McCoy Will Leave a Black Hole In Racing

I have got up and looked at the cards every day for 10 years, it is my life, it is what I do and now the best of the best in the saddle will no longer be there listed!

AP McCoy was champion conditional in 1994 and Champion Jockey for 20 years in succession. I was 24 in 1994, I can barely remember what punting was like before McCoy. If you think back to 1994, there was no Google, I didn’t have a mobile phone, never mind a smart phone, I didn’t even have the internet. I was working at William Hill, as Marketing Manager, we had never even contemplated the idea of internet betting. It would be six years before Betfair came along!


Here are some of the most amazing stats in racing for you….

  • 6,000 x races
  • 4,357 x wins
  • 1,000 x falls
  • 40 x broken bones

McCoy’s achievements are staggering really. Look at the jockeys that have come and gone in the 21 years he was in the saddle. It is a long list. I once heard a stat that McCoy also held the record for the most rides in an ambulance by a non NHS worker in Britain! Remember his is a job where an ambulance follows you every step of the way. To win 21 titles in a row is nothing short of incredible.

Some people said that Cheltenham and Aintree will not be the same without McCoy. For me it is the meetings at Plumpton, Fakenham, Wetherby during the week. This is where McCoy pumped out the winners day in day out. I have lost count of the number of horses he has picked up and listed over the line. The McCoy Miracles, they will be gone.

There are plenty of good jockeys riding over jumps, there are plenty of bad ones too, but there is no one like McCoy. He was a genuine one off. When I started my punting it was the back end of Lester Piggott’s career. I used to wish I had been about for him at his prime. Well with McCoy I saw him every step of the way and it has been a privilege to do so. He retired at the top, in one piece and on his own terms.

Saturday at Sandown showed what the public think of McCoy and it was heart warming. The iron man himself was clearly moved. It also showed that racing is still alive and well in the UK.

AP can enjoy his life with his family and his friends, he will do a lot less miles on a daily basis and he can have a normal family life, he has earned everything he has and rather than be sad we should be happy for him. A truly remarkable jockey.

Racing will go on and a new champion crowned, but we will miss McCoy but we will no doubt see him on our TV screens. He would make a rare type of pundit, one whose opinion you actually respected!

If AP wants a new career, he should become a motivational speaker, his determination, single mindedness and drive is unparalleled, not just by any jockey I have ever seen, but by any sportsman. His dedication and strength of character is akin to that of Margaret Thatcher, who politics aside was so single minded, dedicated and driven. It is a trait that few people have ever displayed. If only you could bottle it!

Well it’s back to the racing, in the new post McCoy era which starts today!

Jim McGrath summed it up in one Tweet:



Tony McCoy A Legend Retires From The Saddle

For the last 25 years Tony McCoy has announced his retirement from riding and will do so as a TWENTY TIME Champion Jockey!

We take him for granted but when he is gone in years to come we will appreciate that we were living in a special time. Legend is an over used word but without a shadow of a doubt AP McCoy is a legend, he is the greatest jump jockey we have ever seen. The stats tell you that!

Day in day out as a punter McCoy has lifted horses home and in if you are in a finish involving McCoy you know who is going to come out on top. Some of the rides he has given moderate horses beggars belief!

He is also the man for the big occasion, the one ride that sticks out for me above all others is the ride on WICHITA LINEMAN at Cheltenham, simple staggering! But there are so many run of the mill days that McCoy has done exactly the same thing on low grade horses. Day in day out McCoy did special things.

I have been punting full time for 10 years, seriously for 15 and about 25 years all in all. He has been the Champion for the last 20 years on the trot. My friend Simon said it will be strange when he has gone, and it will. When you look at what McCoy has achieved it is sensational reading. Richard Johnson has been second to him so many times in the Championship, so much so he is the second greatest jockey in terms of wins EVER! These have been golden times for the National Hunt racing.

There were plenty of people I know in shock yesterday and almost in mourning! I had to remind them that no one died, he just decided to stop riding, at the top and it must be looked at that this is a sad day for punters but for him and his family a joyous one. His family will see more of him and that must be great news for his daughter! I have never seen a man more devoted, so focused and many times he has traveled miles for just one ride. He is going out at the top, in one piece and whatever he does next he will be a success.

It has been a privilege as a punter and racing fan to be in the McCoy era. We will never see his achievements bettered, not in our lifetime anyway! Tony McCoy is simply the very best there has ever been and will be missed!

Wife and Agent…

Martin Pipe and Richard Johnson…

Champion Trainer Paul Nicholls….

AP McCoy Facts & Figures
Champion jockey: 1995-6, 1996-7, 1997-8, 1998-9, 1999-2000, 2000-1, 2001-2, 2002-3, 2003-4, 2004-5, 2005-6, 2006-7, 2007-8, 2008-9, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14

Best season: 289 winners in 2001-2

1,000th winner: Majadou, Cheltenham, December 11, 1999.

2,000th winner: Magical Bailiwick, Wincanton, January 17, 2004.

3,000th winner over jumps in Britain and Ireland: Restless D’Artaix, Plumpton, February 9, 2009.

4,000th winner over jumps in Britain and Ireland: Mountain Tunes, Towcester, November 7, 2013.

Champion Hurdle winners: Make A Stand 1997, Brave Inca 2006, Binocular 2010.

Cheltenham Gold Cup winner: Mr Mulligan 1997, Synchronised 2012

Champion Chase winner: Edredon Bleu 2000.

King George VI Chase winner: Best Mate 2002.

Grand National winner: Don’t Push It 2010.

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