Damson Jam 8/1 Sky Max Bet

Damson Jam Photo: STEVE NASH

Damson Jam Photo: STEVE NASH

On Tuesday Live from Nottingham, The Select Stakes and my dog Damson Jam runs and he is 8-1. Bet365 have gone mad, this is a MAX BET, I was expecting 3/1 at best, 8/1 is H U G E !

8-16 Nottingham TRAP 1 DAMSON JAM 8/1 365
This is my dog, I own him BUT he is 8-1 with Bet365, this is a stupid price. He beat the fav 7 days ago over CD and we had a crap draw, now we have the plumb draw and are 8-1 v 7/4. He is a dual cat one finalist and he has beaten Scholari sound the last twice they have met, last week over course and distance he did it the hard way from a bad draw. I genuinely think this is the BEST 8-1 shot I have ever backed! Win or lose this is a value bet. For the record I think he will win!
Monster bet. take 8-1 365- ODDS HERE

No Magic In The Stayers….

8-51 Nottingham TRAP 1 BORNA MINDY 7/2 Paddy power
the fav is unbeatable over MARATHON TRIPS, will be done for speed early and that could be decisive. Get the second fav at 7/2 – this is real value. 7/2 Paddys is a big price. Best Odds HERE


Derby Day For Jack and Jam

Greyhound Derby Special

Hey Ho it’s to Wimbledon we go! We are lucky to have two good dogs and even more lucky that we are on the same night! Viking Jack and Damson Jam are running tonight at Wimbledon, LIVE on Racing Post TV.

Ante Post Prices…

Damson Jam was 400/1 but I put £15 on and they halved him! He is best price 200/1 with Bet365 and Paddy Power. Viking Jack is also 200/1 with Bet365 and Ladbrokes. Certainly good EW prices. There are worse 200/1 shots than Viking jack that is for sure!

Tonight’s Races…

20.26 Wimbledon TRAP 6 VIKING JACK

First up is Viking Jack. He runs in heat 18 and 20.26, in Trap 6. He is 9/2 and I am backing him, he faces BALLYMAC BROGAN, who is odds on. It should be a two dog race, BUT Jack runs well at Wimbledon and he is VALUE, I love Jack, this is his last Derby, lets hope its a good one! FIRST 3 QUALIFY from 6

21-32 Wimbledon, TRAP 3 DAMSON JAM

Then it is the dark horse, DAMSON JAM! He is a BIG PRICE at 11/2 and I have had a good bet tonight. I think he can win, genuinely! He has early pace, he can lead. He has to finish in the first 2, from 5 to go through. I genuinely think he has a BIG CHANCE!!

Best Bets Tonight…

19-54 Trap 2 HIYA BUTT 
20-42 Trap 1 BALLYMAC MATT
20-58 Trap 5 DIEGO FLIGHT

All Max Bets!

Good luck, Carl

Jack and Jam In The Derby

Viking Jack and Damson Jack have both been drawn in the first round of the William Hill greyhound Derby, 2016, at Wimbledon. The Draw was supposed to be broadcast live but the internet connection was so poor it was not possible to see anything. Pretty inept, failure to plan is to plan to fail.

Not a great start to the William Hill Greyhound Derby. Damson Jam was best price 400-1 with Boylesports and Viking Jack 200-1 with a couple of firms. Of course Jack was a semi-finalist last year.

Viking Jack Runs Tuesday at Sheffield

Viking Jack Last Derby Campaign

It is great to have two great dogs, the Derby is of course a bit of a lottery. It is run at Wimbledon, it was supposed to be the last Derby at Wimbledon, but that is now in doubt. Something needs to be done at Wimbledon, one way or the other, it is an absolute dump of a place. Three quarters of it is condemned, it is a stadium steeped in history, but it is more a shrine to past glory than a modern sports stadium. I would love to see Wimbledon redeveloped, for greyhound racing, whether that happens or not I have no idea, but they can’t keep racing there, certainly not the Derby.

I am looking forward to the Derby, it is ALL LIVE on TV, the first two rounds are live on #RPGTV and the third round to the final on SKY SPORTS. It would be great to get t the final, certainly for Viking Jack, but it is a hell of a competition. The first prize is £150,000. There is a more even split of prize money this year so it is fairer!

I have two good dogs. It could be fun! Game on!

Damson Jam Collects EW Money

damson jamDamson Jam was fourth in the Bresmed Northern Sprint at Owlerton Stadium on Tuesday Live On Sky. We advised him EACH WAY ante post at 33/1, which was the first four places.

DAMSON JAM is the third big price each way bet landed in April. First we had VIKING JACK at 50/1, second in the Three Steps to Victory at Sheffield, then we had LOWGATE HAGRID also at 50/1 in The Gymcrack, Damson Jam made it three in a row, collecting over 8/1.

The very best information for greyhound racing is right here and FREE at X22 Bet. I am exceedingly proud of my dogs, Viking Jack and Damson Jam. The next campaign is The Derby at Wimbledon.

