Another Max Free Bet Winner from Fineform!

Told Ya Blank

Hope you were on FUJIN at 11/10 this morning?

Backed off the boards, gamble landed, job done, EASY AS YOU LIKE! That is two FREE LEGACY BETS from our in house ratings and TWO WINNERS, Backed off the boards!

On Wednesday we gave you EXALTED backed from 11/8 in to odds on!¬†Developed for the FLAT is is going to be BIGGEST YEAR EVER on the flat! These ratings are GOLD DUST! ¬†They are being used by select pro’s at the moment, they are making BIG PROFITS!


TWO FREE LEGACY SYSTEM BETS- TWO WINNERS on the showcase! Over Xmas and in to the new year I have worked tirelessly, 16 hours plus a day to get us back winning and LOOK what has happened since WINNER AFTER WINNER at BIG PRICES!!
New Services and the best, and I mean best, Porfessional info anywhere!

Stand by for More News about my inhouse ratings!


This is what we told you this morning!

EXALTED was a MAX BET Fineform Legacy Bet Winner on Wednesday, yet another FREE BET WINNER from X22. We are showcasing the Fineform Legacy System Bets once again for you today.

On Wednesday we told you to get on early, the early price was the best price. JOB DONE! Today’s bet is another MAX BET and you should get on early.

12.40 Southwell FUJIN, Max Bet 11/10

Again get on EARLY! This is likely to be the best price. Our in house Fineform Legacy Ratings use the system originally developed 30 years ago by the late Clive Holt. Using that foundation we have advanced the system by adapting it to today’s market. You saw the winner yesterday, today here is another. The Fineform ratings are used by professionals and bookmakers alike. GET ON EARLY!

Good Luck!

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