Joseph O’Brien Interview With Racing Post

Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth follows up on his Joseph O’Brien article, talks about the recent Racing Post interview and responds to the divided opinion resulting from his blog post…

Firstly, thank you for the feedback about my post regarding Joseph O’Brien. It is good to have a sensible debate about racing, too many idiots on forums and social media these days who are neither rational or polite so to find a place for intelligent debate is  refreshing. X22 clients are a sensible bunch! There has been a lot of feedback, and I would say 80% agrees with me, 20% disagree.

It is early on Tuesday, I am up early, old habits, I used to go watch the horses work so 5am is what my body clock is set to. I have just had an email from John, who I am sure will not mind me quoting him. He strongly disagrees with me, raising some interesting points, he says;

Motor Mouth’s comments re Joseph O’Brien are ridiculous. The lad’s been around for years now. How many classics and other Group 1s does he have to win before MM concedes that he’s ‘learned his craft’? Does MM really think that O’Brien let his son have top class rides in hugely important races if the lad wasn’t up to it? More importantly, does he think that the owners would allow such a thing to happen?

I stand by every word I said. He is almost the finished  article, but almost is not there! He still has a fair way to go to be the best and the operation he is involved with has the very highest standards, probably the most successful training and breeding operation the sport has ever seen.

I specifically spoke about the rides over the weekend on AUSTRALIA and THE GREY GATSBY. In a Racing Post interview Joseph O’Brien spoke about those races and I will say again he is a fantastic young man, he has been brought up exceptionally well and is very intelligent. He is also a very good jockey, I think his lack of experience is the only thing missing, and that will by definition come.

When asked about Australia, Joseph told the Racing Post…

“It is a pity to ride a horse like Australia and not make the most of him on every occasion that you ride him. You live and learn,”

The Post called that refreshingly honest. Absolutely, that is the mark of a man, no BS, no insulting anyone’s intelligence, hold your hands up, first class, but I would expect nothing less, he is from a first class family!

Speaking about Leading Light he also told it straight and didn’t mince his words…

“Leading Light ran a blinder. We gifted the first two ten lengths. It was as simple as that,”

I have absolute respect for the lad, it takes a proper man to say what he said. As a man he has been taught wonderfully and that job is done, he is a credit to his family and the operation. As a man he is the finished article!

I have never thought any different. I just think that a couple more years, getting experience under his belt would shape him and make him into the finished article as a jockey. As I said previously I think Ryan Moore was the difference in the Champion Stakes, only a small margin, but one that makes a huge difference.

I also got an email from Mary, who I think took my comments to be much harsher than they were. Not for one minute was I saying that he should be sacked, hung drawn and quartered or even vilified. I am of the firm opinion that Joseph O’Brien will be one of the great jockeys of our time, greatness is not only on the track, he has so much ability, he has a superb attitude, my only point is that perhaps when it comes to the very top races, just for the time being he should take a back seat and spend the next couple of years learning, acquiring that extra 1%. He has the potential to be the greatest jockey of our time, because of the horses he will ride. His father for my money is already one of the best ever and on his way to being the greatest of all time.

Ryan Moore is in my opinion the best jockey in the world. He is also a first class professional with a fabulous attitude and dedication. He and Joseph O’Brien have that aura, the true class that sets them apart. The key difference is that right now Moore is the complete package. He has honed his craft and is the better of the two, not by a huge margin, but enough to make a big difference.

I agree with what John says that Joseph is a top class jockey, no question. To have that ability so young sets him apart. I do disagree about the been around for years, in 2010 he won the apprentice title, in 2012 he rode Camelot to win the Derby and he is still only 21. He has achieved a lot, John is right, but it all adds up to 4 years. He is almost there, just not quite there yet!

Look, we all make mistakes. God I am the master of that particular skill. In any other operation, probably in the world, that would be enough. In my view Ballydoyle could get a double wammy by bringing in Ryan Moore for a couple of years to make the difference in races like we saw at the weekend with the added benefit that Joseph would learn from someone who is  at where Joseph will be in time. It would also take the pressure off one so young, pressure that could actually do more harm than good.  That 1% that is not quite there yet was the difference in two group one races at the weekend.

