Big H Scoops The Lot With Brazilian Hotpot

Carl_Harris (CAPS and BORDER)

Carl Harris Won The Showdown with Jason Hackett landing a NAP with Brazilian Form. Carl runs through his Saturday and how he came up with ENERGIA FRIBBY that won at 10/3…

On Saturday morning I got a call from someone who doesn’t give much away, but he had backed Viking Jack to win the Gold Cup at Monmore at 20-1 after I told him it was a bit of value, and he said he owed me one!

It was early. I am always up at 6am, (I am up again before 6am on Sunday writing this) but Saturday I was up a bit earlier thanks to the copious amounts of water drank during the previous evening meal. At £4 a bottle I should have retained it longer and got my money’s worth!! However the Skype icon went Orange just before 6am. Here is the message (spelling errors corrected)…

“H, I got a Brazilian beauty for you today, flying this at home, have what you want on. No 7 ENERGIA FRIBBY 255 Chester. First run in UK, only worry is how handles track, but is way better than this level, its flying at Botti’s. Not 20-1 but will win, good jockey on it too, Ted D!”

Indeed the horse had Brazilian form and I had put a line through the race. I have a mate who is a bit of a ladies man and he knows all about Brazilian’s but sadly couldn’t help on this. Now though I had the inside scoop and my card was marked. I put this in as the NAP in the Hackett Showdown. I also had a good few quid on early doors.

I had a breakfast meeting in York on Saturday morning. I have to commend Carluccio’s in York, their breakfast is fabulous. The Italian version of a full breakfast was outstanding. Chives in the scrambled eggs would have my Dad turning in his grave, but I honestly loved it. I had now had four days of non stop eating out! After that it was back home to watch the racing for the afternoon.


Given how the previous two days had gone I expected to return to find the horse a late non-runner! I would have had a clean sweep on withdrawals then for the head to head. On the plus side there would have been a Chubby Brown style joke about Withdrawal and Brazilian, but thankfully we can keep this clean. The horse did the business. Winning at 10-3. Though the winning distance was a neck, you always had the feeling Ted Durcan had matters well in hand. Job Done, Winner!

It was a spectacular bet and Won me The Big H Challenge. To be fair that was never in doubt, Mr Hackett has gone rather quiet! I could not leave it there though, this information was outstanding. More of that is required, no question! What a great piece of info that was, I did say to my members that this was top quality advice.

This horse runs first time for MARCO BOTTI and has high level of form in Brazil. My source isn’t looking at the form, but the work this one is putting in on the gallops! He says it will win today if handles Chester ok.

I have known BIG H, as he is now known, a long time, he knows his onions. No way was he getting away! So my next job was to secure the services of my informant. He is fairly local, and I hoped I wouldn’t have to be out again. I have had a busy few days and  a busy eating schedule, I couldn’t face another, I had a night in planned to watch the Irish Derby on the laptop whilst faking interest in X-factor with the family! The Irish Greyhound Derby was great, I am pleased I got to watch it live.

Happily my pal is easy going. He has a simple philosophy in life and I did the deal with him in a matter of minutes. He wouldn’t take anything for this bet because he said he owed me for Jack. I agreed a deal for future bets, job done. He is joining us at Sheffield on Tuesday, to see Jack in the Steel City Cup.

Big H told he doesn’t bet everyday, focusing on select sources that have delivered over the years. 2-4 bets a week on average and the jumps is his main focus. He is a jumps man and gets in to full swing in the winter. The novices are his bread and butter, his angle is knowing what most people don’t as with this Brazilian Hot Pot trained by Marco Botti and having it’s first run in the UK in a listed race at Chester. That can only be info, very impressive info at that. This is the quality of advice X22 wants to deliver! Where else can you get this quality at the prices we offer?

So the service is born!  He won the BIG H challenge and as his surname starts with H, he now has THE BIG H BETS SERVICE! It is another one of those twists of fate where it all fits together. Cue George Peppard smoking a cigar….


“I love it when a plan comes together”.

Saturday was superb, a big day of winners for X22 members…..

The key to Saturday is to be very selective, we have fallen in to the trap in the past of betting too many horses. Selective, patient and clinical betting is the key from now on. The last few Saturdays have been excellent for X22 services. I take great pride in that having seen a problem and fixed it! That is what it is all about!

The Big H Showdown was pleasing for me, but the challenge between John Cooper and Motor Mouth at Doncaster was sensational. It had everything over 4 days, but the highlights are that both tipsters won, they both landed winning naps and there was drama all the way through. Cotai Glory fell yards from the line, Cooper took the advantage with his NAP Estimate winning, then opened the final day with a winner. The challenge went down to the last bet, MUTHMIR, MM’s NAP, it had to win for him. Pressure tipping, drama to the last!

Though it was a 5f sprint, there was plenty more drama there too! The horse stumbled at the start. He recovered well and as Hanagan came with his run the horse was checked and almost stopped. If you stop in a 5 furlong sprint, it is usually game over, but this horse had bags in hand, Hanagan got him going again and he trotted up, winning easily. He could have won by a good deal more than the eventual two lengths. Victory went to Motor Mouth. What a NAP, bags in hand, gamble landed eventually winning at 3-1. It was 9/2 early. Well done to Motor Mouth. Or Martin as his mother calls him!

Two high class pro’s, both well ahead, it was just sensational to be a part of. I am also delighted to say that they have teamed up and the MMC BETS will be very highly sought after! Two good friends of mine, what a supper day all round!

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