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McCoy Will Leave a Black Hole In Racing

I have got up and looked at the cards every day for 10 years, it is my life, it is what I do and now the best of the best in the saddle will no longer be there listed!

AP McCoy was champion conditional in 1994 and Champion Jockey for 20 years in succession. I was 24 in 1994, I can barely remember what punting was like before McCoy. If you think back to 1994, there was no Google, I didn’t have a mobile phone, never mind a smart phone, I didn’t even have the internet. I was working at William Hill, as Marketing Manager, we had never even contemplated the idea of internet betting. It would be six years before Betfair came along!


Here are some of the most amazing stats in racing for you….

  • 6,000 x races
  • 4,357 x wins
  • 1,000 x falls
  • 40 x broken bones

McCoy’s achievements are staggering really. Look at the jockeys that have come and gone in the 21 years he was in the saddle. It is a long list. I once heard a stat that McCoy also held the record for the most rides in an ambulance by a non NHS worker in Britain! Remember his is a job where an ambulance follows you every step of the way. To win 21 titles in a row is nothing short of incredible.

Some people said that Cheltenham and Aintree will not be the same without McCoy. For me it is the meetings at Plumpton, Fakenham, Wetherby during the week. This is where McCoy pumped out the winners day in day out. I have lost count of the number of horses he has picked up and listed over the line. The McCoy Miracles, they will be gone.

There are plenty of good jockeys riding over jumps, there are plenty of bad ones too, but there is no one like McCoy. He was a genuine one off. When I started my punting it was the back end of Lester Piggott’s career. I used to wish I had been about for him at his prime. Well with McCoy I saw him every step of the way and it has been a privilege to do so. He retired at the top, in one piece and on his own terms.

Saturday at Sandown showed what the public think of McCoy and it was heart warming. The iron man himself was clearly moved. It also showed that racing is still alive and well in the UK.

AP can enjoy his life with his family and his friends, he will do a lot less miles on a daily basis and he can have a normal family life, he has earned everything he has and rather than be sad we should be happy for him. A truly remarkable jockey.

Racing will go on and a new champion crowned, but we will miss McCoy but we will no doubt see him on our TV screens. He would make a rare type of pundit, one whose opinion you actually respected!

If AP wants a new career, he should become a motivational speaker, his determination, single mindedness and drive is unparalleled, not just by any jockey I have ever seen, but by any sportsman. His dedication and strength of character is akin to that of Margaret Thatcher, who politics aside was so single minded, dedicated and driven. It is a trait that few people have ever displayed. If only you could bottle it!

Well it’s back to the racing, in the new post McCoy era which starts today!

Jim McGrath summed it up in one Tweet:



Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere

John Cooper Bets

When I was young there was an advert on the TV for Martini, in fact there were a series of them, with the strap line “ANYTIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE”. This gave rise to the unfortunate nickname Martini, bestowed on the more liberal minded of girls of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

These ads came from an era when Milk Tray chocolates were delivered by a man all dressed in black ski-ing down a mountain and would leave his calling card – It really was a different time but this slogan was years ahead of its time. It didn’t really fit the drink but it fits with mobile betting!

Yesterday I had a busy schedule. I had a meeting at lunch and had also a long standing dinner engagement with an old friend and contact. It was what I like to term a schmoosing day. The spell check objects to the word schmoosing but I like it as that is exactly what it I was doing.

So I am out and about, but there is still racing and betting to be done. As these are business meetings with people who do what I do, it is not considered rude for me to set up the office on the table. The ipad is just the job! Only a couple of years ago I would not dream of being out on a Friday afternoon. I had to be in the office. Now the office goes with me in my pocket!


The ipad is the Martini of the 21st century

Back in the day when Rigsby was pouring drinks down Joan Collins’ top who could have ever conceived the scene of two men watching races live (well almost live), putting bets on and having access to the world via via a device the smaller than a Barbara Cartland novel? They would have locked you up. Sometimes it is worth taking a step back and looking at how the world as evolved. It is evolving everyday at such a rate!

With the ipad, and iphones and the myriad of similar devices available for relatively little cost you really can do it anytime, any place, anywhere. To be picky about it any place and anywhere are probably the same thing, but this was an iconic slogan. The tools available to punters now are just extraordinary. In the picture above, my mini ipad, shows the Bet365 website. This is great, you can have a bet and watch the race. I can look at the form via the internet, check emails, move money, shop, in fact I can conduct the essentials of my life literally anytime, any place, subject to mobile coverage!

The new iphone was released on Friday. The world is now completely Apple mad. Hundreds of thousands have been sold without anyone seeing it. I saw them yesterday, the small one is big the big one is huge! It used to be that for technology the smaller the better, not any more. Phones were getting smaller, now they are getting bigger. Dom Jolly may have been ahead of his time with his giant mobile!

The funniest size shift has been headphones. The smaller the cooler a few years ago. In the early 1990’s there was a guy at university who had a huge set of bins connected to some boom box in his bag, he looked a total misfit, we called him Dave Double Decks. Little did we know he was a man ahead of his time. The trend now is for big bright headphones. Dr Dre is the man who saw to that, for me that is one step too far.

I love the ipad, I love the mobility. The only thing I wish they would sort out is connection speeds. We are lagging behind the rest of the world for internet. I live in a village, well for now, and get 4.5MB broadband. I am moving to a flat with Fibreoptic speeds of up to 40MB. That though is a fraction of what some places have. In Dubai I had a villa, I rented it for a month, and the speeds were up to 100MB, and that is standard. I grant you all the betting sites were blocked!

4G is being hailed as the new superfast saviour. Well its not that fast and not that widespread. Its a bit of a white elephant 4G. Again the rest of the world has quicker mobile than we do here in the UK.