Ryan Moore is 30 years old. He is at his peak, Joseph is 21. I agree that if you are good enough you are old enough, but my view is that with a couple more years Joseph O’Brien will be every bit as good, if not better than Ryan Moore. Being better that Ryan Moore would make him one of the best of all time!

Look guys, that is just my view, for what it is worth! The reality is that it isn’t worth that much. It is down to the Ballydoyle operation and John is absolutely right, the owners are the ones who matter. I would point out that they are exceptionally loyal to Aidan O’Brien and will back his judgement, he has earned that! They are also exceptionally astute businessmen and without doubt they have an exceptional talent on their hands. It is for them to do as they wish, mine is just a personal view.

I hold them in the very highest regard and my view is put forward because I would like to see Joseph O’Brien mature and be the very best there is!

The counter view to my suggestion is exactly as Joseph says above, You live and learn. One thing is without question, he is very bright and will learn from this, no question.

I know he will be a great jockey! I want him to be a great jockey!

John Cooper’s Betting Times, A Week In Donny

John Cooper Bets

John Cooper has had a great week at Doncaster, here is the Betting Times of John Cooper Pro Punter and Top Tipster…

Leicester last Tuesday seems a long time ago now, but that is where the week started for me, DANCETRACK making a good few quid. Then I drove to Sheffield, up the M1, and had a great night at the dogs. It was an X22 gathering and it was a really good night. The banter was in full flow and that is where the challenge was issued.

You will by now have read all about the head to head with Motor Mouth. I am pleased with my performance, 3 winners from four bets and a winning nap. Estimate was my bet of the week and I had no doubt that this one would win. Sir Michael was at Doncaster, when he is there in person, that really is a tip in itself. I had also been told that it was expected to win, the work at home had been outstanding.

Cotai Glory was a great tip put up by Motor Mouth and I can not believe the bad luck backers had, another 20 yards and it was home for all money, bad luck. No fault of the jockey, George Baker had no chance. I had the lead, Motor Mouth was no at all happy!

On Friday night it was a meet up with Carl and Johnny (The Jockey) who had given me a couple of bets. MAMBO RHYTHM had won at 3/1 and a late bet, PERFECT MUSE followed up at 13/8. Curry, Akbahars, York, fabulous! Truly fabulous meal and highly recommended. Johnny is the skiniest bloke I know and he must have eaten more than Carl and I, who both must be double his weight! The deal was done and X22 had a new tipster.

Johnny knows his stuff. I know he sent out a bet on Saturday night that was second, but there is no 100% success. This job is simply about winning more than you lose. When all is said and done that is what it is, having more in the plus column than the minus one! I have managed to maintain that for a few years and Johnny is also one of the few to manage it over a long time.

I take my hat off to anyone who can make it pay betting for a living, it is a hard, thankless job. You will see pro punters living it up when they are winning, the highs are high, the lows are equally so. Motor Mouth is a great punter, he is also a great bloke and we will be working together with the MMC BETS. The Jockey will be a great addition to the X22 Stable.

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

Saturday, up early, the final day, Leger day! My bet was in the first race, I decided to play it safe. I had two bets, ESTIDHKAAR in the first and SNOW SKY EW in the Leger.

The 2 yo got off to a winning start, I had a max bet on that myself. I was done and I was ahead, only Motor Mouth’s NAP to go. It came down to the wire, MUTHMIR, we got on at 4/1, Motor Mouth was adamant this had a ton in hand. Thus it proved. Stumbled at the start, snatched up in the run and STILL was able to win easily. A clear passage would have been record winning distance. Motor Mouth had won, brilliant stuff. Rather than mope about losing, on the plus side we make a great team and we can do some damage together. We are chalk and cheese, but we get on. We have set up the MMC BETS, where we both sign off on a bet, THE MMC BETS really are DOUBLE MAXIMUM BETS!

