Bob Davis Greyhound Bets

Bob DavisI love Tuesday nights, well i do if i bet a few winners, Sheffield stage a good open card and Droopys Blouchard Trap 6 8.47 is my best bet there, cracking bitch, can make all for Jimmy Wright.

Harlow features on RPGTV and 7.54 Trap 2 Stonepark Mo can win the sprint, she clocked a fast time last week and with a vacant box inside her has plenty of room to work from.MAX BET.

Over at Towcester i think Master Kelly Trap 6 in the 9.24 puppy final is a great price at 7/4 P.P, a little unlucky in the heats he can race handier into the 1st couple of bends then assert down the back.

Best of luck Bob.

Bob Davis Monday Greyhound Bets

Bob DavisAnother quiet Monday night on the open race scene, but a winners a winner and i think Lowgate Haagrid Trap 3 at 8.52 is a cracking bet this evening.

This pup has so much potential its frightening and can chalk up win number 1 of hopefully a great career.

At 9.22 Mustang Major Trap 1 can win again for us, he landed a max bet last week and can do so again from a peach of a draw against the fence.

It was great to see Viking Jack roll back the years on Friday night, lets hope the old boy can do the same this week. A great achievement from Jim keeping him sound and fresh for the past 3 seasons.

Best of luck Bob.

Bob Davis Greyhound Bets

Bob DavisThe Hove Regency takes place live on sky sports tonight and its a big night for our followers with Digby Mia recomended at 33/1 holding strong claims and also Fizzypop Buddy 11/2 rec. Ill run through the sky races,

7.11 we start with a real short un in Fenabay Roller in t4, he should dominate these and win well.

7.26 Trap 4 Mass Megan 7/2 P.P, ran really well to get up on the jamstick last week but can make easier work of it tonight.

7.43 is a 515 metres hurdle open, looks impossible to me,Ballmac Manix should lead but he dosent get the trip at full pace, Razldazl Raidio isnt the same dog when not leading.Im going to go for T4 Brinkleys Dominic 12/1 P.P, he can swoop late and win.

7.59 sees Roxholme Magic in the marathon, will win and as i see it 1/3 ish is value.Id priced her up 1/6 in this, will win and probably break the clock.

8.16 Trap 3 Ballymac Mossjoe, he loves the wide open spaces of Hove and can win this.

8.33 is the final of the unraced comp, Trap 3 Blissful Scolari looks some prospect and should win easy enough here.

8.51 and Diane Henrys Borna Mindy Trap 2 can thrive around this 740 metre trip, she can race handy before drawing clear on the 2nd circuit.

Last but not least is the final , where hopefully we can collect some nice lolly.

Best of luck Bob.

Bob Davis Tuesday Bets

Bob DavisPlenty of opens scattered between Harlow,Towcester and Sheffield.

I’ll start with Towcester on RPGTV and the puppy open at 8.34 , Trap 1 Mustang Vienna.She is ideally drawn and looks to hold outstanding claims here.MAX BET.

9.32 Harlow next on RPGTV and Trap 6 Castledown Hero can add to his recent win with another polished performance for trainer Darren Whitton.

Over at Sheffield and 7.58 another puppy affair and Trap 1 Wicky Conor can win this, he put up a great performance last Tuesday and can repeat the feat over the 500 metres this time.

Best of luck Bob.

Bob Davis Greyhound Bet

Bob DavisIts the usual Nottingham Monday night open race action and ill just be having the 1 bet, 8.52 Trap 1 Mustang Major.He has a nice inside draw, with 2 slow starter to his immediate right, he should slip clear round the 1st 2 bends.

Tonight also sees Lowgate Haagrid make his Nottingham debut, now ive not tipped him as i believe Steve Races pup La Termino is just as promising.Beleive me these are 2 seriousley fast puppys, and want to be followed from tonight onwards. They will finish 1st and 2nd, im just not sure which order.

Good luck to Steve and Jim tonight .

Best of luck Bob

Bob Davis Greyhound Bets

Bob DavisCracking night of racing for dog racing fans.The big Skycard is where we will start , 7.11 a British bred puppy stakes, and Trap 2 Barney Rubble looks a promising recruit for Barrie Draper , he can make all .

7.26 and our 1st MAX bet of the evening Trap 4 Walshes Hill , he can put a poor performance last week behind him here.

7.43 and im going to oppose the odds on poke here with Trap 1 Thirteen Bags for Diane Henry.

7.59 and i cant see past Trap 2 Glenpadden Ace, hes in flying form and can lead early. 8.16 a britsih bred race, and the Mark Wallis trained Calco Flyer can make all from the 2 box.

