How Could Someone Do This?

I am rarely moved to tears but the arson attack at Manchester Dogs Home has done just that. 60 innocent dogs have been murdered by a moron who seemingly thought it was fun to set fire to a dogs home.


If you read the story it is heartbreaking, it is reported on BBC NEWS HERE

The sickening side of humanity is shown on one hand, yet the reaction of the public who have now raised nearly £500k in 24 hours to help these dogs is heart warming. I have just made a donation and I am hoping dog lovers reading this will do the same and give a few pounds.

Dogs are wonderful creatures, they did not deserve burning, and there are many more dogs injured. I hope this bastard gets what he has coming, I do not mean via the legal system, because that is completely inept. In my view he needs putting down, 15 or not, he is a danger to society and of no use to humanity whatsoever!


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Many Thankss
Carl Harris X22

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