Snow Sky ran a great race. Kingston Hill gave him a broadside and put paid to his chances. I was more playing for a place, so happy enough. Motor Mouth was beside himself to see Roger Varian win an English Classic. He holds Roger Charlton in high regard, almost God-Like Status. He says Roger Varian is  the next Roger Charlton. He was over the moon. He didn’t know if Kingston Hill would handle the ground, I thought it wouldn’t run, but it did and it won. I have to agree excellent training performance. Snow Sky is the unluckiest horse in training for me. He has a big win to come, and soon!

I am staying in York for the week. I had a few beers Saturday night, having watched the Irish Champion Stakes. How on earth Australia got beat is beyond me. Ryan Moore is class, the best of the best and I would suggest he was the difference on the day. Credit to Kevin Ryan, he can train. The Grey Gatsby has now won the French Derby and the Irish Champion Stakes. Brilliant horse, and they said the Dante form was no good this year! Err, think again! The Grey Gatsby is a good horse, hope he stays in training next year and stays with Kevin Ryan.

I am having a quiet day on Sunday, spending the day relaxing, catching up on TV and I am having a night with my lady friend tonight. Monday will be a day where I either travel home or look for a place up here in Yorkshire. I have seen a great place suitable for me, and if I sell my place I can buy this outright, downsize and have a few quid in the bank. I spend so much time up here that it makes sense. I love Yorkshire. I just love it!

I will be back on Tuesday night, I am off to Sheffield again, and on Wednesday I am off to Beverley. My pal has a horse running (due to run) so it is another social outing, again in this neck of the woods!

The jumps season is on the way, I love it, I am a man for all seasons. I love what I do, I have great friends and now I am enjoying being a tipster! Happy days!

Dramatic Head To Head Won by Motor Mouth

st leger


First of all congratulations to Roger Varian winning his first English Classic with Kingston Hill winning the St Leger. Top class trainer! Very good win on ground less than suitable. Snow Sky was he unlucky horse yet again!

It has been a great few days at Doncaster, which ended on a high after yesterday’s COTAI GLORY incident! On at 6/1 the horse unseated George Baker yards from the line. I would have WON if that had won. Cooper landed his NAP with Estimate on Thursday and then opened the day with a winner on Saturday. He was 100% confident with Estidhkaar. I agreed with him, and we made this our first MMC BET. (MOTOR MOUTH COOPER BETS!)

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

So Cooper had one hand on the pt, he have made over 3.5 points this week and I was behind, but I had save my NAP for today. MUTHMIR to be looked to have a ton in hand. It got no sort of run at Goodwood and I thought I was done when Hanagan had to pull the horse as the door was closed. He almost stopped then picked up again and flew, he couple have won by half of TOWN MOOR!  3/1 doubled, 6 points, job done I win!!

Muthmir wins the Portland for Motor Mouth

Muthmir wins the Portland for Motor Mouth

To be fair if you were on this challenge you ad a right good week! Cooper and me made over 10 points between us and COTAI GLORY was just bad luck, that would have made over 16 points. I have really enjoyed this week and John and I have decided to work together. The MMC BETS will be our joint bets, only when we agree will we have an MMC BET.

My NAP had to win, and it did, it was great sport and for the punters, they had winners from both of us and made money from both of us. This is the start of a great partnership. The MMC BETS are born. Now we need a logo. Maybe we should bet a numberplate to go with it!!


Motor Mouth’s Betting Diary

Motor Mouth

I have had a fabulous 3 days in Doncaster. I am staying in Sheffield and have decided to stay until Wednesday so I can go watch this super dog on Tuesday! I had a great night last week at the dogs and look forward to another night out!

Well it is Friday evening and I still genuinely can’t believe that COTAI GLORY unseated George Baker, a few yards from the winning post. Advised at 6-1 it would have won the challenge for me! It is one of those things you have to shake off, no point in dwelling on it!

Baker falls yards from the line at Doncaster

Can you believe it?

