Saturday Greyhounds- Jack Is Back!

Viking Jack is back in action! He is having a trial at Towcester, which is just a wonderful place to go greyhound racing! We will see how he goes and decide the plan from there. The Three Steps at Sheffield and The Derby is what we would like to aim for, hopefully Jack is as good as he was!

We have two open race runners on the Towcester card as well as three runners at Sunderland! The only dog in the Viking Kennel is the pup, Viking Tervor!


I genuinely fancy both my dogs at Towcester. Damson Jam has a plumb draw (well done if you get the joke) and if he traps he has a big chance of winning! he is well and I will certainly have a bet on him.

Beano is sure to lead what is not a great looking contest. If he leads it depends if he stays, we think he will hence he is in this race!

Sunderland chances, well, I think we are badly in there in all 3 races, but as I often am with graded races, I could be wrong! I love Champ, hope he wins!

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