Banty Needs a Home!

We are looking for a home for a wonderful greyhound. He is truly adorable, loving and will make a great pet. Banty…


Banty (racing name Boyneside Banty) has been retired a while, and whilst he is happy in kennels, it would be great to get him a home. Banty simply loves people. He loves to play, be fussed over and run about. He is great with people and children.

If you can give him a home let me know, he will be such a great pet. Loyal and loving. Greyhounds make great pets and are not at all high maintenance, indeed the absolute opposite!

Have a read of the RGT page about greyhounds as pets HERE. I will insure Banty for the new owner for 12 months. He is fit and well. Two walks a day and some nice food, plus a comfy place to sleep is all he needs, he will give you so much love and brighten up your life!

Greyhounds make great pets, Banty is a particularly great greyhound too!

To give Banty a home please email me:

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