The draw takes place on Sunday, Live on RPGTV, Damson Jam and Viking Jack have been entered.

Jack may run at Sunderland after the Derby in the Grand Prix, he was third in 2014 and Damson will go for the Classic. He looks tailor made for it.

Damson Jam will then focus on British Bred races, there is some BIG MONEY to be had!

For the best greyhound tips, keep it X22 Bet!


12/1 Damson Jam Exceptional Value

damson jam

I have had a decent bet at 12/1. Damson Jam is VALUE, for the Bresmed Northern Sprint tonight at Sheffield, live on Sky Sports tonight. This is a bet too good to miss!

So it is obvious that as the owner of Damson Jam I am going to be a bit bias in my view, but there is no question in my mind that we have some real value tonight at 12/1 with Paddy Power.

He is well drawn in trap one, in a race made up of FIVE rail seeds and one middle drawn in 6, the draw is critical and we have the plumb draw (what a pun). Last week he ran in the hottest sprint race run this year, fluffed the break and still came second. He beat GLENANMORE ACE in the heats who has a rotten draw in five.

21.08 Sheffield TRAP 1 DAMSON JAM

There is not much between any of these dogs and ANY OF THEM can win it, I will say this IF JAM STARTS and leads NOTHING WILL PASS JAMMY, NOTHING! He is a consistent starter and I don’t think he will fluff it twice in a row, if he gets a good start we are not a 12/1 chance and I would strongly think he would be first or second, you get 3/1 for the place.

Which ever way you cut it this is VALUE!! – CH

If you are a regular reader you should be holding a 33/1 each way ante post voucher, making it amazing value with money for the first four places. VALUE!

A couple of weeks ago I missed the THREE STEPS final, I was away in Abu Dhabi, Viking Jack was second, we were on EW at 50/1. Last week we had Jim’s dog ew LOWGATE HAGRID ew at 50/1 and he was second in the Gymcrack at Kinsley. This is the third Skysports Cat 1 Final that Jim has been in and we have a runner at 33/1. These are good times.

I grew up just down the road from Owlerton, that road leading to Rotherham. I first went there as a 14 year old lad, I have been there to watch Rugby League, Speedway and greyhounds. I love the place, the people, everything about it. I have been so lucky with Viking Jack, I have been in the STEEL CITY CUP FINAL and THE THREE STEPS TO VICTORY FINAL.  Now I complete the category one set with Damson Jam in the Bresmed Northern Sprint Final.

Thank you Bresmed
This has been a superb competition, well done to Bredmed for sponsoring and making this competition and this night one of the best of the year in the greyhound racing calendar. Thank you!

It would be a dream come true to win a category one at my beloved Owlerton Stadium. Jim Hayton deserves to as well, he runs dogs there week in and week out. The transformation in Damson Jam from grader to category one (second cat 1 final) finalist is worthy of note. No doubt about it, Jim Hayton is a category one trainer!

We won a big race with the Derby trial last year on TV with Viking Jack but this will be BIGGER, much bigger. This is THE BEST CHANCE we have had, I genuinely believe Damson Jam has a huge chance tonight and I think we can win this. Sprints are notoriously difficult but he is so consistent, running out of his skin. Look at his form, last nine runs, SIX WINS and THREE SECONDS in top company.

It is an £8000 to the winner final, but this is about more than money, MUCH MORE, it is about not just living the dream, but fulfilling it!

Get your bread on the Jam!

Viking Jack & Damson Jam Entered

Viking Jack and Damson Jam have been entered in the William Hill Greyhound Derby.


The draw will be made 1pm in the executive boxes at Wimbledon on Sunday May 1. The first round is expected to run Wednesday May 4, Thursday May 5, Friday May 6 and Saturday May 7. Qualification will depend on the number of entries and resulting heats.

The second round is Thursday May 12 and Saturday May 14. The entire first and second rounds are shown live on RPGTV, the third round onwards is live on Sky Sports.

Viking Jack got to the semi final last year. The first prize is £150,000 which is by ten times the biggest prize money of the year. So we have to have a crack at it. It is the number one greyhound competition in the world, we have two very good dogs so we are having a crack!

You can bet them at massive prices, but this is a tough tough competition. Remember Damson Jam runs in the final of the Northern Sprint at Sheffield on Tuesday, you can bet him at 12/1 which is a massive price!

I have posted the entry forms and the fee by guaranteed delivery for Monday, entries close at 12 noon Tuesday.

Game on!

Damson Jam Makes The Final!

Second, BUT that is good enough and Damson Jam will run in a Category 1 Final, Live on Sky Sports next week. What a year, first Jack makes the Three Steps Final, second, and now Damson Jam continues his rise and now is in a category 1 final. The Bresmed Northern Sprint at Owlerton Stadium, on Tuesday live on Skysports. Thanks to qualifying last night!

