has landed some huge wins including a 50-1 winner a couple of weeks ago! He knows his golf! I am no fan of golf, god it is the most boring sport, but I love winning and follow his  bets avidly!


Monday is quite a low key day. Brighton and Wolves is pretty uninspiring whilst Musselburgh is marginally better. Tuesday looks much better and this week builds up to two great meetings, THE AYR GOLD CUP, Western Meeting, which kicks off on Thursday and Newbury which kicks off on Friday. Saturday features the MILL REEF STAKES. Plenty of top 2 year olds entered there.

The Ayr Gold Cup is much better than it used to be. The draw is the key, high or low, no one ever knew but it is much fairer now. A lot of work has gone in to improving the track there, but let’s be honest, it had to, it was becoming a joke. The Scots love The Western Meeting, and the first day coincides with the YES NO VOTE, In or Out.

I do not do politics, but it strikes me that Scotland leaving the UK is the craziest thing I have ever heard. They have no plan for the future, what on earth would their currency be? It seems to be complete and utter madness to even consider it. But thankfully I do not have to decide and don’t have a vote. It will not affect me much either way to be honest. I think the world has bigger problems to worry about.

Surely if Muthmir turns up at Ayr he will take some stopping. He won the Portland at Doncaster, stumbling at the start and almost stopping half way before getting going again and winning by a long way. William Haggas’ charge is 6/1 now, he will be much shorter if he is declared but you can not oppose him, on his current mark, he will take some stopping! I have had a few quid at 6/1, hoping he turns up!


John Cooper and Motor Mouth have teamed up for the MMC BETS. Double MAX BETS! This will be a great service and they had a superb St Leger festival. They have jointly issued a challenge against yours truly, having beaten Hackett, landing that Brazilian Bet at 10/3, this is the final showdown, the BIG ONE!

Both John Cooper and Martin Motor Mouth will be at Sheffield with me on Tuesday to see Jack in the heats of the Steel City Cup. We will thrash out the details over a steak! I am looking forward to Tuesday night.


I have already posted by thoughts about Viking Jack in the Steel City Cup. I think Tuesday night is key. Only the first TWO go through to the semi-finals. If Jack starts poorly he could be out, but that is why competitions are the big money earners! This is a high quality contest with good dogs. It is the one I would dearly love to win. The Derby is the money earner, £275k to the winner, but The Steel City Cup is the one that means the most.

I grew up in Rotherham, Sheffield was my local track. The Steel City Cup has been a fabulous competition won by superb dogs. Last year Elaine Parker’s Pay Freeze Won readily…

Pay Freeze is a hell of a dog and he is back to defend his title. Elaine has another flying machine in Candlelight King who I think is the one to beat. High quality competition this year, so I hope we win but don’t expect to win! Big difference!!

If we get knocked out, we will look at Newcastle’s All England Cup! Henry runs tonight at Nottingham, so plenty of action to look forward to!


Viking Jack Chalked Up at 14/1 For Steel City Cup


Carl Harris looks ahead to the Steel City Cup which starts on Tuesday at Sheffield. Viking Jack looking for another Cat 1 Success….

Sponsors Betfred have chalked up Viking Jack at 14/1 for the Steel City Cup which kicks off at Sheffield on Tuesday. Bet 365 make him an 8-1 chance.  Jack was 20-1 before the Ladbrokes Monmore Gold Cup last month which he won, landing a gamble.

So far at the time of posting only two firms have priced up, but once again there is a BIG difference in opinion. This is a very high class competition. The big difference to Monmore is that the FIRST TWO qualify for the semi finals. Jack has a tough heat! The first three from the semi finals qualify for the final! I posted previously about the main players, it is a great competition.

For me the favourites should be CANDLELIGHT KING and PAY FREEZE, no question. They are the ones to beat. Candlelight King at 8/1 is a great bet. He is so fast, he recently broke the 480m track record. PAY FREEZE won this last year, what a dog he is! They are on home turf, they are the ones to beat, no question. But Jack is getting better, I would dearly love to land the Steel City Cup.

Swift Hoffman is a good pup, now running with the Big Boys. Take the Crown is decent and Cona Tiger has blistering speed. He is a god dog but i stand by the statement above, Elaine Parker’s duo should head the market. I do like Jack being a 14-1 shot, no pressure again, underestimated! Suits me just fine!

Viking Jack_GoldCupPres

Viking Jack Gold Cup Winner Goes For The Steel City Cup at Sheffield

I grew up a few miles from Owlerton Stadium and this means so much to me, it would be a dream come true. Just to have a dog good enough is a dream, but I am not going to give it any of this just being in it is great nonsense. I want to win, I will be gutted if we go out on Tuesday, but not shocked. This is a great competition. Jack needs a clear run, with a clear run he should be thereabouts!