The best news was that George Baker got up OK. It would have been nasty had he fell in to the path of on coming horses. All is well that ends well, but George was inconsolable. I have to say I was disappointed with the boos he got, what sort of muppet thinks it was anything but bad luck. Connections took it on the chin, the first prize was £40k. No one was hurt, so lets move on, but bugger me, it was bad luck!

John Cooper landed his NAP with Estimate. To be fair he was 100% confident and said it was his bet of the week. He bets big and gave me plenty of confidence. We had a great touch there. I know this started as a head to head, but I have become good pals with John over the last 3 days. I have had a great week at Donny. It is all to play for now on Saturday. I have saved my NAP and this was always going to be my bet of the week. It is a nice price and I am sure I will be collecting and landing the Head to Head.

One thing has happened this week. When we have both agreed on a horse it has won!  We call them FULL WIN BETS ! I think I can work with John Cooper going forward. I am pleased to have made a good friend!

So Saturday, I am getting an early night tonight. I will watch the Big Brother Final, I have backed Gary Busey to win, then will turn in. I don’t have to be up too early as I have done my work for tomorrow. I will meet JC at 1pm at the track then back to Sheffield. I am having Sunday lunch in a country pub then Monday and Tuesday I am planning to get some research done. Dogs Tuesday night then back to Berkshire on Wednesday!  I will be turning my attentions to the jumps now, I do really well over the sticks.

The St Leger on Saturday. I think the ground is too firm for the fav and I can’t see it winning. If it runs I will be laying. If not it is no bet for me.

I have told you before that Roger Charlton is my favourite trainer and I really fancy one of his on Saturday. It runs at Bath…


George Baker is booked for the ride and hopefully the smile will be back on his face. You can ignore the Newmarket run. She should be back on track at Bath. It is always worth checking out Roger’s excellent website  for news about his runners! I am really sweet on this one on Saturday!

Head To Head All To Play For On Super Saturday



What a day at Doncaster as TWO TOP PRO’S GO HEAD TO HEAD!

Motor Mouth was deeply unlucky as COTAI GLORY was well clear of the Flying Childers field when George Baker went out the side door yards from the line. As a bet, as a tipster Motor Mouth did everything right! The horse would have won, but it didn’t and the highs and lows of racing were encompassed in a few seconds. It was a great bet, great info. Just bad luck! That meant no points for the day. Motor Mouth says

Baker falls yards from the line at Doncaster

Baker falls yards from the line at Doncaster

Motor Mouth takes it on the chin…

“After a few swear words, it is all to play for, I have a huge NAP for Saturday, it will be a nice price and will win me the pot. I would be ahead had lady luck been kinder!”


John Cooper had no hesitation nominating his NAP of the week. Being based in Newmarket the Royal Runner was the talk of the town and John had this down as his bet of the week. Estimate won the Doncaster Cup for Sir Michael Stoute under a great ride from Ryan Moore. The Nap counts DOUBLE which puts John in the lead. John commented;

“Fair play to Motor Mouth that was a great bit of info, just rotten luck. That’s the way the cookie crumbles and the best result is George Baker got up OK. Estimate was my bet of the week and I was 100% confident there. Double Bubble will do nicely. Saturday is huge now, with MM playing his NAP”.

The final bets will be released at 9am Saturday, make sure you are on for the climax of this great HEAD TO HEAD!

st leger




14.40 Doncaster MAX BET No 12 ESTIMATE (NAP)

A Great Night At The Dogs….Pistols at Dawn!

Carl_Harris (CAPS and BORDER)It was a great night at Sheffield Dogs, the X22 party and the bookmakers were probably the only people that enjoyed it! The results were mindbogglingly strange, to say the least and best glossed over, but it was a great social occasion with several tipsters meeting up.

John Cooper and Motor Mouth joined us as did The Spy Master and The Geek. We probably sounded like the cast of The Soprano’s with so many nicknames going round! As usual Sheffield did us proud, the hospitality was first rate, another great meal and atmosphere.

Of course The Steel City Cup kicks off next week which will be RED HOT, there are some great dogs lining up in that, it could be the best competition of the year. Viking Jack will of course carry our colours, the Monmore Gold Cup Champion. His form was franked in part last night by KILDARE PREMIER who he beat winning, but Farloe Striker who was second in Jack’s race last week was one of many short price favs to run a stinker. Jack is in fine fettle and up for the cup.

