The Best Arc Winner…John Cooper’s View

John Cooper Bets

Who is the greatest Arc Winner of all time, John Cooper says there is no contest, Sea The Stars is the best of all time…

It is the Arc this weekend at Longchamp. One of the best races of the year, run at one of the bet courses in the world. I have been to Longchamp several times, the last time was when Dillon Thomas won under Fallon, for Aidan O’Brien. A bizarre day, the stewards in France are a bizarre bunch. That was in 2007, seems like only yesterday!

Zarkava won in 2008 and for me is the best filly ever to win the Arc. She was simply a stunning racehorse, undefeated in her 7 race career. I remember Richie Persad on BBC saying if Zarkava wins the Arc he would walk home to England! She won is style and was it not for the horse that won it 12 months later, she would be a contender for the greatest ever winner.

Some superb horses have won The Arc. In recent times Dalakhani, Hurricane Run and Montjeu rate as some of the best, but standing head and shoulders above all of them is SEA THE STARS. Lets take a look…

The commentary is really good, Jim McGrath, sadly missed. What a horse Sea The Stars was, I said I would never see a better one, but Frankel proved me wrong. He didn’t run in the Arc, and as Sea The Stars is the second best horse ever, then he is the best Arc Winner ever!

I really do not think there is any doubt about it, but it is all opinion! I personally had a hell of a bet on Sea The Stars that day. I loved the confidence with which Mick Kinane rode him, although at the time I was not so confident! What a turn of foot this horse had. When you watch Sea The Stars you realise how good Frankel was. What Frankel did at York, in the Juddmonte International ranks as the greatest performance I have ever seen…

I know this is not the Arc, but if I live to see something better than this, well I hope I do, but I doubt it! The Arc is on Sunday, it looks a good race, but there is nothing anywhere near the quality of Sea The Stars!

Cooper’s Man Lands A Treble and Kingman Retired

John Cooper Bets

Another winner from Ken in Middleham today! THREE BETS IN 3 DAYS ALL FROM THE SAME SOURCE ALL HAVE WON

What fabulous information! I was contacted by my friend Ken in Middleham and told him to prove he has info worth passing to our customers! THREE FROM THREE, Absolutely RED HOT INFO! I think we can safely say he has proved himself.


Ken told me on the text…..he flew at Hamilton today!! Great info from Ken who also gets great info from Malton, Mr M and M, Malton and Middleham, Ken is the man!  It is time for me to get the deal done I think. Good job I am in York today! Chinese meal booked!!

Shortly after we had collected the news came through that KINGMAN had been retired. What a horse Kingman has been and it is a huge shame that we will not see him race again. His last four wins were all group ones and I think his best performance was the Irish 2000 Guineas. He had a breathtaking turn of foot…

He was getting better and better! It is a crying shame that we are robbed of a really good horse. I was only talking about greats the other day, and though he unfortunately wears the Frankel silks, Kingman will go down as a true great!

It has been a great year 2014 and for me Kingman is the best horse of the year, and that includes Australia! Kingman is the horse of 2014 for me, just a shame he will not run in 2015.


Big Day Of Big Winners For X22 Punters

John Cooper Bets

The Professor opened his account with a 7/2 winner, but John Cooper matched that as he also advised his legion of followers a 7/2 winner in the shape of RIGHT OF APPEAL at Hamilton.  Jason Hackett advised EXITAS at 11/2 early, returned at 4/1. There were winners for The Irish Pro, Robert Smart (yet again) and THE TITAN BET was the easiest winner of the day! A great day for X22 customers on Sunday.

John Cooper gives you his view of the weekend…

I am on the train back to York. My place is sold, just the solicitors to drag their feet and justify their big fee for shuffling paper and making life complicated. I am moving in a couple of weeks up North! Can’t wait. I have a good pal who lives just up the road near Middleham and he has given my members a great weekend.

MIDLANDER was a unlucky horse until yesterday and I was told that yesterday was the day, we could NOT see it beaten, as it proved and the job was done at Catterick. At Hamilton you can put your last pound on Mark Johnston having a winner. RIGHT OF APPEAL was strongly fancied, at least by us, yet in the market it was friendless. I kept ringing Ken asking if it had lost a leg!

It was not even close, RIGHT OF APPEAL WON EASY, returned 7/2. It just shows the market doesn’t always get it right! So two great winners there, both from KEN!

I am a big football fan, if you look me up on Facebook you will see my affinity is to Manchester United. I don’t really use facebook to interact, but I do like the Man Utd pages. It is funny watching the hoards of Manchester United haters revelling in the clubs current plight.