What a race it was, the best sprint run this year, look at the dogs in the field and despite missing the kick, he powered through to qualify. Watch here on YOUTUBE

The first two go through, Walshes Hill and Mac Foiche were the BIG TWO in the market for the competition and they are now out. It is all to play for, five railers and a middle are through, so the draw was all important and luck was needed, BOOM, we drew trap 1 for the final.

*Draw for Tuesday;s £8,000 final (live on Sky Sports): 1 Damson Jam, 2 Worsboro Spectre, 3 Suirside Leah, 4 Scolari Sound, 5 Glenanore Ace, 6 Cloncunny Ardera (m).

This is a HUGE draw for us, I told you to back him at 33/1 each way and I will be stunned if we out of the first 4 for the 8/1 pick up, BUT I genuinely believe we can win this and a better start than he did last wee and he WILL take some beating, he is the strongest finisher so if he can get to the bend first NOTHING in this field will come past him.

If you are on at 33/1 you have a good ticket! Also if you backed LOWGATE HAGRID at 50/1 for the Gymcrack EACH WAY at Kinsley tonight we have another live on! He is in the final on Skysports!

12/1 Damson Jam Tonight

To say this is a HOT RACE is an understatement! The first TWO only will go through to the final next week and it has to be said this is unbelievably HOT. Damson Jam has some great times round Sheffield yet he is 12/1 tonight!



What a race, Walshes Hill is superb, they are all top quality dogs, I genuinely think though that Damson Jam can qualify for the final and I think he is worth an EACH WAY BET at 12/1. I expect Walshes Hill to lead to the bend and Damson to nip round the inside.

Damson beat Glenmore Ace last week fair and square, drawn on the inside of him again I expect the same result. MAC FOICHE is the one to worry about, he got a freakishly fast break last week, to beat Damson. Its a tall order for Jammy but I genuinely think he can do it, qualify that is.

This is the second Semi-Final. The first is at 19-58 and I think Scolari Sound, Trap 2, will win. At 20.31 Trap 6 Target Harris can prevail.

One other bet tonight- THE GOOD THING, 21-02 Trap 3 Gelnpadden Ace should win. Might be short, but will be shorter on track that Bet365 price.

Damson Jam Through In Sprint

Damson Jam was second at Sheffield and is through to the Semi Final Of the Northern Sprint! He had to be in the first THREE to qualify and did so comfortably in second…WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Damson Jam is mixing it with the best in this competition and now he will have to be in the first TWO in the semi to make the final live on Sky! It is a great tournament and who ever wins will deserve the £8000 first prize.

The draw will be done today and the semi finals run next Tuesday at Owlerton Stadium, hopefully I will be there! I was ill last night with a bug picked up whilst away.

GAME ON! Can’t wait!

9/2 Damson Jam Worth Some Bread

It is the heats of the fabulous BREDMED NORTHERN SPRINT tonight @owlerton Stadium, Sheffield. We run Damson Jam in heat 5. He is up against an exceptional sprinter in GLENMORE ACE, the short price FAV. Damso Jam is now a better dog than he was before and has won FIVE of his last six races.


He has to be in the first two today, I genuinely think he could win this, he knows Sheffield better than most of these, he is fast away and has a PLUMB DRAW (hope you get it) in two, with one not being the quickest in the race. If he gets out to the bend I think he will be in the clear and take a world of catching. Even if he is second I will be happy, BUT I WILL BET HIM TO WIN.

16/1 to WIN IT- 25 BETFAIR
I posted on twitter I thought this was a big tight, but I can see the layer angle and certainly he has the speed. His card is a good one. I hope he progresses in what is a fabulous competition.

Here are my bets tonight at Sheffield…

Looks chucked in for the magnificent Elaine Parker kennel. I will be on and I think this is a GOOD THING. I just hope the price is right!


These are Sprints..

the sponsors of this great comp own this and I hope they progress and finish second to the tourmanet winner (Damson Jam). Seriously though this is a fast dog, might not have an ideal draw (just my view) but has speed and should be too good – lids rise, Jaguar gets its foot down and burns some runbber. I went for the car metaphor rather than the big cat one!

Liz and Rab McNair. Their dogs always bang on for a tournament and this will be trained to the minute. Fast dog, which is just as well as it is a sprint, and is by far the best in the line up here. Should be away and gone!

the betting has him out of it, I know my dog and I know Sheffield and I am telling you that he is BETTER than a 9/2 shot. I genuinely think he will win the race. It is a tough heat packed with quality BUT he should be 5/2 or 3/1 tps, second fav. Glenmore is the justifiable FAV but the market is wrong. VALUE!

you can’t bet him but I am looking forward to seeing WALSHES HILL in the 21.17. Hes a superb dog to watch and the fav to win the comp, hes long odds on tonight! When he gets it right hes amazing.

I will be there and I can’t wait. Once again Thank you to Bresmed for uce excellent sponsorship!


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