iPhone Bending, at Least look before you buy!

by Carl Harris10 million iphones have been sold, that means 10 million people purchased an iphone 6 without seeing it. Now there is a big media storm about the iphone bending! There is a video on Youtube which has at the time of posting has had over 20 million views. It is staggering that a company like Apple would not have rigorously tested a new product, crazy in fact!

However the story must be clarified. The mainstream media are being a bit naughty!

WOW! That is a problem for Apple. 10 million iphone 6 out the door already, this could be expensive. If you spend £700 or so without ever seeing one then there is a BIG RISK!

The one thing to point out is the iphone 6 plus is the bending phone. The iphone 6 is perfectly OK. Take a look at the video below. It seems that modern phones are pretty durable, including the iphone 6. The iphone 6 plus is a big unit, if does look poorly engineered. Of course the adverse publicity will NOT affect Apple in any way!

These smart phones though are a GOD SEND to punters, what they can do is amazing. You can check the form, the cards, the news the results, bet, trade and watch live racing. They are just superb bits of kit for any punter. The iphone 6 is a decent phone, the 6 plus I would avoid. In my opinon, and this is just my view, the apps are better on iphone than android. You may disagree, but I do like the ipad mini as well. As a punter I am always at work, where ever I am, I am connected.

There are some great bits of kit on the market for not alot. The Samsung Tab, the mini one is exceptional value for money. I use a mifi device which I urge you to get, no need to buy any of these tablets with sim cards in. Here is a link to 3 mifi which I rate as the best. I am on o2 for the iphone, so this gives me an extra coverage, it costs about £15 per month and powers the lap top, tablet and phone, if I want it to. Now with 4G these are superb and means we can watch the racing without buffering!

I love technology! It is a god send for punters!

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