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Jack Walsh is Jumping Jack, Jump Racing Expert and Professional Punter who has now joined the X22 tipster ranks. Find out more about Jack Walsh, in his own words…

My name is JACK WALSH and I am 54, and I have been a punter for over 30 years. I go racing most days, I do a lot of miles and you wouldn’t want to buy a car off me! I am from the old school, I like to go to the track and be in the thick of the action.

Over the last 30 years I have seen so many changes, particularly in the last 10 years or so. There are very few true bookmakers left, but there are still one or two but like all pro punters I know I now bet on the exchanges as much as in cash. The mechanics may have changed but the thrill of going racing and the atmosphere on track has not. If you go to the heart of the action you become a punter in the know, that is how I have operated.

I like to see the horses in the preliminaries, and see how they look. Often there is not much to be gleamed from the paddock. These paddock judges who say ridiculous things like “so and so looks fit” get on my nerves. Of course they look fit, how you can tell how one primed racehorse is 2 lengths better than the other is nonsense. But you can see those that are fat, or those that are blowing their chances before the off, but picking the winner out based on their shape is not my game!

The best thing about being on track is people watching! I have many signals that indicate if a horse is fancied or not for many of the jumps yards by who is there or not there or with the horse. I also know the people to speak to and what they tell you is not always what they mean! Been there day in day out, year in year out is how I accumulated this information.

I have based myself in Cheltenham for the last 20 years, for no other reason than I love the place and was spending so much on accommodation for the festival that I thought I will just go live there! I do not get up and go and watch horses on the gallops or anything like that, I can not tell one from the other half the time, but I do get the reports from the lads when they go racing!


I have always loved the thrill of jumps racing. I have nothing against flat racing, in fact I used to bet seriously on the flat, but with jumps now being all year I have focused on jumps for the last few years. I find I am much more successful over jumps and I prefer the jumping set to the flat! Just a personal preference.

The best horse I have seen over the last 30 years is Kauto Star. I think Sprinter Sacre could be the best ever, but Kauto Star was a superstar and is a horse that stole my heart! I made plenty of money over the years with King Kauto who was exceptionally trained by Paul Nicholls. Ruby Walsh (no relation by the way) rode some superb races on him he was a very special horse.

Jumps racing is what I specialise in, I bet for a living but have never been a tipster. I have known Carl for a few years and he has been at me for a while to join his team. I finally relented. I know John Cooper quite well who talks about X22 in glowing terms and was also at me to come aboard. I gave in to pressure!

So we are off and running! The jumps season is just getting going, it takes 3 or 4 weeks to get in to full swing, but this is a great time to make money!

If, as I get to know, you find out who has their horses forward and who doesn’t you have an edge! That is worth a lot! My first bet was a winner on Thursday, great start!  I am looking forward to working with X22 and I hope to welcome you to the cleverly named Jumping Jack Service!

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