Bob Davis Greyhound Bets

Bob DavisCracking night of racing for dog racing fans.The big Skycard is where we will start , 7.11 a British bred puppy stakes, and Trap 2 Barney Rubble looks a promising recruit for Barrie Draper , he can make all .

7.26 and our 1st MAX bet of the evening Trap 4 Walshes Hill , he can put a poor performance last week behind him here.

7.43 and im going to oppose the odds on poke here with Trap 1 Thirteen Bags for Diane Henry.

7.59 and i cant see past Trap 2 Glenpadden Ace, hes in flying form and can lead early. 8.16 a britsih bred race, and the Mark Wallis trained Calco Flyer can make all from the 2 box.

8.33 the marathon features a 1/6 shot in Roxholme Magic, cant bet at them odds, but also i cant oppose her.

8.51 Trap 4 Domino Storm, best bitch in the country, will win MAX BET.

9.08 Next up is the final of the Bresmed Sprint, some may call it arse licking the boss but im telling you this Damson Jam is the best 12/1 shot in living history.He has to come away a little quicker , but i expect he will do tonight and he can win this.I hope im on 10% finders fee still boss lol. Come on Jammy, but most of all come home safe lad.

Best of luck Bob.

Sheffield Greyhound Tips Tuesday

I am off to Sheffield tonight with Viking Jack. The three steps is my favourite single competition of the year at my favourite track. I grew up near Sheffield and I would dearly love to win a competition at Sheffield. With Jack we have been on many days out but I think, even though he won the Gold Cup, last year on three steps final night was my single best night….

This was awesome, this was a good field and it was nice to win, he went on to be a semi-finalist in the Derby of course. The week before he stumbled in the semi final and that was that as far as the three steps in concerned. I have already posted that Viking Jack is a lively outsider at 40-1.

I do love going to Sheffield, especially with my own dogs. I have Damson Jam now, he has won 5 in a row but Jack is still number one! Jack runs at 21.17, hopefully I can make a few quid before that at Owlerton this evening; Here are my bets tonight….

19.11 Sheffield TRAP 2 TRYUR FERGAL- MAX BET

He won two runs back over course and distance, young dog, then went over 4 bends and made a hash of just about everything. However back sprinting he could be too fast, away and gone, game over. Depends on the price, but if the PRICE IS RIGHT, I’m in!


Diane Henry is a trainer to follow at Sheffield. Her dogs are running well at the moment and the make-up is perfect here. I mean the make-up of the race although Diane’s make-up is always perfect, no question she is the most glamorous greyhound trainer of them all. Making Paper, hopefully will make us plenty! MAX BET.

In the 3 Steps to Victory…

20.14 Sheffield TRAP 3 GLENPADDEN ACE

Barry Draper’s dog is value for me to win this, the tissue fav is Lan Maqina who is badly drawn. Glenpadden is a big player in this comp, a better six bend dog but has speed over 4, he looks the all rounder to worry about. In fact he is the dog, other than Jack I have backed for the competition at 10/1 withe bet 365 and Paddy Power.



Will be one of the shorter ones, but should win this if starting well and doing everything correctly. The 27.71 trial is quick, but a solo is different to a race, the speed is there and could burn these off.

Then its Jack’s turn at 21.17. He has Pinpoint Boom to worry about who let’s be straight should and probably will win the race, but heats are for show the final is for dough! If we get through in second it is then all to play for!

Good luck, let’s have a great night!

Viking Jack 40-1 In 3 Steps

Viking Jack runs at Sheffield’s Owerlton Stadium Tonight, and might be some value at 40-1 with Ladbrokes. Tonight is the start of the three steps to victory.


Last year he stumbled at the start of the semi final, he then won the Derby trial on final night. Jack has been coming back from injury and it is fair to say he has been unlucky. He has been in HOT races every time, and last week the race was won in lightning quick time.

In this competition, he has a chance IF he can get through tonight. The format is 3 rounds….

  • Round 1, 480m, first 2 qualify from 6 heats
  • Round 2, 500m, first 3 qualify from 2 semi finals
  • Final, over 6 bends- winner takes the crown.

The first two going through means that he will have to get a good start and run well to qualify. If he does then genuinely it it game on. We will need more luck than of late, but having said that at 40-1 you do not need to go mad.

Jack is well and given some luck we could have a last hurrah in the 3 steps in what is Jack’s last year. As a local lad this is a big competition and one I would dearly love to win!

Come on Jack, lets go out with a BIG ONE!

Jack Montage



Sheffield Greyhound Bets

After a great day of racing at Cheltenham it is off to Sheffield tonight for Greyhound racing where Viking Jack is running.

