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Saturday is here again, this looks like a tricky one for punters. We have put together your essential Saturday guide for X22 members…


Robert Smart

14.20 Newbury MAX BET No 7 STRATHBURN 15/8

Best Bet of the day was LIMATO in the MILL REEF STAKES. However now as a non runner the bet is STRATHBURN. We are developing something very special in house. This is a ratings system, called the FINE FORM LEGACY SYSTEM and the races is rated as….

2.20 Newbury 

The Fine Form Legacy system is something very special indeed and is in the final stages of development. We are staggered by what this is achieving. The final phase is optimising how to use the output data. The ratings calculate form, speed, relative form, trainer stats, jockey stats and course and distance related form. This is the result of MANY YEARS of work. Fine Form is of course a very long established brand, as a student of the Fine Form this has been developed using their basic principals but radically enhanced, hence the FINE FORM LEGACY.

Robert Smart

Robert Smart gave UP FOR AN OSCAR that won at 3/1 Friday. He has a MAX BET at Newbury in addition to Limato which is….

15.30 Newbury MAX BET No 11 MECCAS ANGEL

Nunthorpe winner, and looks to be in great form. Robert is very confident of double today. The Fine Form Ratings also back up the selection…

3.30 Newbury Points


Saturday Premier League Bets…







Robert Smart Up For An Oscar

Robert Smart

Robert Smart had a big Max Bet Winner with UP FOR AN OSCAR at 3/1. Kim Bailey’s charge opened 10/3 and was returned at 10/3 under Ed Cookson. Robert Smart gave his followers a nice profit on the day.

“When I fancy one, I back it, I am not worried if the market doesn’t agree, I learnt very quickly to follow your own view, you can not always follow the market. 10/3 was good value”.

That put Robert ahead for followers of his bets since joining X22. Robert Smart is well named. He is a Smart Punter and a Smart Character. If you have not already read about Robert Smart then you can do in his earlier post in the X22 Betting Blog HERE. 

You will win with Robert Smart! Robert has a big bet lined up for Saturday at Newbury, watch this space!

Robert Smart Pro Punter

Robert Smart

Robert Smart is X22’s newest tipster,but who is he? Robert Smart talks you through his horseracing history…

I am delighted to join X22 and my first meeting with the guys last night at Sheffield was wonderful. I have spent my life betting but that was the first time I have ever been to a dog track. Viking Jack has a fan club and I am a paid up member now. I wish him well for next week.

I have never done anything else in life other than Horseracing. Everything I have done has been connected to horseracing. I was hooked on horseracing from being a teenager. I was brought up by my mother and my grandparents. My Grandad was a keen punter and I would wait outside Corals whilst he put his bets on. As I got older I would start to go inside. It depended who was working whether I could go in or not. By the age of 15 I had no problems and I have been betting ever since. Horseracing was my passion, I spent every moment I could learning about it. I would put bets on at lunchtime, I would go in to the bookies after school and my dream came true when I got a job working in a local bookies at the weekend.

I had what for me back then was a big win when I backed the 1985 Derby Winner….I was 16 and had just left school.

Slip Anchor. Henry Cecil and Steve Cauthen were a formidable team and I would follow then through my university years. I didn’t really want to go to University but my mother insisted, as it happens it was the best thing I could have done. I found accommodation above a bookies, I was living above a shop, I helped out there and even had a feed from the SIS in my room. Absolutely superb 3 years. The shop owner also stood at several tracks, Pontefract, Catterick, Ripon, Market Rasen and Beverley. He was a wonderful man, he taught me the business from the other side. He was like a father to me Keith. I owe him so much.

He knew so many people and was very friendly with someone who worked for Jack Berry. The info we used to get about his two year olds was out of this world. I was passing this info on to people on my course and often after a lecture a dozen or so would head straight to the William Hill, the nearest shop to campus. When they won it was a cheap night out for me. Jack Berry’s two year olds won a lot in those days.

When University ended, to be honest I was happy. It meant the inconvenience of going to lectures, revising for exams etc no longer interrupted my racing. I came out with a 2:1 honours degree in Business Administration. I had a first class education in betting, I knew then that my life would be a betting life! I am sure if I put the same effort in to my course as I did the racing I would have got a first, but I never needed my degree, yet it was the best thing I have done in my life. I loved those 3 years, every single minute of them.

After I graduated I carried on working in the shop, Keith and Marjorie had no children and they became like a second family to me. A year or so later Keith sadly died, of a heart attack very suddenly. I was devastated. Marjorie had no interest in racing and sold the shop. She sold it to me, at a knock down price and allowed me to pay over 3 years from the profits. By the time I was 30 I had 5 shops and several pitches.

One day someone in a suit came in and asked to speak to me, he was from one of the big firms and made me an offer too good to turn down. I cashed in and I was no longer a bookmaker. I had lived above the shop and also became homeless. So I packed my bags, well one bag and off I went!

After a year of travelling I was back, the lure of the turf too strong. I had a year living a non betting life, it was great for a while, Thailand, and Australia were great, but I knew what I wanted to do. The new millennium had broken, for me it was a new start. I spent 2000 travelling and living it up. I also got married to a wonderful woman who is the love of my life. We met in Sydney but grew up less than 30 miles apart. She has never placed a bet in her life, she works in corporate finance.

Life could not be better! I love what I do, I am good at what I do and I have a very happy life. Being a punter now is so much better than being a bookmaker. Thank god for Betfair, although they are heading in the wrong direction, when they started, I joined in 2002, they were absolutely superb. I have made so much money backing and laying over the last 10 years. I have information at my fingertips that when I started in this game I could only dream of. Iphones, ipads, laptops, I am a techo freak, I rarely go racing now. I can sit in Starbucks, trade the markets and watch live racing. I can lay bets in a day that I couldn’t have laid in a week in five shops, no overheads no licenses, no excise, nothing. Absolutely brilliant. If I ever packed up betting I would open a computer shop! I love them.

Backing a winner is a feeling you can not beat. Mick Fitzgerald famously said winning was better than sex. Not sure that is quite right but it is a feeling that for a punter you can not surpass. I can sit and make money laying and trading, but backing winners is a passion, I crave it now as much as I did in 1985 watching Slip Anchor win at Epsom.

I have been backing winners for over 30 years, it simply is what I do. I have learned how to bet the hard way. I have won big and I have lost big. I have worked alongside many of the most respected punters in the game, I have also worked alongside some of the worst. One thing I quickly learned is to keep your head down and moth shut! A man has two ears and one mouth, so I apply that ration the best i can, I listen twice as much as I speak. I leave it to the rest to shout their mouth off. I will never tell anyone how much I won, lost or staked. It serves no purpose. I amuses me when I read books and articles by supposed successful pro punters. One day I will write the real story!

Barney Curley

Barney Curley- a legend

That said there are some legends of the sport that have inspired me. ALEX BIRD, CLIVE HOLT and BARNEY CURLEY amongst them. Barney Curley is a legend, a character and the shrewdest punter I have ever seen, fearless is a word used too often in punting, Barney is still at it now well in to his old age and still as fearless as ever, his only fault being that he likes a good row!

I learned so much from Clive Holt and the Fineform books. I would urge you to buy them from Amazon. You will hear me mention alot about Clive Holt.

I love winning, it is not easy to make a living from betting. However I will point out that it is all I have ever done and have done well out of it for over 30 years. I have never had a loan a mortgage or finance of any kind, except the phone contracts which do apparently count as credit, but that is another story and one I will not burden you with!

I look forward to working as a tipster with X22 and the team there, we get along famously and you are in very good hands I can assure you!


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