No Such Thing As a Cert!

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The X22 Blog gave you a hat full of winners at Doncaster on Thursday night. KILLIEFORD KAHLI won by half of Stainforth, PINPOINT FINAS won easy enough, TRYUR ANNALEEN showed future class and the Yorkshire St Leger final went to the excellent MILLWARDS TEDDY.

However the red hot favourite, as short as 1/5, REDBRICK STUART was well beaten. To set the scene the dog was so well in, the perfect draw, in a race that was akin to Linford Christie running in a Dads sports day race, on paper a no contest! A slow starting dog on it’s outside that looked sure to go out to the right, the draw and make-up of the race so kind the racing manager connections could not have scripted it better!

The dog is owned by the track promoter, on their big night of the year could not have had a seemibgly easier task. A conflict of interest, so conflicting that it would have been no surprise to have seen Kofi Annan and a UN peace keeping force there on hand to mediate! The race was cringe-worthy.  The dog only had to get out and it was not a race but a lap of honour. The dog was a sure thing!

I spoke to people who had had lumps of money on the dog, Hills went 1/3 early doors. When I say lumps, one lad, a shrewd judge, who still won on the night, had a £1500 to make £500 and another had £8000 to make £2000 at 1/4. The dog was set to win by double digit lengths. My Shrewd friend said that the only dangers were the dog turning in the traps or going lame. Both slim possibilities.

Here is what happened, Redbrick Stuart in TRAP 1….

The dog stumbles coming out of the traps! But he could have gone past them and still won, but playing catch up the two dog falls and gets in his way, race over! As Daryl says, no such thing as a certainty! BANG ON!

The great news is the dog is fine, but one can’t help and think that the race was set up just a little bit too nicely for Redbrick Stuart, a no contest for most punters to have a bet on paper. Best laid plans and all that!

I think Doncaster is a poor venue. The first race of the night saw an odds on favourite miss the break, the dogs went in the traps and the hare went past but the traps failed, the mechanism hadn’t been set right. Dogs get lit-up when they are taken out. They should have gone back to the paddock and the race delayed, but no time! Tv schedule. After that anything can happen. Punters who had bet the favourite, went from 6/4 early to 8/11 had to take pot luck. The dog missed the break. Down to the traps failing? Who knows, but it didn’t do punters any favours. It was embarrassing to watch, the pictures beamed round the world.

If you look at the video of the Redbrick Stuart race there was standing water on the back straight all night long, a puddle! This shows the condition of the track is not what it should be, in my view. It should drain away, and certainly it a appears the surface is not level, where the water congregates. You have to wonder with this and the low grade dogs running in opens, where is the governance of the sport?

You saw the lack of quality on the card, which shows that my view is one held by many trainers. The card lacked the quality of a Sky meeting, it lacked quality throughout! It is sad to see because the track could be one of the best in the land! I could (but won’t) name you half a dozen trainers who have told me openly that they will never run a dog at Doncaster, unless things change. The evidence is there for all to see, just look at the card.When A6 grade dogs are running in opens, you have a problem!

The first round heats of the Yorkshire St Leger saw an unsavoury episode where Diane Henry was assaulted. It is interesting that Doncaster are quoted in that article, “I understand that the man involved holds a GBGB licence, but he is definitely not employed in any way by Doncaster.”

It has emerged that the man in question, charged with assault is licensed as a Doncaster Parader, to parade dogs at Doncaster. But “he is definitely not employed in any way by Doncaster”. They licensed him, but for what purpose I wonder if not to work at the track.

What was he doing there on the night? In what capacity was he operating in the lead up to the incident? All questions that need answering. No doubt the thorough GBGB investigation will get to the bottom of all that with the appropriate action taken and public statement made. The GBGB are not an organisation that would sweep something like this under the carpet.

It beggars belief that a track can be run like this one, it is so sad to see.

