Motor Mouth Cleans Up On Saturday

Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth is giving it large after he gave THREE BIG WINNERS on Saturday, the man himself talks you through it in his own unique style…

I had a couple of frustrating days with non runners and what not, but normal service was resumed as my big ammo was fired on Saturday!

I told you that my favourite trainer is Roger Charlton and Captain Cat was the big bet of the week for me. Before anyone has ago at after-timing, please read everything I have written over the last few days! A nice touch was landed with the excellent George Baker in the saddle. Roger Charlton is a master trainer and a gentleman. I have every respect for him. I got plenty on at the early prices.  I told you back down in grade he was the one to be on. Reading the press report….

Roger Charlton’s charge had looked good in winning a Salisbury Group Three but failed to hit the expected heights when third in the Celebration Mile at Goodwood, although James Doyle, his rider that day, was quick to blame himself for giving his mount too much to do.

Back in a Group Three, Captain Cat travelled well throughout in the hands of George Baker, making smooth progress before switching to challenge down the middle of the track. Produced between Short Squeeze and Emell, the 15-8 favourite kicked on with the minimum of fuss, with Baker giving him a couple of cracks of the whip before being pushed out for a length-and-a-half win.

More or less what I said would happen! It is much better to read about it BEFORE the race rather than after, I am sure you agree!

Captain Cat Wins at Haydock

Captain Cat Wins at Haydock

Celestial Path, if you read what I wrote was also bang on and indeed turned in to a major gamble. I said before the race (emailed to subscribers of the blog)….

Roger Charlton I said is my favourite, well not so much Sir Mark Prescott, but when he has a 2 year old that wins first time out you can be sure it is decent. When he then pitches it in a race like this then the alarm bells start sounding BIG TIME and here we have a live one folks. I have managed to get on at 5/2. This is worth a poke today.

I know 11/4 was available but I give my agents the extra if they get the price and I take general prices. The horse went off 11/8 so as it goes, we had the value. I might be a big mouth, but I know this game and when SMP has a good two year old, winning first time out, it is a good one, this is a proper good one and I would take short odds this one is running in new colours before too long! But today it was gamble landed and job done. Keep this one on side, could go all the way and SMP is a very good trainer.

So Haydock today TWO HUGE WINNERS! I also had a special bet today which if you were on you know! It won at a nice price too, but I can’t say anything on this open platform, however it is all proofed or whatever the official terminology is. THREE WINNERS TODAY- I am pleased to have delivered the goods!

I got some stick, all in good fun, over the last two days and I am pleased to say that most f the same people wrote back with nice comments. I asked to see every mail, couple of arses, but I don’t mind, it only spurs me on, I love a good row! Seriously, I am pleased that we got the winners in, and it shows you punting is not easy, you have to work hard and you can not control everything!

Look at SOLE POWER today. I didn’t have a bet in the race, I know Cooper Man was sweet on Sole Power, he got no run at all, no way through, what can he do?  It is not Coop’s fault, it isn’t Hughsie’s fault, it happens, the margins between hero, like at York, and zero, like today are very small indeed. That is gambling and it is a simple formula, collect more than you put on, every month and you make money! Same thing this week, a couple of off days doesn’t make me a “useless twat” as one emailer put it! If I could win every day with every bet I would have packed in years ago with my billions in the bank. It makes me laugh, it really does!

I can come over as a cocky sod (replaced sod as required), but I have punted for 20 years and done it full time for the last 7 years. I know I make money, it is a fact, I don’t have anything to prove, but I wanted to start a service to spur me on. Winning is a matter of pride. I will win for my members, I can say that because as pro punter I HAVE TO WIN TO STAY IN THE GAME!!

Up Next It’s Doncaster….

So in all sincerity, thank you for reading and betting with me over the last few days. I am on the train now on the way home, back to Berkshire. I am using the ipad, what a bit of kit this is, amazing really. Makes punting more efficient, if you haven’t got one, get one, connected to the internet. I use a myfi dongle to power my laptop as well, it will change your life, it has mine. I love it.  Anyway I digress!

Day off Sunday, I need the rest! A day of research and catching up with the races I missed whilst at Haydock on Monday. I have been invited to Leicester on Tuesday, for the first time in a few years, then I am meeting the boys at Sheffield dogs on Tuesday night.  I have something very special to pass on Tuesday at Leicester.

Staying in Sheffield Tuesday then off to Doncaster for all four days. I am in the car, so will be a dry week. I have a pal in Sheffield who puts me up every year. Mind you we will be having a few social beers of a night. Sheffield is a great place, I have to say I avoid Doncaster of an evening, I don’t like it! Not like York, Cheltenham, Haydock, Aintree etc. Not for me thanks! Sheffield is great mind and I love Yorkshire.

Doncaster will be BIG, I have some big ones lined up, but I always have!

Speak soon, be lucky!


Motor Mouth Is Off To Haydock

Motor Mouth

Thursday 4th September…

I am off to HAYDOCK for the Sprint Cup meeting where I will be backing TWO HORSES today. Well I have already backed them across the board as the early prices will be the biggest prices. I also plan to have a later bet if the profits come as anticipated this afternoon.

I am from this part of the world and Haydock is my favourite venue of them all. I grew up there and I got to know the ground, how it got wet quick, dried quick and knew the horses that acted on the going. The past few years have been a disappointment, the temporary jumps obstacles and the current clerk of the course is not my favourite. I will not say much more but some of the going reports offered up can have a jackanory look to them, to say the least. That said Haydock is an amazing place and the flat and jumps meetings are always well attended. I love it there. I am now based in Berkshire, but my home is Merseyside. I am staying with family for a few days, and I love this meeting! I am looking forward to a good pint, well a few actually!

Today the going is on the soft side of good. I had a call from a good friend who I trust to give me the real low down on the state of play. It will not be an issue, unless it rains, and none is forecast. Mind you that doesn’t mean it won’t rain! We should be fine. Today’s bets are BOTH MAX BETS.

14.00 Haydock MAX BET No 4 DISSOLUTION

I have been told that Dissolution is so much better than the form suggests. The horse is decent and expected to win today. The main danger is the Godolphin horse, but if what I have been told is right, and this source is rarely off the mark, then there should be NO DANGERS today! James Doyle rides.

15.35 Haydock MAX BET No 7 SKATE

The Doyler is aboard again for Roger Charlton. Roger is a gentleman and my favourite trainer by a distance. Some stables adopt the logo always trying, well Roger doesn’t have to keep reminding people of that, they absolutely always do. Roger Varian is the next Roger Charlton, another gentleman, who shares the same forename and supreme talent. Fortunately Roger V doesn’t have a runner in this race and SKATE should do just that and complete the double.

I will also have a double. My bet is £500 to win on each and a £100 double. All being well we should trouser a decent profit and have a look at Wolverhampton later on!

Haydock Free Horseracing Tips from X22 Bet

Haydock Free Horseracing Tips from X22 Bet

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