£5000 to The Donkey Sanctuary If Jack Wins Derby

I love Donkeys. I love all animals, but DOGS and DONKEYS are a favorite. Near where I live there are donkeys in a field and they are the kindest natured animals you could wish to meet. I have followed The Donkey Sanctuary on Twitter and have infact adopted a Donkey, not literally but helped a bit with the cost. Billy O. Will go and say hello soon!


You can do the same here and adopt a donkey! They have centres around the UK where you can go and see them. However we want to help them in a big way, so I have backed Viking Jack to win £5000 for the Greyhound Derby. If Jack wins I will donate £5000 to The Donkey Sanctuary!

There are 273 entries for William Hill Derby and Jack is a contender, but it will not be easy! I would love to win it and as they say on the Postcode Lottery, I will win money and help people, well I will have my own twist on this….win money and help the wonderful donkeys!

Don’t you just love donkeys?

billo smile

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