I have some good bets tonight and I am hoping to make a few quid as well as seeing Jack back in action. These are MAX BETS all at SHEFFIELD TONIGHT

19.27 TRAP 6 TRYUR FERGAL 9/4 Bet 365

Absolutely love the look of this dog, it won a sprint in some style last time and I think this could be a nice dog for Charlie Lister!

19.58 TRAP 1 BORNA MINDY 4/5 Bet 365

Diane Henry has a good looking dog on her hands with Borna Mindy.


Tuesday Night Sheffield Greyhound Pro Bets

Greyhound Special Odds to Bets

It is Tuesday and that means open racing at Owlerton Stadium Sheffield! It is a great card and we have a runner on the card! here are some bets, starting with our own dog..

20.47 Sheffield, MAX BET, T4 DAMSON JAM- 11/4 Bet365

This is our dog and he is an open race winner over course and distance. If he was in trap 1 he would be the bet of the year, but trap 4 is not ideal. That said there is no three and he could break quick enough to get to the rail first, if that happens I expect it to be game over. This is not a great open so at 11/4 we have the value. WILL BE SHORTER ON TRACK, so take the early price!


Other bets at Sheffield Tonight…

19.43 Sheffield Trap 2 LA MAQINA MAX BET

This is a dog that doesn’t get beat when it leads. Should get out and win this contest readily. Be very short, 4/6 Bet365, not for everyone, but I expect this to be the best price you will get!

20.31 Sheffield Trap 3 Cloran Paddy MAX BET

You may want to double with the above if you don’t like short ones, but they are both rock solid propositions.

21.02 Sheffield Trap 2 Tryur Supermac MAX BET

Again a rock solid dog who is well in! Can not be opposed. It should be a good night! You know our greyhound info is TOP NOTCH!

Get on now, let’s hope we are toasting Damson Jam tonight!


Tuesday Evening Greyhound Bets

Mixed afternoon, a 7/2 winner at Lingfield, the dead cert double landed but sadly Take The Mick, did just that and got beat, but we did OK, and believe me if you do OK on days like today, then no worries!

Sheffield, superb night at Sheffield’s Owlerton Stadium, a great track with great racing, and there is plenty of Open racing to be had there tonight!

It was two out of two last night for the Greyhound Bets, can we do it again tonight?

These are the dogs I like tonight (all at Sheffield)…

19.58 Sheffield TRAP 3 CLORAN PADDY
This should win this from start to finish, and if it misses the break, I still think it will win. I can’t see it beaten baring accidents!

8-31 was a Non Runner (Edited)

21.02 Sheffield TRAP 2 SWIFT CURIE 5/6
We were against her last week if you remember, but she is back in form, and never oppose this bitch when she is in form. I predict she will take it up on the third bend and that will be good night Vienna. Skybet are 5/6, tats a big price. Go off 4/6 for me!

All Max bets, all at Sheffield and Live on the BAGS service in your betting shop, or on bookmaker websites if you have a qualifying bet.



Damson Jam Advised At 5/2 Wins Well

Viking Racing Members were give a FREE BET, on one of our own dogs. This is what I told them;


My dog is at Sheffield tonight, 7-53, TRAP 1 DAMSON JAM
The trap 5 is now out, we think we will win this, 9/4 is at bet 365, ive had £200 on. I own this dog, he is 100% OK

This is what happened…

Damson Jam looking good on the podium…

damson jam

Viking Jack 12/1 For Steel City Cup

I have made no secret of the fact that the Steel City Cup is the race above all others (even the Derby but for the £250k prize money), and Jack has a great chance this year. You can get on now at 12/1 with sponsors Betfred.

Jack ran at Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, he slipped coming out of the traps, not for the first time there, but made up so much ground, beaten only 2 lengths in a fast time. He showed us he was back to his best. Jack runs Sheffield exceptionally well, have a look at this….

We backed him that night, he made some good dogs look ordinary there. Of course with Jack he is liable to make a hash of things, but when he gets things right, he could do something special. Sheffield is his track!

We face some good dogs in this competition. It is one of the very best category one competitions of the year. Barry Draper will be all out to win this, the Sheffield trainer has some good dogs. Sussex Cup winner Ballymac Mossjoe is the one to beat, Glenpadden Rock also has a great chance. Making Paper for Diane Henry will be absolutely trained to the minute for this and of course you can never overlook the Parker dogs. Conna Trigger is a fast starting dog and a major player. These are all good dogs. But 12/1 about Jack is simply the wrong price. We have got stuck in.

