Jack and Jam In The Derby

Viking Jack and Damson Jack have both been drawn in the first round of the William Hill greyhound Derby, 2016, at Wimbledon. The Draw was supposed to be broadcast live but the internet connection was so poor it was not possible to see anything. Pretty inept, failure to plan is to plan to fail.

Not a great start to the William Hill Greyhound Derby. Damson Jam was best price 400-1 with Boylesports and Viking Jack 200-1 with a couple of firms. Of course Jack was a semi-finalist last year.

Viking Jack Runs Tuesday at Sheffield

Viking Jack Last Derby Campaign

It is great to have two great dogs, the Derby is of course a bit of a lottery. It is run at Wimbledon, it was supposed to be the last Derby at Wimbledon, but that is now in doubt. Something needs to be done at Wimbledon, one way or the other, it is an absolute dump of a place. Three quarters of it is condemned, it is a stadium steeped in history, but it is more a shrine to past glory than a modern sports stadium. I would love to see Wimbledon redeveloped, for greyhound racing, whether that happens or not I have no idea, but they can’t keep racing there, certainly not the Derby.

I am looking forward to the Derby, it is ALL LIVE on TV, the first two rounds are live on #RPGTV and the third round to the final on SKY SPORTS. It would be great to get t the final, certainly for Viking Jack, but it is a hell of a competition. The first prize is £150,000. There is a more even split of prize money this year so it is fairer!

I have two good dogs. It could be fun! Game on!

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