You know United have problems when they go 2-0 up and come away 5-3 losers to Leicester. No disrespect to The Foxes but to lose like that the alarm bells are ringing loudly. Things are not right at United. No question Van Gaal is a top class manager, but what damage has David Moyes’ tenure had on the club. Reading Rio Ferdinand’s book, serialised in the papers, you get the impression that they were not impressed one bit with Moyes. They are now a club in turmoil. The players are much better than their present performances. How good was Sir Alex Ferguson?

I mention United because in racing we have our own version of Sir Alex, Tony McCoy. Last week I wrote about how good Ryan Moore is, over jumps McCoy is not only the best of now, he is the best there has ever been. His stats are incredible. We are witnessing a living legend, a true great. It was the same as Sir Alex Ferguson, I honestly do not think there is anyone close to being able to fill his shoes. The man is a colossus and simply the best of ll time. Anyone who wants to debate that point must be crazy.

The fact is this. In Richard Johnson we have the second greatest of all time, his stats are amazing, yet he lives in the shadow of McCoy. he has never been Champion Jockey, yet in any other era Richard Johnson would have been champion over and over again. It just illustrates the greatness of AP McCoy. He is a true great and we are privileged to be about to see him. Like Sir Alex we will not see his like again for a very long time!

Sir Henry Cecil trains Timepiece

Sir Henry Cecil the best Ever!

Mind you, I said that about Sea The Stars, then along came a certain Frankel. Without a shadow of a doubt Frankel is the greatest horse that ever lived. He was also trained by the greatest trainer that ever lived. I do not cry very much but the passing of Sir Henry Cecil made me weep like a baby!

I am probably going to cop some stick for rambling on, but this is a blog, and a blog is where one imparts their thoughts on anyone wanting to read them! I also find it a great way to keep focus.

I will arrive in York shortly, and I can get a signal to post this on the site. I am booked in a lovely B and B for the week, lots to sort out for the move. I am off to the dogs with Carl this week, definitely Tuesday with the Viking Jack massive and may be Nottingham Monday night.

The big racing of the week is NEWMARKET which kicks off on Thursday. There is some decent racing let me tell you. Saturday will be a good card there and I already have a couple marked out. It has been a great weekend, lets make sure we carry on winning!

Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere

John Cooper Bets

When I was young there was an advert on the TV for Martini, in fact there were a series of them, with the strap line “ANYTIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE”. This gave rise to the unfortunate nickname Martini, bestowed on the more liberal minded of girls of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

These ads came from an era when Milk Tray chocolates were delivered by a man all dressed in black ski-ing down a mountain and would leave his calling card – It really was a different time but this slogan was years ahead of its time. It didn’t really fit the drink but it fits with mobile betting!

Yesterday I had a busy schedule. I had a meeting at lunch and had also a long standing dinner engagement with an old friend and contact. It was what I like to term a schmoosing day. The spell check objects to the word schmoosing but I like it as that is exactly what it I was doing.

So I am out and about, but there is still racing and betting to be done. As these are business meetings with people who do what I do, it is not considered rude for me to set up the office on the table. The ipad is just the job! Only a couple of years ago I would not dream of being out on a Friday afternoon. I had to be in the office. Now the office goes with me in my pocket!


The ipad is the Martini of the 21st century

Back in the day when Rigsby was pouring drinks down Joan Collins’ top who could have ever conceived the scene of two men watching races live (well almost live), putting bets on and having access to the world via via a device the smaller than a Barbara Cartland novel? They would have locked you up. Sometimes it is worth taking a step back and looking at how the world as evolved. It is evolving everyday at such a rate!

With the ipad, and iphones and the myriad of similar devices available for relatively little cost you really can do it anytime, any place, anywhere. To be picky about it any place and anywhere are probably the same thing, but this was an iconic slogan. The tools available to punters now are just extraordinary. In the picture above, my mini ipad, shows the Bet365 website. This is great, you can have a bet and watch the race. I can look at the form via the internet, check emails, move money, shop, in fact I can conduct the essentials of my life literally anytime, any place, subject to mobile coverage!

The new iphone was released on Friday. The world is now completely Apple mad. Hundreds of thousands have been sold without anyone seeing it. I saw them yesterday, the small one is big the big one is huge! It used to be that for technology the smaller the better, not any more. Phones were getting smaller, now they are getting bigger. Dom Jolly may have been ahead of his time with his giant mobile!

