A Visit To Pontefract Brings Back Memories

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Carl Harris pays a visit to Pontefraact as memories come flooding back!

Of all the courses that figure most in my racing life, Pontefract must rank as the most significant. The first course I ever went racing to was Pontefract, it is also the course where I had the most important bet I will ever have, make or break! Today all those memories came flooding back!

We arrived and parked up, walking up the tack a couple of guys gave us discounted entry tickets, then a guy said to us, you don’t need them, I will get you in. He showed 3 badges and in we went. We were already ahead! What a crowd for a Monday, it was like a Saturday, there was even a stag party in fancy dress, bizarre.

The weather even stopped raining but there was plenty of juice in the ground. A few non-runners, but it looked a good card. I got off to a winning start with the well backed Godolphin maiden.

Pontefract Betting Tips

Pontefract Today, A Great Day!

It was interesting that there was a school trip there, what a great idea! I tell you what! I wish that when I was at school we went racing! I was hooked on racing at a young age, but how many of the kids there today will n 30 years time be doing what I am doing or will be involved in racing.

I think it is a great idea to introduce the next generation to racing, football clubs believe that you have to get them before the age of 7. I bet they loved it today!

Trip To Pontefract Today!

Trip To Pontefract Today!

The course is essentially the same as when I first went 20 odd years ago. When we were students, in Huddersfield, we regularly went to Pontefract. The third enclosure was our haunt then, I had a look in there today, not much has changed. The track has pure character. It is a testing track, the two furlong run in finds them out.

When I was in my final year, at this meeting, the penultimate one of the year things were pretty tight for me. I needed to pay my rent and was short of cash for the year ahead. I had just got my grant cheque, I borrowed as much as possible and ended up with £800, make or break, Henry Cecil and Steve Cauthen, 7/4, on the nose.

Cauthen rode a superb race, he was 2 in front at the furlong post, but the horse’s stride was shortening, up to the line, one was closing photo. Of course back then the equipment wasn’t as instant as it is now. The judge called for a print, 10 minutes seemed like hours, if this got beat I was gone, I would not be able to finish my course! What would I tell my parents? I would owe hundreds. I was sure we had won.

They called the result. GET IN! £1400, my year was sorted, I also had £100 on one later that won 2/1, we had a huge night out I can tell you. I relived that today a few times!

Carl Harris Tipster

Carl Harris at Pontefract races

I look a bit different to the day i had the make or break bet, but I love the game as much now as I did then. I loved it today. My friends were different but it was just like the good old days. These are the good old days!

I was out of luck until the Phil Bull Trophy, Statutory was my bet, and there was some serious support for the Prescott horse. It was almost a rerun of the Cecil / Cauthen bet. Statutory lead them home but the lead was diminishing. No need for a print Statutory got there. Profit in the bank.

John Cooper was very sweet on MR MCLAREN, but it was not to be. A small profit on the day and the decision was made to quite whilst ahead and head home. Back in York in 35 minutes. I dropped off John Cooper at his flat and got home for tea! The weather played it’s part today.

I will continue going to Pontefract. I love it, it has character and has played a big part in my racing life. It is York on Friday, now there is a course, the best in the world, in my view anyway!

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