I met John Cooper and The Geek for lunch in York and travelled with them to Sheffield. I wanted to get the deal out of the way and of course whilst we were together we watched ACCESSALLAREAS bolt up by 15 lengths under McCoy. How times have changed from when I started betting, sitting in Waggamammas in York, watching a live race on an iPad. Amazing! Even better when it won.

The Geek sounds a derogarory term, but it is not and one that is actually self titled, what a lovely chap, very sharp mind and  refreshing outlook. The deal has been done and the Turbo Speed Ratings are now part of X22 Bet. Most tipsters are a certain breed, matcho would be a good word to sum them up, The Geek is different, I would bet there is no one who meets him who wouldn’t like him, great company. Clever chap too. He will be a big asset to X22 members. The Turbo Bets are now a GO!

Cooper and Motor Mouth Square Up…

There was plenty of banter bravado amongst the tipsters. It was a good day for them, Motor Mouth had a big winner, the Roger Charlton trained horse winning well, HIGH CHURCH at Leicester. Once again MM was extolling the virtues of Sir Roger at length. John Cooper had bagged a winner earlier on the card, but MM gave him plenty of stick because his was a bigger price! All in good fun but a challenge was issued.

st leger



The game is a foot! The clash of the egos is on! John Cooper and Motor Mouth go head to head, toe to toe, who will be the King Of Town Moor? The challenge is over four days starting Wednesday for the St Leger Festival!

The rules are simple…

  • One Max Bet Each Daily.
  • All bets MUST run at Doncaster
  • Bets are extra to their daily service bets.
  • All bets to a 1 point stake settled at Early Price,(available by at least 3 firms on oddschecker) with best odds guaranteed.
  • Each Tipster can select One Nap to be stated at any time over the four days and as the NAP counts double (so if 5-1 Nap it counts as 10-1)
  • Winner takes all. 100% of the pot paid to winning tipster. 
  • Non runner of withdrawn then tipster gets an additional bet the following day or a late bet that will be advised no later than 1 hour before the race.
  • Bets submitted to the X22 Racing office by 10am daily!
  • If both select same horse a coin toss will be used to decide who gets that selection, by the X22 Racing Office!

So the Donny Leger special festival challenge is on! This is open to X22 members as a one off special and details will be sent to your inbox on Wednesday Morning!

It is a case of pistols at dawn, for Cooper and MM. Who will you side with?

Motor Mouth Cleans Up On Saturday

Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth is giving it large after he gave THREE BIG WINNERS on Saturday, the man himself talks you through it in his own unique style…

I had a couple of frustrating days with non runners and what not, but normal service was resumed as my big ammo was fired on Saturday!

I told you that my favourite trainer is Roger Charlton and Captain Cat was the big bet of the week for me. Before anyone has ago at after-timing, please read everything I have written over the last few days! A nice touch was landed with the excellent George Baker in the saddle. Roger Charlton is a master trainer and a gentleman. I have every respect for him. I got plenty on at the early prices.  I told you back down in grade he was the one to be on. Reading the press report….

Roger Charlton’s charge had looked good in winning a Salisbury Group Three but failed to hit the expected heights when third in the Celebration Mile at Goodwood, although James Doyle, his rider that day, was quick to blame himself for giving his mount too much to do.

Back in a Group Three, Captain Cat travelled well throughout in the hands of George Baker, making smooth progress before switching to challenge down the middle of the track. Produced between Short Squeeze and Emell, the 15-8 favourite kicked on with the minimum of fuss, with Baker giving him a couple of cracks of the whip before being pushed out for a length-and-a-half win.

More or less what I said would happen! It is much better to read about it BEFORE the race rather than after, I am sure you agree!

Captain Cat Wins at Haydock

Captain Cat Wins at Haydock

Celestial Path, if you read what I wrote was also bang on and indeed turned in to a major gamble. I said before the race (emailed to subscribers of the blog)….