The funniest size shift has been headphones. The smaller the cooler a few years ago. In the early 1990’s there was a guy at university who had a huge set of bins connected to some boom box in his bag, he looked a total misfit, we called him Dave Double Decks. Little did we know he was a man ahead of his time. The trend now is for big bright headphones. Dr Dre is the man who saw to that, for me that is one step too far.

I love the ipad, I love the mobility. The only thing I wish they would sort out is connection speeds. We are lagging behind the rest of the world for internet. I live in a village, well for now, and get 4.5MB broadband. I am moving to a flat with Fibreoptic speeds of up to 40MB. That though is a fraction of what some places have. In Dubai I had a villa, I rented it for a month, and the speeds were up to 100MB, and that is standard. I grant you all the betting sites were blocked!

4G is being hailed as the new superfast saviour. Well its not that fast and not that widespread. Its a bit of a white elephant 4G. Again the rest of the world has quicker mobile than we do here in the UK.

The UK should be leading the world not lagging behind. The marketing men talk about Superfast broadband, how can it be superfast when some parts of the world are operating at 250% faster? Oh and guess what, it is not just faster it is cheaper!

What people forget is that the cost of broadband in the UK is always plus line rental. I have a phone at home, I do not even know the number. I never use it and don’t want inbound calls, my mobile does the job, the land line is a thing of the past. in fact the mobile text and voice will soon be, all the phone companies will do is provide connectivity before long!

The world is changing, but boy has it changed from the days when Martini was cool!

Ryan Moore is The Best There Is….Sadly Today!

John Cooper Bets

Tuesday night at Sheffield, Wednesday travelled home, Thursday Yarmouth, you wouldn’t want to buy my car, it has done more miles than Alan Whicker.

The good news is I have rented a flat in York and move in in 2 weeks. I have also found a buyer for my place, cash deal, bit under what I would have put it up for but there’s no estate agents and no idiots coming round asking stupid questions. Big changes a foot. But I can not wait to be honest, really looking forward to it. I have plenty of friends in York who I will now see more often 🙂

I went to Yarmouth to back two horses. AL BANDAR for me was the best bet of the day, and I would have collected was it not for the genius that is Ryan Moore. He did us on the line, he delivered the horse on the line to get one over on title rival Richard Hughes. Any other jockey and I would have collected. A tight photo, Moore does it time after time!

It was a winning day, but could have been better. The other horse was BARTHOLEMEW FAIR which I was told would win and win it did. I got loads on a 4/5, so was on AL BANDAR with profit in the bank.  Ryan Moore is just staggeringly good. It is easy to talk out of your pocket but all I can do is stand back and watch a master at work. He is the best of this generation, no question about that. He doesn’t shout about it, he does his job, he never makes mistakes, he is as good as I have seen since Lester. Ryan Moore can win races he has no right to win, whether that is in a modest handicap at Yarmouth on a Thursday or The Irish Champion Stakes on The Grey Gatsby.

Ryan Moore is the best says John Cooper

Ryan Moore is the best says John Cooper

Motor Mouth made some good points and I am sure if Ryan Moore rode more top class horses he would clean up! I agree with him, it would be a good move for Coolmoore to hire him and a good move for Joseph O’Brien. Watching Moore is a pleasure! Even if he did me for a good few quid!

It has been a fabulously warm day at Yarmouth. Late flat season is either like this or cold and miserable. It was like early summer today. Yarmouth is a great track as well. You get a good crowd and it is always good fun. I need to get back to sort out my moving arrangements otherwise I would be living it up in Yarmouth tonight!

I will be at Newbury for the next couple of days, then I am back over to Ireland next week. I move to York the following week! Its all happening! Just finished typing this on the ipad, about to watch the 4.50 then will be off quick sharp!

Stand by for some big stuff from Newbury!

John Cooper’s Betting Times, A Week In Donny

John Cooper Bets

John Cooper has had a great week at Doncaster, here is the Betting Times of John Cooper Pro Punter and Top Tipster…

Leicester last Tuesday seems a long time ago now, but that is where the week started for me, DANCETRACK making a good few quid. Then I drove to Sheffield, up the M1, and had a great night at the dogs. It was an X22 gathering and it was a really good night. The banter was in full flow and that is where the challenge was issued.

You will by now have read all about the head to head with Motor Mouth. I am pleased with my performance, 3 winners from four bets and a winning nap. Estimate was my bet of the week and I had no doubt that this one would win. Sir Michael was at Doncaster, when he is there in person, that really is a tip in itself. I had also been told that it was expected to win, the work at home had been outstanding.

