Biggest Loser Update

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By Carl Harris

The challenge is under way! I have never been to the health club so often, fortunately I have rekindled my love of squash, which is a great game, it gets you fit and it is good fun. I like sports which have a winner! Going to the gym to aimlessly lift weights, run on a treadmill or pedal a bike that doesn’t move seems very pointless to me!

Squash is competitive, it can be frustrating and it can be elating! One thing though is it is excellent for your fitness! The more you play the more you get addicted to it. I have played 8 times in 12 days. I have done some aimless pedalling and swimming, but i do not really enjoy it.

When I started this on 1st October I was 118.7 KG and 10 days in I was 115 KG which is a loss of 3 KG, which is 6 pounds! I am delighted with that!  Plenty more to go mind!

Roughly one third of the month gone, of course you lose more early doors. But if possible I would like to lose a stone, there is £100 at stake! Martin (Motor Mouth) is very quiet! I have no idea how he is doing! He is doing SOBER OCTOBER and I take my hat off to him!

The £100 is up for grabs, I feel much better for it, lets keep it going!!

Sober October Weight Loss Challenge

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As punters we spend our time obsessing about NOT losing, October though will be completely different as Martin Motor Mouth and Carl Harris have a weight loss challenge.

October is of course “Sober October” and over a curry, believe it or not, and a few bottles of wine, the discussion turned to ever expanding waistlines and alcohol consumption.

Martin says he drinks far too much, I (Carl) do not really drink but I eat far too much. I love food, I always have! I studied catering and cooking, so much was I interested in food. I soon realised the unsocial hours and low pay was not for me but my love of food is obvious for all to see.

Motor Mouth said he planned to lose two stone in October, I told hem he couldn’t give up the booze, years of living it up has turned him in to a drinker. He says he will definitely do it and lose weight at the same time and bet me £100 that he could lose more weight than me!

So the gauntlet is once again thrown down. We will face off, but this time to see who can lose the most weight during the month of October.

The big weigh in is on Wednesday 1st October. then on the last day of October, Halloween of course, we will weigh in again and the biggest loser will be the winner!

I have put a fair bit on over the last few weeks, but I did lose weight at the turn of the year and have a very good diet. I am very confident that I can shed a good few pounds. This is actually a good challenge for both of us. We both need to lose a bit, but only round our waists, not from our wallets!

We will keep you up to date with the competition in October! Going public, there is no pace to hide!

Betting stands at 5/6 each of two. The £100 will be paid to charity. I nominate the Retired Greyhound Trust.


Ding Ding Round 2…St Leger Challenge Day 2

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Motor Mouth Leads as Both Men Land Max Bets Day One…

John Cooper drew first blood on day one at Doncaster but Motor Mouth quickly landed one to even up the first day and take a small lead!


  • JOHN COOPER + 1 point
  • MOTOR MOUTH +1.75 points


John Cooper talks you through day one at Doncaster…

It is early, very early, I was up at 5am to get stuck in to the cards today. Motor Mouth is staying in Sheffield and I am staying in York. It is only a short train journey to Doncaster from York and I have so many friends in York that put me up, or as they say put up with me, and I have a great time! That Chinese restaurant is superb, The Regency. Another top meal there and a great evening topped off a great day.

I had never met Motor Mouth before Tuesday, although I knew who he was and honestly I thought I wouldn’t get on with him. We are chalk and cheese, yet we do get on, albeit with plenty of banter. I suppose it is because we both live and die by the sword, slaves to Lady Luck and the Betting Gods.

Wednesday at Doncaster

It was not an appealing card in all honesty. I met up with MM and had a coffee and a seafood platter before racing. We both agreed that extending the meeting to four days has watered it down with Wednesday being the worst of those, but it gets better from here! The legends race right in the middle of the card, so it counts for placepots and jackpots I firmly do not agree with, although it was great to see so many of the old jockeys. Dale Gibson won the race and looked like he had never been away. Great guy is Dale, bright as a button and I was pleased he won. I never had a penny on the race, it was just a bit of fun!

The ladies were out in force yesterday, we will see some sights this week. Don’t take that the wrong way, there will be some horror shows, but the Yorkshire folk take the Leger to their hearts and I love Yorkshire people. I am actually looking at renting a house in York, I have so many friends up here and seem to spend all my time here, but the truth is moving is a hassle. Happily my place is my own but needs plenty of work. A project for the 3 months I hate, DEC, JAN and FEB. God they are bleak. I actually went to Dubai last year for a month in February. I loved it, I will go again for a break and go racing to Meydan, it is something else!

That is all for later! I played it safe yesterday in all fairness with the challenge bet. ANGELIC LORD was always going to be too good and evens was a decent price. The Meehan horse came out so the price went odds on, but once the race got underway it was game over. Interesting what Dascombe told the press afterwards;

Tom Dascombe: “The yard has been quiet, that’s no secret, so it’s nice to have a winner. There’s nothing wrong with them, we just had a fast start to the season and a lot of the horses are now badly handicapped. We need to have a chat about whether he’s going to the sales or not because I think there’ll be plenty more to come from him. He’s got plenty of options for the end of the year, but he just has a tendency to hang a bit. It’s already cost him a place in a Group race.”

Just a tip Tom, if you are taking him to the sales, talk him up not down!  Nice bloke Tom Dascombe and it shows you he is straight as a die! Well done for a great winner there and THANK YOU!

Anyway that gave me the upper hand and I put old Big Gob under pressure. Well I tried! He has more self confidence than God himself. In fairness CLON BRULEE was always going to win that race. Motor Mouth had also played it safe, it wasn’t a great card and it was important for us to get off to a great start. The 7/4 early was an amazing price and well done to him.

Clon Brulee opened 11/8 on track and was backed in to 6/5. A bit of a gamble landed and hats off Motor Mouth is in front, but not by much and it is all to play for over the next three days!

I may play my NAP today, I better get stuck in to the cards!!


ANGELIC LORD WON ADV EVENS (John Cooper) + 1 point

CLON BRULEE WON ADV 7/4 (Motor Mouth) +1.75 points

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