Andy Murray Let his Chimp Take Control….

Andy Murray should contact Dr Steve Peters in my view. Dr Steve Peters is the man who transformed Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton’s careers and author of the book that I rate as the best anyone can read, The Chimp paradox. There is no doubt that the approach works, it really works!

Britain’s most successful Olympian Chris Hoy calls him the “voice of reason,” snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan credits him with bringing him back from the brink of retirement, while footballer Craig Bellamy says he saved him from mental torture. I first heard about Steve Peters at London 2012, UK Cycling was so dominant and it was very apparent that Dr Steve Peters plays a big part in that. He has an ultra impressive CV and on a personal note his book has changed my life, in many ways for the better!

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Andy Murray needs to sort his head out…

Sadly today we saw what can happen when the Chimp takes over. The Chimp is what Steve Peters’ says is within everyone and can work against you! The key to success is to make the Chimp work for you, if done right it can take sports people to even great heights. The is a great review by Ronnie O’Sullivan on Amazon  a superb summary!

In the Aussie Open Tennis today Murray fell apart, it is summed up by Pat Cash who said; He needs a good, hard look in the mirror and to get his head together,” Australian Pat Cash told BBC Radio 5 live.

“He melted down, he absolutely collapsed,” Cash said. “He will feel he let everyone down, but he has to look at it and say ‘I can’t do this again’.

“Things started snowballing for him once he lost concentration and in the fourth set everything went against him.  I feel sorry for him and he is a seriously good player, but if he is to become a great player he has to fix this. He’s got to focus on why he had the meltdown. If he works on that I can see him holding the Wimbledon trophy again.”

With the money in tennis, it would not be an issue for Murray to get the very best help possible and Dr Steve Peter’s in my view would transform Murray. He is as good as anyone in the world, but like anything, be it betting, weight loss business or sport, the key is within you, it can either help you or hinder you, but you have the secret within you!

How good would Murray be if he got his head right?

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