The UK should be leading the world not lagging behind. The marketing men talk about Superfast broadband, how can it be superfast when some parts of the world are operating at 250% faster? Oh and guess what, it is not just faster it is cheaper!

What people forget is that the cost of broadband in the UK is always plus line rental. I have a phone at home, I do not even know the number. I never use it and don’t want inbound calls, my mobile does the job, the land line is a thing of the past. in fact the mobile text and voice will soon be, all the phone companies will do is provide connectivity before long!

The world is changing, but boy has it changed from the days when Martini was cool!

Joseph O’Brien Interview With Racing Post

Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth follows up on his Joseph O’Brien article, talks about the recent Racing Post interview and responds to the divided opinion resulting from his blog post…

Firstly, thank you for the feedback about my post regarding Joseph O’Brien. It is good to have a sensible debate about racing, too many idiots on forums and social media these days who are neither rational or polite so to find a place for intelligent debate is  refreshing. X22 clients are a sensible bunch! There has been a lot of feedback, and I would say 80% agrees with me, 20% disagree.

It is early on Tuesday, I am up early, old habits, I used to go watch the horses work so 5am is what my body clock is set to. I have just had an email from John, who I am sure will not mind me quoting him. He strongly disagrees with me, raising some interesting points, he says;

Motor Mouth’s comments re Joseph O’Brien are ridiculous. The lad’s been around for years now. How many classics and other Group 1s does he have to win before MM concedes that he’s ‘learned his craft’? Does MM really think that O’Brien let his son have top class rides in hugely important races if the lad wasn’t up to it? More importantly, does he think that the owners would allow such a thing to happen?

I stand by every word I said. He is almost the finished  article, but almost is not there! He still has a fair way to go to be the best and the operation he is involved with has the very highest standards, probably the most successful training and breeding operation the sport has ever seen.

I specifically spoke about the rides over the weekend on AUSTRALIA and THE GREY GATSBY. In a Racing Post interview Joseph O’Brien spoke about those races and I will say again he is a fantastic young man, he has been brought up exceptionally well and is very intelligent. He is also a very good jockey, I think his lack of experience is the only thing missing, and that will by definition come.

When asked about Australia, Joseph told the Racing Post…

“It is a pity to ride a horse like Australia and not make the most of him on every occasion that you ride him. You live and learn,”

The Post called that refreshingly honest. Absolutely, that is the mark of a man, no BS, no insulting anyone’s intelligence, hold your hands up, first class, but I would expect nothing less, he is from a first class family!

Speaking about Leading Light he also told it straight and didn’t mince his words…

“Leading Light ran a blinder. We gifted the first two ten lengths. It was as simple as that,”

I have absolute respect for the lad, it takes a proper man to say what he said. As a man he has been taught wonderfully and that job is done, he is a credit to his family and the operation. As a man he is the finished article!

I have never thought any different. I just think that a couple more years, getting experience under his belt would shape him and make him into the finished article as a jockey. As I said previously I think Ryan Moore was the difference in the Champion Stakes, only a small margin, but one that makes a huge difference.

I also got an email from Mary, who I think took my comments to be much harsher than they were. Not for one minute was I saying that he should be sacked, hung drawn and quartered or even vilified. I am of the firm opinion that Joseph O’Brien will be one of the great jockeys of our time, greatness is not only on the track, he has so much ability, he has a superb attitude, my only point is that perhaps when it comes to the very top races, just for the time being he should take a back seat and spend the next couple of years learning, acquiring that extra 1%. He has the potential to be the greatest jockey of our time, because of the horses he will ride. His father for my money is already one of the best ever and on his way to being the greatest of all time.

Ryan Moore is in my opinion the best jockey in the world. He is also a first class professional with a fabulous attitude and dedication. He and Joseph O’Brien have that aura, the true class that sets them apart. The key difference is that right now Moore is the complete package. He has honed his craft and is the better of the two, not by a huge margin, but enough to make a big difference.

I agree with what John says that Joseph is a top class jockey, no question. To have that ability so young sets him apart. I do disagree about the been around for years, in 2010 he won the apprentice title, in 2012 he rode Camelot to win the Derby and he is still only 21. He has achieved a lot, John is right, but it all adds up to 4 years. He is almost there, just not quite there yet!

Look, we all make mistakes. God I am the master of that particular skill. In any other operation, probably in the world, that would be enough. In my view Ballydoyle could get a double wammy by bringing in Ryan Moore for a couple of years to make the difference in races like we saw at the weekend with the added benefit that Joseph would learn from someone who is  at where Joseph will be in time. It would also take the pressure off one so young, pressure that could actually do more harm than good.  That 1% that is not quite there yet was the difference in two group one races at the weekend.

Ryan Moore is 30 years old. He is at his peak, Joseph is 21. I agree that if you are good enough you are old enough, but my view is that with a couple more years Joseph O’Brien will be every bit as good, if not better than Ryan Moore. Being better that Ryan Moore would make him one of the best of all time!

Look guys, that is just my view, for what it is worth! The reality is that it isn’t worth that much. It is down to the Ballydoyle operation and John is absolutely right, the owners are the ones who matter. I would point out that they are exceptionally loyal to Aidan O’Brien and will back his judgement, he has earned that! They are also exceptionally astute businessmen and without doubt they have an exceptional talent on their hands. It is for them to do as they wish, mine is just a personal view.

I hold them in the very highest regard and my view is put forward because I would like to see Joseph O’Brien mature and be the very best there is!

The counter view to my suggestion is exactly as Joseph says above, You live and learn. One thing is without question, he is very bright and will learn from this, no question.

I know he will be a great jockey! I want him to be a great jockey!

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