Cotai Glory was a great tip put up by Motor Mouth and I can not believe the bad luck backers had, another 20 yards and it was home for all money, bad luck. No fault of the jockey, George Baker had no chance. I had the lead, Motor Mouth was no at all happy!

On Friday night it was a meet up with Carl and Johnny (The Jockey) who had given me a couple of bets. MAMBO RHYTHM had won at 3/1 and a late bet, PERFECT MUSE followed up at 13/8. Curry, Akbahars, York, fabulous! Truly fabulous meal and highly recommended. Johnny is the skiniest bloke I know and he must have eaten more than Carl and I, who both must be double his weight! The deal was done and X22 had a new tipster.

Johnny knows his stuff. I know he sent out a bet on Saturday night that was second, but there is no 100% success. This job is simply about winning more than you lose. When all is said and done that is what it is, having more in the plus column than the minus one! I have managed to maintain that for a few years and Johnny is also one of the few to manage it over a long time.

I take my hat off to anyone who can make it pay betting for a living, it is a hard, thankless job. You will see pro punters living it up when they are winning, the highs are high, the lows are equally so. Motor Mouth is a great punter, he is also a great bloke and we will be working together with the MMC BETS. The Jockey will be a great addition to the X22 Stable.

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

Saturday, up early, the final day, Leger day! My bet was in the first race, I decided to play it safe. I had two bets, ESTIDHKAAR in the first and SNOW SKY EW in the Leger.

The 2 yo got off to a winning start, I had a max bet on that myself. I was done and I was ahead, only Motor Mouth’s NAP to go. It came down to the wire, MUTHMIR, we got on at 4/1, Motor Mouth was adamant this had a ton in hand. Thus it proved. Stumbled at the start, snatched up in the run and STILL was able to win easily. A clear passage would have been record winning distance. Motor Mouth had won, brilliant stuff. Rather than mope about losing, on the plus side we make a great team and we can do some damage together. We are chalk and cheese, but we get on. We have set up the MMC BETS, where we both sign off on a bet, THE MMC BETS really are DOUBLE MAXIMUM BETS!

Snow Sky ran a great race. Kingston Hill gave him a broadside and put paid to his chances. I was more playing for a place, so happy enough. Motor Mouth was beside himself to see Roger Varian win an English Classic. He holds Roger Charlton in high regard, almost God-Like Status. He says Roger Varian is  the next Roger Charlton. He was over the moon. He didn’t know if Kingston Hill would handle the ground, I thought it wouldn’t run, but it did and it won. I have to agree excellent training performance. Snow Sky is the unluckiest horse in training for me. He has a big win to come, and soon!

I am staying in York for the week. I had a few beers Saturday night, having watched the Irish Champion Stakes. How on earth Australia got beat is beyond me. Ryan Moore is class, the best of the best and I would suggest he was the difference on the day. Credit to Kevin Ryan, he can train. The Grey Gatsby has now won the French Derby and the Irish Champion Stakes. Brilliant horse, and they said the Dante form was no good this year! Err, think again! The Grey Gatsby is a good horse, hope he stays in training next year and stays with Kevin Ryan.

I am having a quiet day on Sunday, spending the day relaxing, catching up on TV and I am having a night with my lady friend tonight. Monday will be a day where I either travel home or look for a place up here in Yorkshire. I have seen a great place suitable for me, and if I sell my place I can buy this outright, downsize and have a few quid in the bank. I spend so much time up here that it makes sense. I love Yorkshire. I just love it!

I will be back on Tuesday night, I am off to Sheffield again, and on Wednesday I am off to Beverley. My pal has a horse running (due to run) so it is another social outing, again in this neck of the woods!

The jumps season is on the way, I love it, I am a man for all seasons. I love what I do, I have great friends and now I am enjoying being a tipster! Happy days!

Dramatic Head To Head Won by Motor Mouth

st leger


First of all congratulations to Roger Varian winning his first English Classic with Kingston Hill winning the St Leger. Top class trainer! Very good win on ground less than suitable. Snow Sky was he unlucky horse yet again!

It has been a great few days at Doncaster, which ended on a high after yesterday’s COTAI GLORY incident! On at 6/1 the horse unseated George Baker yards from the line. I would have WON if that had won. Cooper landed his NAP with Estimate on Thursday and then opened the day with a winner on Saturday. He was 100% confident with Estidhkaar. I agreed with him, and we made this our first MMC BET. (MOTOR MOUTH COOPER BETS!)