8.33 the marathon features a 1/6 shot in Roxholme Magic, cant bet at them odds, but also i cant oppose her.

8.51 Trap 4 Domino Storm, best bitch in the country, will win MAX BET.

9.08 Next up is the final of the Bresmed Sprint, some may call it arse licking the boss but im telling you this Damson Jam is the best 12/1 shot in living history.He has to come away a little quicker , but i expect he will do tonight and he can win this.I hope im on 10% finders fee still boss lol. Come on Jammy, but most of all come home safe lad.

Best of luck Bob.

Bob Davis Monday Night Nottingham

Bob DavisAnother good night for the blog, 2 out of 3 winners.

Quiet night for us tonight at Nottingham, but Clever Jamie in T3 7.48 looks a MAX bet, he should easily lead these and once in front wont be caught.

9.22 looks a good opportunity for Laughing Gravy, his main market rival Daytime Flyer could be a bit race rusty after 4 months away from the track. I expect gravy to laugh at his rival and win well.

Best of luck Bob

Bob Davis Sunday Dogs

Bob DavisJust the usal Sunday night open on RPGTV, Some very strong bets for me..

7.45 Trap 1 Allen Wizard, odds likely to be od the short side but he is a class act and the step back to 550 Metres will suit. MAX BET.

8.30 Trap 1 Mays Teejay, drawn nicely against the fence can win here again will be short.

8.45 Trap 1 Coolavanny Gooch, hes the best drawn runner tonight and can win for John Gardner.6/4 early price looks fair.

Best of luck Bob

Bob Davis Greyhound Bets #skysports

Bob DavisA cracking night from Kinsley on Sky tonight, ill run through the full card.

7.26 , Looks a tight race, im going for Clazaghe O Toole in 1 to make the 1st bend in front, if he does so he will win, minor stakes this race @ 7/2.

The 7.43 is a tight looking 465 metres bitches event, the class of the race is no doubt Crossfield Molly in 4, but i cant see how she can get a run from there, the 2 will go up up quick and moves off slightly, the 3 is a wide running fast starter, so im going for Trap 1 again Graigues Diva, she got an ace draw to work from and can go in @ 3/1.

The 7.59 is the marathon where Roxholme Magic Trap 4, will start around 4s on, im going to take her on though with the local bitch Trap 3 Bizzy Katie, shes got a mind of her own, but has plenty of pace and although it will be minimum stakes im taking her to go well. Ill also be doing the Fav to beat Bizzy Katie in a small f/c too.

8.16 Trap 2 Southfield Jock is too good for these and will win.MAX BET @ 4/7.

8.33 and we have the 1st final of the night, my pal Colin Handford trains Trap 4 Master Lego and his words to me last week were” if he leads he wins” , thats good enough for me and 11/4 looks more than generous.Lets cheer on the local lads dog here. The 655 metres final is at

8.51 and im going for No Buts Trap 2 of Mrs Calverts, this boy is an absolute aeroplane and can improve for his 1st visit to Kinsley, and make all.Will be a decent price @ around 9/2.

The Gymcrack final at 9.08 and im going with Holdem Rio Trap 1 to win, theres plenty of pace on the inside but he can slip round in front and win. Any bunching amongst the inside trio, could leave Lowgate Haagrid with a lovely run out wide, watch out for this fella when goes to Nottingham or a similar type track. Hes got a huge future. Good luck to everyone with runners at Kinsley and lets hope we bag a few nice winners.

Best of luck Bob.

Bob Davis Tuesday Greyhounds

Bob DavisAnother big night for Carl at SHeffield with Jammy, i personally think he can push Walshes Hill very close tonight and i will be playing him on betfair where he should be a massive price.

Just the 1 other bet at Sheffield for me, in the 6.56 Trap 1 Coolavanny Murph, drawn to perfection on the rails, he can stamp his authority from a early stage and win easily.

Just the 1 bet at Harlow tonight on RPGTV, 9.32 T6 Rough Infinity, this fella is flying at the moment and can go in again.9/4 Paddys looks value to me.

Towcester is also on RPGTV and its graded racing , not really my cup of tea but ive found 1 that does stand out. 8.02 Trap 6 Movealong Andy, he was a good dog in his prime and can win this weak sprint race. If you havent taken the 66s Tarsna Havana yet for the derby i suggest you do before his next trial which i think is on Wednesday, this dog will post around a 28.30 and will be half the price he is come the weekend.

Best of luck Bob.

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