Roger Charlton I said is my favourite, well not so much Sir Mark Prescott, but when he has a 2 year old that wins first time out you can be sure it is decent. When he then pitches it in a race like this then the alarm bells start sounding BIG TIME and here we have a live one folks. I have managed to get on at 5/2. This is worth a poke today.

I know 11/4 was available but I give my agents the extra if they get the price and I take general prices. The horse went off 11/8 so as it goes, we had the value. I might be a big mouth, but I know this game and when SMP has a good two year old, winning first time out, it is a good one, this is a proper good one and I would take short odds this one is running in new colours before too long! But today it was gamble landed and job done. Keep this one on side, could go all the way and SMP is a very good trainer.

So Haydock today TWO HUGE WINNERS! I also had a special bet today which if you were on you know! It won at a nice price too, but I can’t say anything on this open platform, however it is all proofed or whatever the official terminology is. THREE WINNERS TODAY- I am pleased to have delivered the goods!

I got some stick, all in good fun, over the last two days and I am pleased to say that most f the same people wrote back with nice comments. I asked to see every mail, couple of arses, but I don’t mind, it only spurs me on, I love a good row! Seriously, I am pleased that we got the winners in, and it shows you punting is not easy, you have to work hard and you can not control everything!

Look at SOLE POWER today. I didn’t have a bet in the race, I know Cooper Man was sweet on Sole Power, he got no run at all, no way through, what can he do?  It is not Coop’s fault, it isn’t Hughsie’s fault, it happens, the margins between hero, like at York, and zero, like today are very small indeed. That is gambling and it is a simple formula, collect more than you put on, every month and you make money! Same thing this week, a couple of off days doesn’t make me a “useless twat” as one emailer put it! If I could win every day with every bet I would have packed in years ago with my billions in the bank. It makes me laugh, it really does!

I can come over as a cocky sod (replaced sod as required), but I have punted for 20 years and done it full time for the last 7 years. I know I make money, it is a fact, I don’t have anything to prove, but I wanted to start a service to spur me on. Winning is a matter of pride. I will win for my members, I can say that because as pro punter I HAVE TO WIN TO STAY IN THE GAME!!

Up Next It’s Doncaster….

So in all sincerity, thank you for reading and betting with me over the last few days. I am on the train now on the way home, back to Berkshire. I am using the ipad, what a bit of kit this is, amazing really. Makes punting more efficient, if you haven’t got one, get one, connected to the internet. I use a myfi dongle to power my laptop as well, it will change your life, it has mine. I love it.  Anyway I digress!

Day off Sunday, I need the rest! A day of research and catching up with the races I missed whilst at Haydock on Monday. I have been invited to Leicester on Tuesday, for the first time in a few years, then I am meeting the boys at Sheffield dogs on Tuesday night.  I have something very special to pass on Tuesday at Leicester.

Staying in Sheffield Tuesday then off to Doncaster for all four days. I am in the car, so will be a dry week. I have a pal in Sheffield who puts me up every year. Mind you we will be having a few social beers of a night. Sheffield is a great place, I have to say I avoid Doncaster of an evening, I don’t like it! Not like York, Cheltenham, Haydock, Aintree etc. Not for me thanks! Sheffield is great mind and I love Yorkshire.

Doncaster will be BIG, I have some big ones lined up, but I always have!

Speak soon, be lucky!


Saturday Racing and Football Bets


It was a BIG SATURDAY last week with BIG horse racing and football betting tips winning for Betting Times readers!

It is Saturday and once again we have produced a special, with the best of X22 Bet’s horseracing and football tipsters giving you the low down on all the action for Saturday.

To get the best horseracing and football tips for Saturday, totally FREE simply click the link below….

click here



This opens an Adobe PDF file and is perfectly safe.

Motor Mouth Is Back At Haydock On Friday

Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth is back and is firing up the hair-dryer! A nice winner on Thursday and he has THREE BETS for you today!