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

Estidhkaar wins for John Cooper

So Cooper had one hand on the pt, he have made over 3.5 points this week and I was behind, but I had save my NAP for today. MUTHMIR to be looked to have a ton in hand. It got no sort of run at Goodwood and I thought I was done when Hanagan had to pull the horse as the door was closed. He almost stopped then picked up again and flew, he couple have won by half of TOWN MOOR!  3/1 doubled, 6 points, job done I win!!

Muthmir wins the Portland for Motor Mouth

Muthmir wins the Portland for Motor Mouth

To be fair if you were on this challenge you ad a right good week! Cooper and me made over 10 points between us and COTAI GLORY was just bad luck, that would have made over 16 points. I have really enjoyed this week and John and I have decided to work together. The MMC BETS will be our joint bets, only when we agree will we have an MMC BET.

My NAP had to win, and it did, it was great sport and for the punters, they had winners from both of us and made money from both of us. This is the start of a great partnership. The MMC BETS are born. Now we need a logo. Maybe we should bet a numberplate to go with it!!


He Puts It Away For A Small Guy

Carl Harris meets John and Johnny for a great night in York. The Jockey joins X22….

“I have always been lucky, I can eat what I want and I never put on weight.”

John Cooper dragged my out for a curry in York on Friday night, I had to miss the celebrity big brother final, more importantly RPGTV. But he was adamant that I had to meet Johnny. John and Johnny, the towering presence of John Cooper and the diminutive figure of Johnny, a former jockey.

John Cooper had given a works bet which won at 3/1 to him members MAMBO RHYTHM and later in the day had called, when I was in Waitrose, with a horse he was told would definitely win!  PERFECT MUSE duly won at 13/8. These bets were from Johnny The Jockey.

Johnny is about my age, in his mid 40’s and says he was not a bad jockey, but never really had the breaks, apart that is for several broken bones. He never made his fortune in the saddle, but since being unlicensed be has done very well betting and now wants to become a betting advisor, which is how we came to meet.

John (Cooper) ordered, the food just kept on coming. John is  big fella, I certainly fit that bill but Johnny is about 5 ft 6 and must be 9 stone wet through. He put away more than both John and I. God I wish I was made that way! It was fabulous food, I was driving, so was John, and Johnny doesn’t drink. “I have seen too many ruined by the booze, I don’t like it so I don’t touch it”. I will say though bottled water is the business to be in, £4 for a bottle of sparkling water, we must have spent £20 on H2O.

Johnny was great company and had so many stories, the time just flew by. I meet people who know lots of people in racing, but Johnny really does know everyone and everything about racing. He had us rolling with laughter, the staff of Akbahrs must have been wondering if we had smuggled in some Vodka! Mind you it would have been cheaper to be on Vodka, such is the cost of bottled water.

Mind you it is no issue getting up early the next day when on water, in fact it gets you up! great meal, great night and deal done. John Cooper is acting as The Jockey’s manager. The wonders of modern technology, I sent a picture to our designer of Johnny and in my in box this morning, the graphic above. I sound like an old fart I know but the world now is so fast and instant, you can do anything anywhere, your office is wherever you want it to be, I want mine to be in the sun somewhere and as soon as my daughter finishes school, that is where I will be. It will not affect the business, the internet will see to that!

The Jockey was almost in tears when he asked why the company was called X22. It is because I could never get a number plate to match my business name, so I bought the plate and named the company accordingly! It worked for JCT600, so why not! I like it X22 Bet. He thinks I am crazy, yet he chose an occupation where you have to be followed by an ambulance!

Johnny is Irish, I would like to add aren’t most jockeys, but apparently not! Being Irish though he was brought up with horseracing and greyhounds. He is a huge greyhound man and knows lots of the right people in Ireland. That was it for me, a dog man, they are few and far between now a days!

So The Jockey Service is launched. John Cooper is the Louis Walsh of the operation, which makes me Simon Cowell, so may be not! I prefer Strictly if I am honest! John Cooper is adamant that Johnny is the man to bring aboard. I am still working on the TURBO BETS they have not quite fired so we will make sure we get this right, I think I can add to the ratings, which is the plan for yours truly this weekend.

John Cooper is at Doncaster today, he is ahead with his head to head with Motor Mouth. I seem to have a nack of picking non runners, that is TWO non runners on the trot for my showdown with HACKETT. Sleepwalk was pulled out, but the race was won by PERFECT MUSE. Johnny said that once Sleepwalk was out Perfect Muse was a stone cold cert! He was right, and he did say that before the race, Louis Walsh was at pains to show me the texts, of in this case whats app messages. Tech-mad cooper has already ordered his iphone 6, which he said he had paid for with the Jockey bets.

