SMS Text Betting


You can pay now for Tips by SMS, safely and securely!!

Once you are registered with us, you will have a paypal billing agreement in place and you can pay for texts by SMS text message using the mobile phone number registered with us! It is very easy…

1. We Send You a FREE TEXT ALERT
It costs you nothing to receive text alerts.  You can respond by texting a keyword (as shown in the text message) to us.

2. You Text A Response If You Want the Bet
If you text from the registered phone, with the appropriate keyword then payment will be taken via paypal and the bet sent to you instantly by return text. Again it costs you NOTHING to receive the text.

3. 100% Secure
The system is secure. It reads your mobile number and will only charge your account if you text the keyword back to us! Working with paypal we do not see any of your personal financial details!


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