Get the latest prices here via ODDSCHECKER

Viking Jack In Steel City Cup

Viking Jack has drawn a tough heat in the first round of the STEEL CITY CUP at Sheffield which kicks off on Tuesday. Jack will pit his wits against Candlelight King in the first round, the probable favourite for the competition. The heats kick off on Tuesday and will be shown on BAGS in betting shops.


There are SIX HEATS with the first three going through to the Semi-Finals, and the first two qualify for the final live on Sky. It is a great competition. Interestingly only five wide seeds are amongst the 36 accepted runners. These are the main players in my view…


See the advance card here…



A Great Night of Winners at Sheffield

Carl_Harris (CAPS and BORDER)


Carl Harris had a big night of winners and merriment at Sheffield on Tuesday…The Betting Times;

Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield, is for me the best greyhound venue in the country! There has been fairly major investment in the track and Tuesday nights is open race night! Last night did not disappoint with a great card and a great night at the dogs!

I had booked a table for six in the Panorama Restaurant, I was  joined by Jim and Mick who train the dogs and three good pals. One of my mates is a pro, in the business whilst the other two are both novice punters and racegoers. The pressure of tipping winners to one person face to face far exceeds tipping to a thousand through email I can tell you! Happily the pockets were full as were the glasses all night with our four legged friends paying for our merriment all evening! it was a pleasure to see the joy on the lads’ faces as the winners went in.

Viking Jack was up fairly early, we had got through our starters, Yorkshire pudding for me, and main courses. We all went for steak, with tastes ranging from medium to Jim who asked for the literal char-grilled very well done option. Extra onion rings and chunky chips were ordered, though wonderful not necessary as roast spuds and veg were provided aplenty! What a fabulous meal, great value for money and a position overlooking the track with TV’s at every angle. Simply a stunning night out and one you should try.

Jack did not disappoint! I was worried that he may miss the break, coming back from Monmore usually means this happens, but he wasn’t badly away. It was a messy race, Jack had to fend off the attentions of a bit of an aggressive dog who wanted to fight, there was bumping and barging with Jack taking a rather significant side-swipe at one stage.

But Jack is all heart, his power and pace is matched only by his desire to win and he got on top to win going away in the fastest time of the night. The Steel City Cup is now the target and he will have a week off and enter the heats in a fortnight’s time fresh. It will be a great competition, the quality of dogs at Sheffield is one of the best in the UK. The Sheffield trainers are for me the strongest of any track with Barry Draper and Elaine Parker, who won the cup last year with the fabulous Pay Freeze no doubt going all out to win this prestigious competition for the umpteenth time.

I absolutely love Sheffield, the trainers, the people, the whole environment. I  may be a bit biased, having grown up in Rotherham and having Yorkshire flowing through my veins. To win the Monmore Gold Cup was a truly amazing experience, to have a shot at the STEEL CITY CUP is a dream for me, I can’t wait. I suspect Viking Jack will not be offered at 20-1  this time?

The performance was not lost on the Racing Post who headlined Jack yet again. He is certainly a dog going places. Once again I will point out he is handled by a supreme master, Jim’s dogs are running amazingly well.

Lode Henry ran a creditable third in his comeback in a really high class sprint. We were delighted with him. The winner United Leeds is a great dog owned by a very enthusiastic owner who makes it great fun with sporting rivalry and banter. Great dog, and Henry is ready for action now! The plan is a four bend run next week, and hopefully a tilt at the Steel City Cup.

It was a winning night, two of the three bets advised won, with Jim completing a double on the night courtesy of the powerful Lowgate Jasper. I was delighted for his owners Richard and Shirley. Wonderful people and greyhound lovers to the core. They have a good one in Jasper who is a St Leger Dog if ever I saw one. He was just getting going at the finish and will stay longer than the mother in law. Big future in store for Jasper. The 2/1 advised was value, thank you very much!

Big Thrill won easy enough and Shania had to settle for second with Bowtime Fella coming back to his old form which though costing me a good few quid was nice to see, a great dog who has been out of form of late.

We had plenty of other winners on the night, one of which was Global Way. Three dogs have now run from the Gold Cup final at Monmore and all have won. Global Way was 11/4, oi oi !!

I had a great night, with great mates, doing what I love. I got back home in time for a coffee and a chat with my wonderful family and was up the next morning at 5am with a spring in my step ready to do it all again. Sadly I will have to wait until next week to return to Owlerton, but there are plenty of winners to be found before then!

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