I realise this is probably a bit of a ramble, but I want X22 clients to be part of what is happening and know what is happening, this is the best way for me to do it! I am not Dan Brown, no awards for writing will be winging their way to me but I hope you enjoy reading what is happening at X22 Bet, the company not the number plate!

Now I Just Need The Car!

Now I Just Need The Car!

Motor Mouth’s Betting Diary

Motor Mouth

I have had a fabulous 3 days in Doncaster. I am staying in Sheffield and have decided to stay until Wednesday so I can go watch this super dog on Tuesday! I had a great night last week at the dogs and look forward to another night out!

Well it is Friday evening and I still genuinely can’t believe that COTAI GLORY unseated George Baker, a few yards from the winning post. Advised at 6-1 it would have won the challenge for me! It is one of those things you have to shake off, no point in dwelling on it!

Baker falls yards from the line at Doncaster

Can you believe it?

The best news was that George Baker got up OK. It would have been nasty had he fell in to the path of on coming horses. All is well that ends well, but George was inconsolable. I have to say I was disappointed with the boos he got, what sort of muppet thinks it was anything but bad luck. Connections took it on the chin, the first prize was £40k. No one was hurt, so lets move on, but bugger me, it was bad luck!

John Cooper landed his NAP with Estimate. To be fair he was 100% confident and said it was his bet of the week. He bets big and gave me plenty of confidence. We had a great touch there. I know this started as a head to head, but I have become good pals with John over the last 3 days. I have had a great week at Donny. It is all to play for now on Saturday. I have saved my NAP and this was always going to be my bet of the week. It is a nice price and I am sure I will be collecting and landing the Head to Head.

One thing has happened this week. When we have both agreed on a horse it has won!  We call them FULL WIN BETS ! I think I can work with John Cooper going forward. I am pleased to have made a good friend!

So Saturday, I am getting an early night tonight. I will watch the Big Brother Final, I have backed Gary Busey to win, then will turn in. I don’t have to be up too early as I have done my work for tomorrow. I will meet JC at 1pm at the track then back to Sheffield. I am having Sunday lunch in a country pub then Monday and Tuesday I am planning to get some research done. Dogs Tuesday night then back to Berkshire on Wednesday!  I will be turning my attentions to the jumps now, I do really well over the sticks.

The St Leger on Saturday. I think the ground is too firm for the fav and I can’t see it winning. If it runs I will be laying. If not it is no bet for me.

I have told you before that Roger Charlton is my favourite trainer and I really fancy one of his on Saturday. It runs at Bath…


George Baker is booked for the ride and hopefully the smile will be back on his face. You can ignore the Newmarket run. She should be back on track at Bath. It is always worth checking out Roger’s excellent website  for news about his runners! I am really sweet on this one on Saturday!

Head To Head All To Play For On Super Saturday



What a day at Doncaster as TWO TOP PRO’S GO HEAD TO HEAD!

Motor Mouth was deeply unlucky as COTAI GLORY was well clear of the Flying Childers field when George Baker went out the side door yards from the line. As a bet, as a tipster Motor Mouth did everything right! The horse would have won, but it didn’t and the highs and lows of racing were encompassed in a few seconds. It was a great bet, great info. Just bad luck! That meant no points for the day. Motor Mouth says

Baker falls yards from the line at Doncaster

Baker falls yards from the line at Doncaster

Motor Mouth takes it on the chin…

“After a few swear words, it is all to play for, I have a huge NAP for Saturday, it will be a nice price and will win me the pot. I would be ahead had lady luck been kinder!”


John Cooper had no hesitation nominating his NAP of the week. Being based in Newmarket the Royal Runner was the talk of the town and John had this down as his bet of the week. Estimate won the Doncaster Cup for Sir Michael Stoute under a great ride from Ryan Moore. The Nap counts DOUBLE which puts John in the lead. John commented;

“Fair play to Motor Mouth that was a great bit of info, just rotten luck. That’s the way the cookie crumbles and the best result is George Baker got up OK. Estimate was my bet of the week and I was 100% confident there. Double Bubble will do nicely. Saturday is huge now, with MM playing his NAP”.

The final bets will be released at 9am Saturday, make sure you are on for the climax of this great HEAD TO HEAD!

st leger




14.40 Doncaster MAX BET No 12 ESTIMATE (NAP)

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