John Cooper’s Betting Diary

John_CooperMy name is John Cooper, I am a Professional Punter and now I am a Professional Tipster as well as Betting Blogger!

This is my first Betting Diary or blog post.  I have been asked to write down  a diary of my betting life. Apparently I lead an interesting life!

Well I am not sure about that but you will be the judge I guess!


This week has actually been a quiet one. I have been doing plenty of work on racing data which is far from interesting I can tell you.So we will gloss over that quickly.  However last week was a BIG WEEK with four days at York for the Ebor. I absolutely love York, it is the best week of the year! I was looking forward to the good life and a big week of winning.

I was very sweet on PALASATOR for the Ebor, I was on Antpost at a nice price and the best 2 year old I have seen this season TIGGY WIGGY!

TIGGY WIGGY trotted up. Richard Hannon’s lightning-fast juvenile had won the Weatherbys Super Sprint in devastating style on her last start and proved that was no flash in the plan on her first try at six furlongs. What a horse this is, fast as fury!

Tiggy Wiggy Wins at York

Tiggy Wiggy Wins at York

That she stayed the extra distance so strongly opens up further options for the end of the season, although Hannon is eyeing up a crack at the Prix de l’Abbaye in France as her two-year-old swansong. If I was going to buy two year old, I would send it to the Hannon’s, in fact I would get them to buy it for me, they have the Midas touch!

The Ebor…

Money in the bank there, now for the Ebor, I simply could not see the fav getting bet. The draw wasn’t ideal, but this is a 1m 6f race for god sake, surely the draw can’t be that disastrous with a marathon distance to get a position. What Luke Morris was doing defies all logic. How on earth can he expect the horse to make up that much ground and sustain a challenge. I know it is easy to blame the jockey but dear me, that was one of the strangest rides I have ever seen.

I saw Sir Mark Prescott’s face in the parade ring afterwards, he was not happy. To be fair he never is happy, miserable sod in my view, but he was not too chuffed with his jockey. I think Seb Sanders is head and shoulders a better jockey, but I can understand why he left to be fair. A few years ago we (with CH) landed a touch with a horse called Owed, and Seb Sanders did us proud that day. I reckon he would have got the Ebor fav home. But what do I know. The lads who shelled out monster money to buy the horse deserved better.

A young jokey at the top of his game, retires from race riding. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever….

Jamie Spencer…

A young jokey at the top of his game, retires from race riding. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, I think he is 34. Fallon I think is 49. He is a good jockey, very good but some of his rides this season have left smarter judges than me scratching their heads. Perhaps he just needs a break and may be back in the saddle. He is a former champion jockey, he will be missed. The announcement came as a big shock!


I had a great week in York. I am lucky in so much I do not have a family and spend long periods away. York is a fabulous place and Ebor week is my favourite of the year.I have already said that, but its true. The women in York are the best in the land, no offence to anyone there, just my view!

I met an eclectic group of characters in York. Some great people. I went for a superb Chinese meal at The Regency, fabulous, recommended and have a group of new mates now, I tell you what, you know where you are with Northern lads, a spade is a spade. Some people in this game have more faces than Big Ben! The game is full of characters. BUt I have some new friends made in York.

I am looking forward to a big weekend and more adventures to share with you, next time! Thanks for reading the musings of a mad man!


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