Derby Quarter Finals Tuesday

How sad that the going has had such an impact on the Derby. There are some who say that is part of the test and others who simply deny it to be so, but in my view as a dog owner, the least you can expect is a level playing field.

Greyhound Derby Special

I was staggered when I was there for the first two rounds to note that they do not plate (go round with tractor) the track for EVERY Derby race. Staggering. There are some exceptionally good dogs who have gone out of the Derby, purely down to the going. On Saturday there was a huge outside bias. The winner of the Derby 2016 will of course deserve it, but they will have been equally as lucky.

In my view Wimbldeon needs to either be redeveloped for greyhound racing or closed. The place is falling apart it is not up to the standards people expect for a night out and sadly the track is not providing a surface fit for such an event. It is not a popular view but it is one that can be wholly justified. Of course I want it to carry on as a greyhound stadium, but NOT in it’s present state, it is NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE. over 75% of the stadium is condemned and not in use.

That though doesn’t excuse the state of the track, there should NEVER be a bias for a category one competition, its simply not fair for punters or for those who invest and work so hard to try and win the Derby. Many choose to bury their head in the sand and pretend it is great news that Wimbledon looks set to stage at least two more Derby competitions. I say the place is NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE.

Look at Towcester, what a venue. It is packed on a Saturday night, no miracle formula, people love a great night out, BUT if they go to a place that is a dump, they will not come back. Towcester is wonderful and look at their success!

I am NOT betting until i see that there is no bias, or learn what it is in the early races. On the basis of all things been equal, my bets are:

20-16 Wimbledon, Trap 1 JAYTEE DUTCH
If there is any form of bias against the inside this will be a bet on the 6, but on a level track, a close race this will go to the red jacket for me, only a small bet.

20-33 Wimbledon Trap 2 SOUTHFIELD JOCK, MAX BET
Only if there is no bias, if so this is one of the bets of the night, fat out and lead all the way. Again any bias and NO BET.

20-51 Wimbledon Trap 1 HIYA BUTT MAX BET
Now my bet for the Derby at 12/1. Overcame the going last week and in a great race with the new Derby fav on his outside, in 6, this is a tough race, BUT at 7/2 I am more than happy with that!

21-08 Wimbledon Trap 4 BALLYMAC BROGAN, MAX BET
Think this dog has a BIG chance for the Derby again it is going dependent but at 7/2 GREAT BET.

Be an interesting night folks, let’s hope the going doesn’t ruin it, again!

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