Scotland Votes No- Thank God That’s Over!


The News today will be all about Scotland, but the great news is the whole campaign is over and we can get back to normal. The Western Meeting at Ayr is in full swing. My view, Thank God That’s Over!

I do not really know enough about the issues involved and have no affinity with Scotland, but what I will say is the numbers are peculiar. Less than 4 million people voted in the referendum. There are around 70 million people in the UK, so around 5% of the population were to decide the future of the UK. But only in Scotland is democracy alive and well it seems.

So, why is the Welsh, Irish and for that matter Cornwall and Yorkshire NOT being awarded a vote on continued participation of the UK. For that matter why is an EU referendum such a no no ? I am not being political, I just do not understand why the Scots are awarded a vote and no one else is. What is the difference?

Surely when the EU are actually making laws that govern our lives, the people should decide whether they want to be in it. How is it any different to the Scottish issue?  The principle of democracy seems to be a selective one.

I really do not get it. To be fair, and democracy is about fairness, there should be wholesale referendums now, democracy for all, not just for 5% of the UK population surely?

I find the whole thing ridiculous. Maybe I am just a cynical old git!

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