Fibre Optic Makes a World Of Difference

Our office is in a rural location, as are most, if not all horseracing stables and greyhound kennels. therefore we tend to lag behind when it comes to broadband and telecoms infrastructure.

Today though we have salvation! Firbre Optic is here. We have had an injection of speed. This is what we had this morning…


just under 4 MBPS this morning….

BT Infinity went on sale a month ago, the first available appointment was today, and round came the BT man and plugged in a new box, has a cup of tea and hey presto, wooosh! He said you should notice a difference now.

Same computer, wireless connection, would it be faster?


57 MBPS Super Fast!

You bet, it is amazing, yes there are people with faster, so what! Its like having a car that does 160mph and your mate says mine does 200, so what! You cant do 160mph so 200 is wasted and is just for show!

It will have a big positive impact on our office, if you get offered fibre optic, get it, its a big big difference!

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