A Great Night At The Dogs….Pistols at Dawn!

Carl_Harris (CAPS and BORDER)It was a great night at Sheffield Dogs, the X22 party and the bookmakers were probably the only people that enjoyed it! The results were mindbogglingly strange, to say the least and best glossed over, but it was a great social occasion with several tipsters meeting up.

John Cooper and Motor Mouth joined us as did The Spy Master and The Geek. We probably sounded like the cast of The Soprano’s with so many nicknames going round! As usual Sheffield did us proud, the hospitality was first rate, another great meal and atmosphere.

Of course The Steel City Cup kicks off next week which will be RED HOT, there are some great dogs lining up in that, it could be the best competition of the year. Viking Jack will of course carry our colours, the Monmore Gold Cup Champion. His form was franked in part last night by KILDARE PREMIER who he beat winning, but Farloe Striker who was second in Jack’s race last week was one of many short price favs to run a stinker. Jack is in fine fettle and up for the cup.

I met John Cooper and The Geek for lunch in York and travelled with them to Sheffield. I wanted to get the deal out of the way and of course whilst we were together we watched ACCESSALLAREAS bolt up by 15 lengths under McCoy. How times have changed from when I started betting, sitting in Waggamammas in York, watching a live race on an iPad. Amazing! Even better when it won.

The Geek sounds a derogarory term, but it is not and one that is actually self titled, what a lovely chap, very sharp mind and  refreshing outlook. The deal has been done and the Turbo Speed Ratings are now part of X22 Bet. Most tipsters are a certain breed, matcho would be a good word to sum them up, The Geek is different, I would bet there is no one who meets him who wouldn’t like him, great company. Clever chap too. He will be a big asset to X22 members. The Turbo Bets are now a GO!

Cooper and Motor Mouth Square Up…

There was plenty of banter bravado amongst the tipsters. It was a good day for them, Motor Mouth had a big winner, the Roger Charlton trained horse winning well, HIGH CHURCH at Leicester. Once again MM was extolling the virtues of Sir Roger at length. John Cooper had bagged a winner earlier on the card, but MM gave him plenty of stick because his was a bigger price! All in good fun but a challenge was issued.

st leger



The game is a foot! The clash of the egos is on! John Cooper and Motor Mouth go head to head, toe to toe, who will be the King Of Town Moor? The challenge is over four days starting Wednesday for the St Leger Festival!

The rules are simple…

  • One Max Bet Each Daily.
  • All bets MUST run at Doncaster
  • Bets are extra to their daily service bets.
  • All bets to a 1 point stake settled at Early Price,(available by at least 3 firms on oddschecker) with best odds guaranteed.
  • Each Tipster can select One Nap to be stated at any time over the four days and as the NAP counts double (so if 5-1 Nap it counts as 10-1)
  • Winner takes all. 100% of the pot paid to winning tipster. 
  • Non runner of withdrawn then tipster gets an additional bet the following day or a late bet that will be advised no later than 1 hour before the race.
  • Bets submitted to the X22 Racing office by 10am daily!
  • If both select same horse a coin toss will be used to decide who gets that selection, by the X22 Racing Office!

So the Donny Leger special festival challenge is on! This is open to X22 members as a one off special and details will be sent to your inbox on Wednesday Morning!

It is a case of pistols at dawn, for Cooper and MM. Who will you side with?

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