Friday 5th September

One of them days yesterday! Had a great night, few smart arses emailing in. Yeah I had a couple of losing bets, if you cant take losers take up gardening! It happens. DISSOLUTION missed the break, horses are not machines WHO KNEW! I am a winner, been winning for years, if you think I am a plank, hit delete! NO ISSUE TO ME!! I know though most people get it and know how it works, win and lose, but win more than you lose and you are in the money!

So back at Haydock, looking forward to the next couple of days. Big Sprint Cup on Saturday. I read John Cooper’s post on the X22 BLOG (CLICK HERE) and I agree SOLE POWER is the best sprinter about BUT he has NEVER WON over 6 furlongs. Amazing, never in his career! The ground is key so keep your powder dry until tomorrow! Dark skies, no rain yet, but if it comes game over for Sole Power.


14.00 Haydock MAX BET NO 4 KAREZAK

THIS IS A CERT TODAY FOR ME! Alan King taken over and this is a top class horse. Not much of a maiden and is expected to win today. I am having £500 to win. Richard Hughes is aboard for Alan King.

15.55 Haydock WIN BET No 8 FREE REIN

Hughesie takes the ride for Ralf Beckett. Now I can tell you that Richard Hughes is a fabulous Jockey. The top 3 for me are MOORE, HUGHES and DOYLE. Hughes is the best I have seen in many years and love him to bits. So two rides today and I am on both. £300 to win is my bet here.

I also like on of Roger Charlton’s at Haydock….

16.10 Haydock WIN BET No 11 RANDOM SUCCESS

Here is the News on The Roger Charlton horse I am interested in at Haydock today. It ran like a drain last time, but looks well in today.

Roger says on his website…

“Random Success was let down by her trainer in her last race, the ground was much too soft for her and she ran disappointingly. Out of the 17 runners there would appear to be at least six that blast off from the front which I hope will create a race that will suit us. She has plenty of speed but she needs to be dropped in for a late run.”

I am having a nice bet on this one!!! 11/2 available early!

Motor Mouth Is Off To Haydock

Motor Mouth

Thursday 4th September…

I am off to HAYDOCK for the Sprint Cup meeting where I will be backing TWO HORSES today. Well I have already backed them across the board as the early prices will be the biggest prices. I also plan to have a later bet if the profits come as anticipated this afternoon.

I am from this part of the world and Haydock is my favourite venue of them all. I grew up there and I got to know the ground, how it got wet quick, dried quick and knew the horses that acted on the going. The past few years have been a disappointment, the temporary jumps obstacles and the current clerk of the course is not my favourite. I will not say much more but some of the going reports offered up can have a jackanory look to them, to say the least. That said Haydock is an amazing place and the flat and jumps meetings are always well attended. I love it there. I am now based in Berkshire, but my home is Merseyside. I am staying with family for a few days, and I love this meeting! I am looking forward to a good pint, well a few actually!

Today the going is on the soft side of good. I had a call from a good friend who I trust to give me the real low down on the state of play. It will not be an issue, unless it rains, and none is forecast. Mind you that doesn’t mean it won’t rain! We should be fine. Today’s bets are BOTH MAX BETS.

14.00 Haydock MAX BET No 4 DISSOLUTION

I have been told that Dissolution is so much better than the form suggests. The horse is decent and expected to win today. The main danger is the Godolphin horse, but if what I have been told is right, and this source is rarely off the mark, then there should be NO DANGERS today! James Doyle rides.

15.35 Haydock MAX BET No 7 SKATE

The Doyler is aboard again for Roger Charlton. Roger is a gentleman and my favourite trainer by a distance. Some stables adopt the logo always trying, well Roger doesn’t have to keep reminding people of that, they absolutely always do. Roger Varian is the next Roger Charlton, another gentleman, who shares the same forename and supreme talent. Fortunately Roger V doesn’t have a runner in this race and SKATE should do just that and complete the double.

I will also have a double. My bet is £500 to win on each and a £100 double. All being well we should trouser a decent profit and have a look at Wolverhampton later on!

Haydock Free Horseracing Tips from X22 Bet

Haydock Free Horseracing Tips from X22 Bet

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