Farloe Tango…

News also broke on Thursday that the 2013 Greyhound of the Year, FARLOE TANGO has been retired after trainer Charlie Lister decided the badly cut foot he sustained at Doncaster last weekend would rule him out of defending his William Hill St Leger title at Wimbledon later this month.

What a dog! He won the St Leger at Wimbledon last year breaking the track record. He is a mercurial dog, one who can come from a mile back. He has also been beaten at odds shorter than Redbrick Stuart, at tracks he wasn’t suited to. But on his day, boy was he exciting, a crowd pleaser. Here is his track record at Wimbledon….

WOW! That is what the sport needs, more exciting dogs like Farloe Tango. I think last night’s Yorkshire Leger winner, Millwards Teddy is the one to beat in the Leger which starts on October 25th at Wimbledon!

My annual moan about Doncaster greyhound Stadium is now over!

Disgrace at Doncaster…Thursday Sky Card

Carl Harris Greyhound Bets

Redbrick Stuart will be 1/5. A total non-contest, live on Sky, what fun is that for the punters? For those who don’t know the dog is owned by the same guy that owns the track! Personally I find that a complete and utter disgrace!

The card, for a Sky Meeting is poor. The issue is there are not many of the top trainers who want to run their dogs there. Greyhound racing is not like horseracing where to enter a specific race, you put your dog forward and the racing manager frames the races. Redbrick Stuart also has the one box, how lucky for it to get the draw as well as the easiest open race shown on Sky this year! A non contest for betting purposes.

There is little in the way of betting interest all night! Surely this is the last we see of Doncaster on TV. It is embarrassing!

The 19-34 is an open puppy race, only two of them have run in a open before, it is a poor contest! No bet for me.

The 19-49 is a stayers contest, trap one has been competing at A6 at Yarmouth! Surely there must be some quality control in Greyhound Racing! It is like me claiming a horse rated 45 at Southwell and entering it Royal Ascot. Amazing. Trap 5 (KILLIEFORD KAHLI)  is a decent dog and this looks like the first of a hat full of winners on Charlie Lister’s benefit night! There are only two dogs who should be running in opens.

The 20-o4 is the best race of the night, with PINPOINT FINAS in TRAP 2 being an overwhelming favourite to win. The sponsors dog, bolted up at Sheffield and should do the same here. Sadlly not much to make the market and 8/11 early (Bet365) is likely to be the biggest price this dog ever is!

The 20-19 sees GOLDEN WONDER get TRAP 1. Again how fortunate! The dog is desperate for TRAP 1 and should win here. Another for Charlie Lister. 6/4 early is again the best price I think we will see this dog.

The 20-34 is a stayers contest. Not much quality in this race, Trap 4 is another dog there to make up the numbers. An A3 grader over 4 bends. Running slow dogs in opens serves no purpose, they only risk causing trouble. Laughable really. Crazy Weasley is probably the favourite, but a race that hardly inspires excitement. No bet for me!

The 20-49 is the REDBRICK STUART race. Utter disgrace to the sport and an insult to the sponsors. In the scenario about Southwell, above, this is like running Muthmir in a 45 rated handicap over 5 furlongs. He would win by miles. The race is a joke. trap 2 is a slow starting A5 grader, you simply can’t make this up! Another for Charlie Lister!

The 21-04 could be yet another for Charlie Lister. Again he has been fortunate with the draw, (how lucky yet again) with TRYUR ANNALEEN getting the red! The race looks perfectly set up for this one, and once again Charlie Lister should win!

The Yorkshire St Leger…FINAL

The 21-19 is the only actual proper race worthy of being televised, in my view! Even then its not that good. I am not betting but the short price MILLWARDS TEDDY is a good dog, but a bit hit miss, although if he gets it right he should win this in style!

For the first time this year I will not be watching Sky Sports, it is a sad night for the sport of greyhound racing! The Redbrick Stuart race is just pathetic in my opinion! 



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