He has some CV Jack. He got to the final last year BUT he had had a long campaign and was probably over the top by the final. We have not made that mistake this year, he is fresh as can be. He is bouncing!

There are two that go through to the semi from the heats and 3 from the two semi’s make the final that will be live on Sky Sports. Viking Jack is a great bet.

I tried to get £500 win with Coral, but they refused….

Only £100 offered at 12/1. I find that a bit poor. Betfred / Totesport sponsor the event and offered the same price so I made a call and they laid the rest! So I am on for £500 win at 12/1 and Jim has had his biggest bet of the year at £50 each way at 12/1. That tells you how we feel about his chances!


I grew up in Rotherham, just down the road and first visited Owlerton in 1984, at the age of 14. Not to watch dogs ironically but to see Sheffield Eagles, Rugby League. Jim, like me is a proud Yorkshireman. We would dearly love to win the Steel City Cup. We run at Sheffield regularly, the track is the best in the country and the people are superb. Greyhound folk are good folk, Yorkshire greyhound folk are second to none. We have a good laugh but the people there on a Tuesday know their dogs. This is our big one!

We have never had a better chance of winning The Steel City Cup, and we may never get a better chance! Come on Jack!

Viking Jack Wins On an Emotional Night at Sheffield

They say life is a roller coaster, well it is with Jack and it has been this week, and it is only Tuesday! Last week Jack stumbled and went out of the Three Steps to Victory, but ran amazingly well to catch up. On Monday we heard the sad news that Devilfish had died and then tonight, Jack was the sunshine after the rain….

Well backed all day, our members were on, Racing Post Readers were on and everyone I spoke to at Sheffield was on! It was a monster gamble, 9/2 in to 5/2. Job done! Win and you’re in, well we did win and we are in!

It means so much to me personally to win a big race at Sheffield, I love Sheffield, I am a local boy and I first went to Sheffield in 1984, over 30 years ago. My Grandad took me there the first time, now the dog that carries his name gave me a night I will never forget!

Thank you to Jim, he deserves to win The Derby, along with Mick and the whole team they are the reason Jack is such a top dog, good dogs need good trainers! The William Hill sponsorship of the Derby is superb, the win and you are in trial stakes are superb, and as I said I started my career as Marketing Manager for William Hill, 20 years ago, many things came together for me on Tuesday night!

Jack didn’t trap that well, but boy he showed some pace, and remember he is NOT YET THREE! So he is reaching his peak and the next few months could be very exciting!

What a superb night and I am so pleased for everyone who was on, a big gamble and Jack Delivered!

See you at Wimbledon!

Three Short Heads, Lady Luck Having a Laugh!

Carl Harris didn’t get lucky at Sheffield on Tuesday Night, but nearly….

I went to Sheffield’s Owlerton Stadium to combine business with a bit of pleasure, it was a great card! For X22 members it was a great night with the SECRET SERVICE double on Walshes Hill and Glenpadden Lord both winning, for me though you couldn’t make it up!

I watched Walshes Hill win again and had a nice bet on Elaine Parker’s Fearsome Code, it blasted out led all the way but was caught on the ling to go down a short head! It happens, part of the job!

After Glenpadden Lord had landed the double and a nice few quid I just need the 4/7 Glenpadden Rock to win to land me a nice fat treble. I had taken a price but due to a non runner it was SP, that was 4/7, no worries, it was still a nice payout. In almost a carbon copy of the Fearsome Code race, it had a sizable lead, but was caught on the line and went down!

Two is unlucky! Renasup Gene is a pup I like, Elaine Parker trains and I was very confident! It flew out and had a healthy lead even turning for home, but guess what, caught on the line!

THREE IN A ROW, you can’t make it up, I shut up shop then, lady luck was having a laugh at my expense! But the Secret Service had done the job yet again, no one beats them for greyhound betting tips!


Viking Legend


The main job of the evening was to pick up a young pup, 6 months old sired by Viking Legend. He is going to Jim’s and it was the first litter by my own dog, so I was exciting. When I saw him I was blown away, he is the spit of Viking Jack! Not his Dad legend, the spit of the great Viking Jack. I rang the breeder and purchased his brother, another brindle on the spot! They will be racing in 9 months time, but he looks the part, excellent stamp of a dog and if he is as good as his Dad or even his lookalike Viking Jack we will be in business!

I have called him Viking Legend Two, yes genius isn’t it! His brother will be called Viking Baron for reasons only a couple of my friends will appreciate!

What a night, it was a snow storm on the way home, it was a great night and all the three of us in the car on the way back could talk about on the way back was what a smasher legend is! We will post some photos of him in the paddock at Jim’s very soon!

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