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I have not been well over the last couple of days, nothing serious, just a bit of an upset tummy, but I have had plenty of time to catch up on some reading.

I have had a book for a while that I meant to read and have simply not had time, the book is all about the one and only Barney Curley, written by the highly respected Nick Townsend.

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The description of the book on Amazon is interestingly worded….

The bookies always win. Yet, for over four decades Barney Curley has proved himself a rare exception. The country’s most renowned and fearless gambler, a man who will back his judgement to win GBP100,000 and more on a single day, has consistently emerged triumphant from bloody skirmishes with the old enemy. 

In the summer of 1975 Curley masterminded one of the most spectacular gambles of all time, with a racehorse named Yellow Sam, costing Irish bookmakers around GBP £300,000; the equivalent of some GBP £2m today. No-one believed anything similar could be staged again this century. Bookmakers now have communications and technology in place to thwart any renewed attempts. But challenges inspire Curley and he was determined to beat the system – again. Thirty-five years later from his first coup, Curley set about staging an ambitious sequel to his Yellow Sam scheme. Curley has never divulged the full details of what happened. Now, for the first time, The Sure Thing reveals the complete story of the months of planning and preparation, with all the trials and tribulations, that went into the biggest organised gamble in racing history.

It is a great read, of course there is a degree of poetic license employed by the author, but anyone who has been involved in betting on horses knows that Barney Curley is exactly what it says on the cover of this book, one of the all time legends of punting.

I can highly recommend this book. Usually racing books do not grip you, in a way that other books like a Lee Child thriller would. The sure thing is an exception. It is fascinating and gives you a really good insight into this remarkable man. I have had Barney Curley’s own autobiography for a long time, Giving A Little Back, which I enjoyed, but The Sure Thing is wriiten about Barney Curley by a respected journalist.

One of the best sports books I have read is by Patrick Barclay, about Jose Mourinho. It is good to get an independent and impartial commentary I think. The Sure Thing is exceptionally well written, gripping and a great read! One of the best racing books you can read. I have loved it, and believe me it is rare that I feel like this about a racing book!

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